Human history has been replete with instances of crimes of passion borne out of mate jealousy and sometimes-retroactive jealousy too, since antiquity. Religion has laid down specific laws dealing with infidelity or adultery. Human genitalia itself has also undergone years of evolution to deal with rival competition for the partner. In spite of the accepted permissiveness of modern culture, men as well as women continue to deal with jealousy in relationships, and sometimes commit crimes due to it.

After promiscuous pasts, retrograde jealousy comes to hound and destroy stable relationships—even in cases when both partners knew about each other’s “colorful” pasts.  For example, modern fem-centric permissive societies look at retrograde jealousy as an “illness” while stating that “people should get over each other’s pasts in relationships.”

“Say you’re interested in anal sex – not because you’re all porno’d up on ass play, but because it’s something you’ve never tried before and would like to see if you like it – but she’s not interested because she’s already done anal enough times with her previous lovers to know that it’s not really her thing.

Chivalrous reason obviously dictates that you don’t pressure her into it. You suck it up and accept that you’re not going to have that in your sex life. But is that fair?” – Thoughts about retroactive jealousy


The case gets worse in the case of actual cheating, or assumed infidelity, when it could lead to crimes of passion.

When modern civilizational liberalism clashes with inherent territorial instincts


A recent story making the headlines was the brutal beating of pornstar Christy Mack by her MMA fighter boyfriend, WarMachine. WarMachine, who has a history of violence in real life and not just in the ring, supposedly broke into Mack’s house and found her with another man. He then proceeded to beat her visitor, and then turned onto her. Mack ran away from him naked, asking for help from neighbors before she was hospitalized with severe injuries. WarMachine was arrested a few days later, while Mack has been offered free facial reconstruction and plans to return to porn after full recovery.


WarMachine had joked about raping Mack a year ago, possibly because he couldn’t get laid enough within the relationship. He had even joked about ‘killing’ her in an interview last year. One could not stop wondering about her sanity and self-esteem when he said this next to her in interview. Why did she stay with him, break up later because he beat her and later hook up with him again? Didn’t she realize what could be possibly coming if she pushed his wrong buttons?

Is this just another example of the average western women’s mind and choice of men to date from? And we have to ask, would she go back to him in the future like she did before?

Predictably, the story was white-knighted and sensationalized by some to highlight supposed “societal desensitization to domestic violence and sexual abuse’”—of women only, of course—in recent years. Chuck Zito, one of the stars on Sons of Anarchy, recently backtracked to rescind the comments he made earlier about this story. In the original interview with TMZ, Zito said that what happened between Mack and WarMachine was none of his business, but if he caught his girlfriend cheating on him, he would have done the same thing War Machine allegedly did—that is, violently attack her. His comment met with a backlash, and his “apology” too was not accepted easily.

Why did WarMachine beat her? Out of lack of sex, or out of sheer suppressed jealous frustration? But if the second case is true, then should he?

In an earlier article, I have already explained that prostitution is no different from pornography. The men who choose to be romantically involved with women in either of those or other such professions must adopt a twisted concept of partner loyalty.

“I don’t look at it as sex, I look at it as a guy with his dick in my wife, but they’re working and it’s not emotional. She never orgasms in porn. That’s for us. If it happened on the set, it would be a little weird.”—What If Your Wife Were A Porn Star?

A lot of porn stars have their families (and mothers) who condone them, and sometimes even their boyfriends “encourage” them into the profession.

“My mom couldn’t give two fucks less…”

– Mack, when asked about the reaction back home to her work in adult entertainment.


As from this nsfw interview and many such more there:

Q: So how does your boyfriend handle it?

A: “He’s ok with it. He’s the one who really motivated me. He said, if it makes me happy, I’m good and I can do it!”

Q: Since you have a boyfriend, how often do you have sex off camera?

A: Every day. (laughs). When I come home from shooting, I’m tired and the maximum he can get is a blowjob. (laughs)

Acceptance of such women into “relationships” only works for a man when he has actually killed off all remnants of the male jealousy and territorial instincts which Nature has programmed into his animal brain. Logically, he shouldn’t expect sexual loyalty from such women whose lifestyle he already knows about, and neither should he exhibit instinctual territorial jealousy or anger.

Such a man would see his woman thirstily swallowing cum from random men, getting sexually spit-roasted by a train of men who’d spit and urinate on, slap and spank her while she squeals or trash talks in pleasure. He would see her anus get distended hideously at the end of an anal creampie with cum dripping out of it, which she licks off the floor on-screen. Yet he would accept her because of “love.”



Is loyalty today just an attention-whoring tattoo?

I always wondered: how would such a man’s male honor and integrity be when he meets her “work colleagues” who ravaged her on-screen? How would he feel when his friends or random people mockingly ask him for a chance to bang his girlfriend’s anus—even if it may be for money? In short, he has to pimp not only his woman, but his honor even more, day in, day out wherever he goes. Even pimps don’t fall in love with their bitches because of this very reason. The green monster of instinctual territorial jealousy ingrained in male nature would raise its head sooner or later.

But the glaring and comical ironies of this story were the accusations of infidelities thrown out around from both sides. If this attack was motivated out of her infidelity, I couldn’t understand how a man could bother when he willingly chose to get involved with a woman who actually fucks with countless men on screen in the name of work. What difference does it make if she fucks around in real life too, when she’s already “cheating” on him with men on screen? What is the value of such a woman’s love minus her physical loyalty?

And I couldn’t understand how a woman who has all her holes and body ravaged by different men on screen should even bother about her partner’s loyalty. Isn’t this entitled female hypocrisy—commonly seen in some sluts and whores, who still want their men to be loyal to them?

Biologically, men and women are created differently, and female virtue and chastity have traditionally (and naturally) been valued in mate selection, even if not so much in today’s times of sexual liberation. Thus there will always be a sexual double standard when it comes to loyalty of the genders.

Do such individuals even deserve mention in an article?  There are however many such cases in the modern world. This might as well as apply to boyfriends of sluts or whores too, for such cases are the result of a decadent civilization which produces such individuals.

The death of female shame and male honor

The reasons why this problem gets compounded is because of the convoluted modern concepts of personal shame and honor. In an earlier article, I mentioned:

“The fact remains that the trends will continue to worsen in the future. It shouldn’t be a surprise that 20 years from now, people would be casually having sex in public, in front of children and seniors, as ‘sexual liberation’ increasingly becomes the slogan for the present and future generations of women.“

I was wrong in my estimation, for it didn’t take 20 years. Less than 20 days after the 24-man blowjob incident, another video came up again, in Magaluf again. The explicit nsfw graphic video shows the eager woman being plowed between two cars as cars pass by during rush hour traffic.  And just like sex selfie Twitter accounts, there is now a NSFW twitter account dealing with crazy Magaluf videos which contributors can submit depravity to.


The irony is that, these individuals are mature and supposedly sober, unlike the drunk teen who blew 24 men. And just a few days back, there was another case of a 40-minute romp of passionate exhibitionist sex by a couple again, this time in front of horrified families and children on a crowded beach in broad daylight.

I’m not being prudish here. I wonder why we don’t encourage public nudity if in the end we want to fuck like animals in public? Why do we have spend on expensive clothing and fashion to cover ourselves, when we’d have public sex? Let’s do away with the last barrier to personal modesty and shame. Why do we consider ourselves to be humans, the supposed progeny of Adam and Eve who supposedly even sew for themselves covering out of leaves to hide their genitals in the Garden of Eden, out of shame?

As you see, people (or women specifically) have lost their shame.It wouldn’t be long when such behavior will be increasingly seen in public, in daylight. And in this scenario, do concepts like male honor, pride and territorial jealousy hold value? What ego does the man have when he exposes his partner’s genitalia when he’s banging her in front of them? He has already exposed his partner’s nakedness to public, forget about his own. His pride comes from the fact that he banged his hot partner in public, and her presentability and worth as a partner in his eyes is not in her virtue, but rather her sex appeal to society and sexual ability. Welcome to the shallowness of the 21st century.

Yet the same man would experience jealousy if his exhibitionist partner would fuck with someone else. How convoluted have the concepts of male territorial jealousy and pride become in today’s times. Liberalism may provide a release for the animal sexual lust in mankind by promoting debauchery and licentiousness, but it can never provide a satisfactory answer in this same permissive paradigm for the inherent territorial jealous instinct inherent in the animal nature of mankind. In the end, man is a social animal with territorial instincts.

A modern social paradigm of cuckolded beasts

Modernism and feminism today preach the code of demarcation of a woman’s sexual loyalty from her emotional loyalty within relationships—and expects modern men to accept that while dating modern women. A woman can fuck with as many men as she wants without emotional investment, yet supposedly still retain the ability to love a man (sometimes even while withholding sex from him). So if she loves you, you should still forget her past and be a real man to accept her.

The attitude of women today is “I’ll fuck with whoever I want, however I want because it’s my ‘job’ (especially in case she’s in whoring or porn), whereas you will only fuck with me and how I want, because I love you.” How sincere or valuable is that love?

In short, we live in dysfunctional fem-centric societies today where cuckoldry is increasingly glorified subtly for men. Men are shamed to man up to date or marry whores or sluts, while ironically nice guys who white knight women are treated as wimps by the same society. The path of masculinity today is a confusing minefield for modern men. If you think about it deeply, modern women actually don’t need real men who have real honor or real territorial instincts. What they want are ripped, rich, martially trained beasts that can defend, fuck and possibly provide for them at will—but only on their terms.


A modern man is expected to act territorial only when his woman is in danger or needs protection, but supposed to forfeit his territorial jealousy if she flirts or fucks around, because in that case it’s her body over which he has limited to no right.


That’s what men are today for women—just tools. What women forget is that, in the end, a beast is always a beast. And Man, in spite of all his civilized intelligence, cannot deny the instinctual territorial beast in him, which will come to life when threatened. The man who has unnaturally denied that reality has already forfeited his masculinity.

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