Several months ago, I wrote about Facebook’s change to the “relationship status” option. I pointed out that many single women, the “strong and independent” types, were no longer advertising that they were single. Instead, they were choosing a mysterious “ask” button. These girls went from “I’m strong and independent” to “It’s none of your business” overnight.

Well, not to be outdone, married women are now getting in on the action. They’re starting to hide their relationship status as well. Some are using the “ask” option. Others are providing no information at all. Either way, you no longer see the “married” status on many of their profile pages.

Don’t believe me? Check for yourself. I’ve counted at least five married women I know who did this. In some cases, the women were only recently married. I bet my readers can find a few as well. 

So why does a married woman hide her relationship status? A rhetorical question, I know. And the red pill readers already have an answer, but let me spill the beans for the men who are still living in a blue pill fantasyland.

Your wife is shopping for alpha cock. She’s planting the seeds for a future divorce or infidelity—and she’s using Facebook to find her partner in crime.


My observation here is ironclad. You might as well take it to the bank and cash the check—the money is good. If you’re a married man, and this is happening to you, then let me speak to you for a moment. I’m here to help. Let me predict what your wife is saying, or planning to say, about her relationship status on Facebook.

1. I’m worried about privacy issues

She tells you that she’s concerned about privacy issues. Consider this a pre-emptive strike on her part. It’s a clever move, because you’re forced to agree. After all, she has a point! There are privacy issues on Facebook!

But if she’s worried about privacy, then why is she still posting pictures of her dog Skippy? And why does she still have two photos of her new Jeep? And why does she display what city she lives in, and what high school she went to?

It’s simple. She’s keeping the information hidden so that she can find a replacement. Remember, she was able to find the “in a relationship” button when you first started dating. If she found that, she can find the “married” button.


If you’re recently married, and she’s already hiding her status, then it’s a bad sign. She’s organizing the troops for the upcoming invasion. When she makes her final move, she’ll have your child, half your paycheck, and a boyfriend in waiting. She already took Poland. Next, she marches on Russia.

2. I’m tired of all the Facebook drama

She tells you that she is tired of the drama on Facebook. Another pre-emptive strike. Again, you have no other choice but to agree. There is a lot of pointless drama on Facebook! You’re so glad that she noticed.

By criticizing the drama, she’s casting herself as a serious woman. She doesn’t have time to deal with trifling affairs. She doesn’t have time to upload dinner photos or feel-good memes! She’s too busy working on serious matters, like a Gaza peace treaty or an Ebola vaccine.


Actually, she loves the drama—the drama that comes from another man’s sausage in her love canal. If anything, your safe and protective arms are not providing her with enough drama. She’ll be getting that later from Ed the biker, who likes to spank her ass and pull her hair in the back of his El Camino while you’re busy working a double shift.

3. I’m an independent woman and I need my own identity

She tells you that she’s an independent woman who needs her own identity. Be ready for this one. It’s the “women’s freedom” excuse. This works if you’ve been indoctrinated in the lingo of second wave feminism.

This alibi is wrought with accusations. You wouldn’t want to impose on her freedom, would you? Are you one of those brutish apes, like the knuckle-dragging Ward Cleaver? What kind of patriarchal Mussolini would force his presence onto her personal page? Are you a member of the Taliban or something?

Some guys will seek a retaliation at this point. They’ll remove their “married” status as well. That ought to show her! Fight fire with fire!


Here’s the problem—she doesn’t care if you hide your relationship status. You’re a beta male to her, a provider. She doesn’t believe that you’re alpha enough to pull something better. So go ahead and change your status—she doesn’t care. As long as she gets a list of men to replace you, then it’s mission accomplished.


Facebook has a lot of critics. Yet for all its flaws, it’s still the favored place for attention-whoring women. It’s still the best place to amass a stable of beta orbiters and potential alpha suitors.

I’m sorry if this describes your life. You put your foot in a bucket of shit. Don’t worry though—everybody makes mistakes. If you haven’t impregnated her, there is still hope. You might be able to cut your losses.


Either way, I suggest that you call her out immediately. Let her know about everything I just wrote. See how she reacts. It probably won’t save things, but it’s an opportunity to establish your alpha frame—to show that you won’t be her disposable dish rag. If it doesn’t work, well then count your losses and hope that the final blow isn’t an extreme one.

Remember this:  If she’s unwilling to let the world know that she’s married to you, then you married the wrong woman.

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