It’s Sunday night. You’re starting to look like this bro…

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You have work in the morning, so you need to look like more like this guy…

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You normally use one of these…

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But you are getting sick of these prices…

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There is a better way. Wet shaving is how your grandpa did it, and also Hemingway. It will cost you more up front to buy the gear. But it will save you money in the long run. Here are the 7 things you need to buy so you can shave like a real man.

1. A heavy, double-edged safety razor. Get a long-handled version if you have big hands.

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Merkur Model 180 DE Razor

2. A silvertip badger hair brush. The stiff hair helps soften your beard.

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Parker Silvertip Bristle Brush

That’s right, badger. How many brushes will they get out of this one?

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 3. A good shave mug. Don’t use a coffee cup.

shave mug


Colonel Conk Shave Mug Model 129

 4. Shave soap. Pricey soap is nice but the cheap stuff works just as well.

shave soap
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Colonel Conk Shaving Soap

 5. Razor blades. Buy the variety pack and test them all. 100 blades for $25 on Amazon. I like the Feather Platinum.

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DE Razor Variety Pack

6. Quality after shave. Or Old Spice.

bay rum
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Bay Rum

7. A stand. Not absolutely necessary, but it looks cool and keeps brush and blade dry.

Day 7: Razor and Brush
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Colonel Conk Shave Stand

Then, learn to shave. Like Mr. Fassbender does it. It will take some practice.

photo credit: NYTimes Blog

Reap your well-deserved reward…

Businesswoman consulting a partner
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