According to, a white knight is:

“… a male that treats woman as goddesses and does nothing but shower then in compliments on how wonderful and beautiful and special they are.”

An alternate definition, also from Urban Dictionary, states:

“On an internet forum, a person who defends a member who is clearly wrong, usually with the hopes of gaining brownie points with said member.”

Neither of these definitions on its own is perfect.

But combine the two and you get a pretty accurate picture of what “white knightery” has become in the modern social media landscape: a perverse form of internet chivalry wherein men seek to protect women from criticism by a man, even if the criticism is valid, while perhaps also praising the offended woman for her courage and other positive qualities.

A Common Conception

I’m not breaking any new ground here by providing a definition of what a white knight is. After all, “White knighting” is a pretty popular topic of discussion around this part of the internet. But I want to offer an alternate explanation for why white knights behave the way they do… One that’s slightly different from the common theory (while still being related to it) and one which explains a broader range of behavior.

Let me start with some definitions. In any community of people (whether they be defined by race, nationality or gender) there seem to be basically three types of approaches to group interests:

1. Chauvanists: Those who, like uber-nationalists or racists, put their group’s interests above all else. Think of your classic Stormfront denizen or radical feminist.

2. Diplomats: Those who have a basic level of self-respect and who accept the group they belong to, while still respecting the others outside the group

3.“Uncle Toms”: These are the infamous sellouts that everyone else in the group loves to hate… The ones who suck up and try to win the favor of a group they see as being more powerful than themselves.

I’d argue that these three types of people can be found in ANY demographic group, be it men, women, minorities, straights, gays, blacks, whites, or anything else

Power And The Three Types

According to liberal-progressive dogma, “POWER” is something fixed. Either you have it or you don’t. You can tell they believe this when they say things like “Racism is a matter of power + privilege.” and “Only whites can be racist.” The unwritten assumption here is that power is a vertical relationship: one group has all power, the other group has no power. Their theory of power does not acknowledge the possibility that whites may have “power” in one domain while minorities may compensate for their lack of power in another domain, for instance.


According to actual reality, “power” is relative, contextual, and domain-specific. Somebody who is powerful in one context may be powerless in the next. A person who has some degree of power over another will not usually have absolute power over them, just a bit of an edge. And a person who has power over someone in one area may be powerless over them in another.

Imagine a young man who has a very cruel boss. The young man is charismatic, sexually active and good looking, while the boss is old, wrinkly and bitter. In the office, the boss will tell the young man what to do, he may even humiliate him in front of his colleagues. But imagine if the two of them met in a nightclub. The dynamic would be quite different.

The “Femocracy” Of Upper Middle Class White Society

My basic theory about white knights is that they AREN’T doing any of the following: trying to get laid, condescending to women, or trying to make themselves feel big and tough (at least not MOST of the time).

Instead, they are essentially behaving like male “Uncle Toms.” They are sellouts who think feminists are an all-powerful force whose ass they must kiss in order to gain favor. On the surface this might seem a bit exaggerated. “Feminists? All powerful? You gotta be kidding me!!” To a Gordon Gecko-like Wall Street CEO or a professional athlete this may be the case.

But consider the background the average male feminist comes from. In most cases he is white, upper middle class, relatively young, and addicted to social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr. He may have been raised by a single mom

In his “world,” the neutered world of the privileged white upper middle class, feminists really are the ultimate authority, or at least something close to it. Most schoolteachers are feminist women. Social media like Twitter and Tumblr are feminist outposts. For the young white upper middle class SJW, the pussy is not merely on a PEDESTAL, it sits proudly upon a lofty throne, dictating his very beliefs and feelings to him like a monarch dictates the law.


In truth, the term “White Knight” is an entirely inappropriate description. A real “White Knight” is essentially a STRONG man who displays a gallant and chivalric approach to women. This type was exemplified by the Knights of Christian Europe, whose honor code placed women in very high esteem.

It was the duty of Knights to protect women, but in exchange for this protection, they were given one thing today’s white knights sorely lack: respect. Every fair relationship in the world is based on give and take. Today’s “white knights” who suck up to women and kiss their ass at every available opportunity give women the world while demanding nothing in return. That’s not a white knight, that’s a slave.

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