I’m fortunate in that women feel comfortable around me. I would think the roots of this lay in the results of typical indoctrination from our well-meaning mothers: to be polite and gentlemanly to all women. On some level, we are drawn to this because we subconsciously cast all women in the mould of our mothers, who we feel a biologically-based connection to.

The latitude of lifestyle choices now available to women, however, is diametrically opposed to the “correct” way for a man to live his life, and what is available to him. For many reasons, we must resist our temptation to treat women with deference and respect simply because of their sex.

The West

Men in typical Western reverse-discrimination societies need to grow up and take responsibility for their outcomes by gaming the system. Why? Because the vast majority of women are doing exactly that; playing this absurd game of life using every shortcut and advantage available to them.

I’ve met with a number of women who have shared with me their history of dating and sexual experiences, and what I’ve learned is nothing less than groundbreaking for an uneducated man who still frames women in the same way as his mother. Barring those who have a certain pathological desire for foolish and idealistic circumstances, the typical western mentality woman is simply…

 …doing as she pleases.

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You Meet A Girl

You think “she seems nice.” You exchange a few messages, arrange a time to meet. You think “she seems different.” Everything seems to be going well. You meet, chat, pay the bill, and go home with a warm fuzzy feeling. You repeat with minor variations, in order to demonstrate your value to her as a mating partner. You feel like you’re falling in love, but it’s probably just infatuation, as she tricks you in various subtle ways into thinking she’s high-value.

She meets you. She immediately sizes you up; an instant classification based on your demeanor but skewed by how she’s feeling today. She’s been on plenty of dates and had plenty of guys over the years, so whatever you say or do is going to slot you into another classification. She knows how this game works and that’s what your predecessors have jumped through all kinds of hoops to get her to open her golden gates. Because of them, she knows game better than you.

The Media’s Role

Because men want pussy, the majority of men are quick to accept mainly gay and feminist-driven, media enhanced ideas about what the “modern male” should be like, because they think this will get them some action. These cultural forces control the message because they are the most predominant demographics in the fashion industry, which in turn influences the entertainment and marketing industries, of which any media must embrace should it wish to be consumed by the popular masses. Popular culture produces offshoots of counter-culture, some of which goes beyond the niche and develops enough to be considered cool or trendy.

As an example, a popular story thread in romantic comedies these days is the put-upon woman who leaves her steady boyfriend and he has to win her back. He’ll jump through a number of hoops and eventually get the girl, whereupon we’re all meant to believe in the notions of “the good guy always wins in the end” and “love always prevails.”

But what about the other narrative running through this film? 99% of the time, we see very little insight into the girl’s experience of the situation; we are simply presented with her, followed by the “new man” poking his head around the door upon the “good guy’s” initial attempts to get his woman back. Who is he? Did she know him before? Was he a colleague? How long had this sexual tension been bubbling beneath the surface, and has she already been sleeping with him?

Is she a trustworthy person? If she jumps into bed with another guy at the first sign of problems in the relationship, is she relationship material? What’s the “good guy’s” mental state?  Does he have such low self-esteem he pursues this type of woman, despite her flagrant and rapid indiscretions?  Why aren’t these issues explored?


Because mankind (via popular media) likes to believe in the female’s role in the relationship essentially being rooted in the mother role—she is the nurturing, caring and beautiful provider of warmth, love, and acceptance that all men should desire to benefit from.


The Mother Figure

We grow up as men accustomed to this idea, as time and again it is impressed and reinforced in us, as in line with femininity. We are encouraged to walk into the world with honorable intentions as new men, looking for our partner. It may well be that you find someone also in the same mentality as you (but derived from female fairy tale romanticism) and become very happy. But it’s more likely they will be nothing like you’ve associated women to be in your mind. In my past life as Jaded, I would’ve been devastated upon realizing the angel I had built up in my head was nothing more than a generic imbecile. Now, I treat it as an eventuality.

Real Life Example

Once upon a time as Jaded, I was invited up to a lake for the day by a girl I’d been dating. She drove, so I was at her mercy. After making a fairly innocuous joke after she aggressively bit a cherry I fed her, I jokingly said I wouldn’t be putting anything else near her lips any time soon. From nowhere, an outburst of emotional reasons why she just wanted to be friends commenced.

After a period of feeling angry with myself for being dragged up to the middle of nowhere to hear this, I proposed leaving as I wanted to get this episode over with. On the drive home I decided to probe a little more into her situation. It turns out she’d fucked her ex-boyfriend two weeks prior, and also had a regular fuckbuddy she’d been seeing since dating me (about a month).

Apparently, she stops seeing this fuckbuddy when something becomes “serious.” I enquired further; what is the decisive factor of something becoming serious?  Her answer was that either you have a conversation where you both agree it’s serious, or the now-commonplace answer of “when she feels it’s serious.”

This is, of course, utter bullshit because it’s completely subjective. In a moment of beta rage at not getting the girl, I proposed based on her logic it could be possible, even if things had worked out between us, she could be sleeping with her ex (who she clearly still had feelings for), the lover, and myself, if she felt like doing that. Barely concealing her satisfaction, she agreed.

The Overall Principle

And that principle right there my friends, is the simple reason why I will never change my mentality towards women. They compartmentalize men. They are capable of incredible deceit and self-delusion, an incredibly dangerous combination when a person believes their actions are just. What’s the incentive to be the boyfriend, when you can get what you want as the fuckbuddy?

There are some exceptions, and these rarities are like gold to a prospector—exceptional to find. But the bottom line is; women have gone off the rails. Most of Western Europe is secular, their moral basis comes from peer pressure, itself derived from what media has normalized. As such, the further the boundaries are pushed, the more becomes accepted in the eyes of the many. We end up where people do as they wish, which is precisely what women are doing after twenty years of reverse discrimination and political correctness. The only remaining legitimate target is the heterosexual male.

My advice to you as a fellow man? Disregard everything you learned about how to conduct yourself in dating, and do as you wish. Disregard that you are dating someone else. Do as you please and with as many people as you wish, for an undefined amount of time. Don’t disclose any information about your circumstance and, if pressed to do so, be brazen about it. Yes, you are still sleeping with other women. Yes, you will continue to do so. If they don’t want to see you again because of this, then leave. Have an abundance mentality where pussy is available everywhere and is no longer a bargaining chip for any type of relationship.

Act as they, with no obligation or duty. Let them prove to you what they bring to your life.

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