Our own Billy Chubbs recently penned a masterpiece on the Zoe Quinn scandal—if you haven’t read it, do so. It laid out the details of the ordeal in painstaking detail, and provided a much-needed commentary on this hotbutton issue in the gaming community. Just on a lark, I wanted to do a Google search on Saturday for how high the page was ranking, and…


Any trace of this stuff appears to have been scrubbed off the internet. You may remember past pieces where Return Of Kings has called out examples of hypocrisy in similar scandals, and all of these are quite available with a cursory search. However, up until Sunday, you couldn’t even find our post on Google, even though it was published nearly a week prior. Why is this? It now appears, but you’ll be hard-pressed to read any information about it anywhere besides manosphere sources.

The Gag Order

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire

Keoni Galt mentioned in a post on the RooshV Forum that 4chan’s servers were taken over by the Department of Justice a couple of years ago under the auspices of using their /b/ board as a sting operation against purported child pornographers. While this action may have its merits (I’ll leave it to you to decide), this hush-hushed control of a corner of the internet has wide-reaching implications. As Edward Snowden showed us, when government takes power, they are not going to voluntarily abridge their use of it to maintain rights of individuals, but rather use it to further their own ends.

The deeper you dig, the farther it seems to go. It’s more than some nerd scrubbing search results because he’s got a crush on Quinn, or a slight anti-smear campaign that we are used to seeing from social justice warriors whenever a woman does something objectionable. What we are observing amounts to a concerted gag order across the internet.

Reddit users have been shadow banned for even mentioning her name or starting threads on the subject. Traces of the scandal were proactively deleted from 4chan. Considering this wide-scale blackout on a seemingly minor issue, we are obviously forced to ask about the motivations of those who control the discourse.

Maintaining the status quo

“If there was hope, it must lie in the proles” – Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984

Why would anybody with any sort of social, governmental, or technological power care whether a used-up looking female game designer slept with a few guys to further her career? After all, these sorts of transactional exchanges happens every day in the corporate world, don’t they?

The difference in this situation is the visibility and the population that is being affected. We here at ROK spread what we see as universal truths about sex differences, game, economics, politics, and culture, but we only a small minority of men will ever entertain even part of this message. Any sort of true cultural change can only happen when ideas reaches the masses.


Male video gamers make up an enormous segment of the population, and with the growing chasm between the haves and the have-nots in the sexual marketplace and the de-emphasizing of traditional masculinity, their ranks are growing every day. Many of the game-playing herbivores are largely, as this scandal shows, starved for female attention. Many in the scene checked out of the sexual marketplace long ago to embrace the gaming counterculture, and their understanding of sexual and social dynamics befits that lack of experience.

This precisely is why Zoe Quinn’s actions are so damaging—she would be the perfect useful idiot for anyone desiring to make legions of low-testosterone males question everything they are fed from birth about the nature of women and humanity in general. Her well-documented actions (at least prior to the gag order) show that women are no exception to the idea that all humans can be vile, opportunistic, and self-serving given the right motivations. That women are not the helpless damsels-in-distress snowflakes that need white knighting, special treatment, and “protected group” status. And that social justice warriors, for all of their self-righteous bluster, are perhaps even more full-of-shit than the rest of us when their actions go under the microscope.

If the ideas about women of a massive segment of the tax-paying, law-abiding, food-pyramid-believing male population are all influenced by the media-driven narrative, what happens when that narrative breaks down? If that group were to question the social order and their role in the machine, it would be very, very dangerous to whatever powers that be. If these men “Go Galt,” who will be left to pay taxes supporting make-work jobs and ever-creeping governmental initiatives, marry aging feminists, and turn the cranks of society for little reward other than sitting down to their gaming console for a couple hours a night?

Voltaire’s quotation above is so applicable because it provides a framework to assess any power structure. Of course, it’s not the Social Justice Warriors who are the ultimate rulers of our society, but they are the proximate enforcers of orthodoxy, the pigs in the Orwellian scheme. Just as the Thought Police made any dissension illegal, no matter how minor, the SJW types have been empowered to ruin people’s livelihood and stamp out any crimethink in the name of “protection” of their false victim class.

One of the first steps in any good totalitarian regime is to change laws so that nearly anything is a crime. We are thus far supposedly absent significant governmental intervention to this end, but SJW propaganda has essentially reduced simply being a straight, “cis-gendered” male to a crime. It is no coincidence that this is precisely the group most likely to hold conservative beliefs, raise rational discourse about the direction of society, and eventually opt out of a society that no longer fills their needs. In this way, social justice warriors do the bidding of the existing power structure.

If the eyes of enough men are opened to this hypocrisy, they will no longer be complicit in the pyramid scheme. Remove their incentive, and there will be hell to pay. The forces that shape our society know this, and thus no such realization will be allowed to reach the critical mass needed for a paradigm shift.

At ROK, we will continue to dispense truth amidst the pretty lies that inevitably serve whoever is maintaining the status quo. If this is “tin foil hat”-y, then so be it. We can only look on as these curious “coincidences” that happen around us under the guise of “protection” and comment when we see fit. Just don’t necessarily expect to find it on a Google Search.

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