Improve yourself. Don’t stop. Everyone is good at something. Don’t wallow in excuses to justify being lazy. Work hard and rest properly, not half measures of both. Try everything until you find something you are good enough at. Monetize it to the maximum degree. Secure yourself. Buy property, invest, start a business, deal drugs. Do whatever it takes, to create something for yourself.

Find happiness in yourself, through doing something you enjoy, or something that gives you the means to enjoy the rest of your time you’re not doing it. Find happiness in travel, eating new foods, having new experiences, and making great friends. Work hard when you are younger, so you can ease off a little when you are older. Buy a house, even if you don’t live in it, so at least you have a roof over your head when you are older. Live without obligation, that will only ever be created in your own head through guilt anyway.

Above all else, don’t place your own happiness in the idea of a relationship or a woman. They are masters of creating the illusion of higher worth than you, when in reality the majority of them are leeches with only a vagina to offer you. Increase your own worth through the above methods and let them prove to you why you should allow them into your world.

If you choose to let one in, keep yourself protected. Don’t just joke about prenuptial agreements; draft them and get them legally documented. Keep your property in your name. You are already giving them enough by allowing them to live in it rent free. Don’t fall for guilt-tripping; look after her to a normal standard and the occasional treat, providing she deserves it. Take responsibility for when you are wrong and let that be the end of it; remember making a decision is better than inaction, even if it ultimately proves to be the wrong one.


Just learn from it. Don’t apologize for anything you are not responsible for, no matter how she turns it around; history is history and has no relevance on a current disagreement. Keep a separate and secret bank account as a backup. Give her regular goals. Even if she is raising children, she should be running a home business, day trading, learning a new skill, being proactive, overseeing your administration or doing your research at the very least – not just wandering around bored.

A bored mind is a dangerous mind; make sure she has tangible goals to fulfill and she is part of your plan, not anything else and, least of all, not just a sex doll. Make her aware that failure to comply with these objectives will put her at risk of you moving on. You are the prize she should be grateful for, not the other way around.

Don’t be afraid to be confident. Take pride in yourself and don’t be ashamed when you see someone with more money, bigger muscles, or better looks than you. If you’re truly doing your best, that’s enough; they’re probably a one dimensional person. Everyone has a weakness if you’re forced into conflict. Don’t be afraid of doing anything, especially when it comes to women.

Do things only for yourself or those you truly hold dear, such as your close family or friends. Weigh your actions with a woman against those you make with others, who have always been there for you and who accept you as you are without trying to manipulate you. Remember who and what is important in life, and what makes you happy.

Finally, with any self-serving moral decision you have to make, just go for it—she probably would too.

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