Cops have been risking their lives for many years now with little appreciation from the communities they serve. Being underappreciated has always been acceptable and has never stopped any of us from going to work every day. But as explained in my previous article, “Why Americans Should Reconsider Their Contempt for Today’s Police,” lack of appreciation is turning into contempt and condemnation. Unreasonable contempt and condemnation from the community an officer serves will cause him to turn in his uniform.  I think Ferguson will be a test to see how cops react, and could prove to be the beginning of the end for good cops.

Mike Brown was branded an “unarmed black teenager” from the very beginning.  As the media covered the story, the naive American public had little choice but to imagine poor little Mike walking home from school, thrilled to get home and tell his mother that he got an “A” in science. And then again to tell his father when he got home from work.

When such an angel is imagined dead in the street, one cannot help but to picture the grotesque monster that gunned him down. The nameless, faceless officer was drawn up in every psychotic mind within this newly divided America. Every fringe painted their own specific and frightening image of the evil cop. The leftists and black supremacists only needed to draw the policeman as white, while the new right wing drew him as a militarized robot.  With that, a conceptual, inhuman monster emerged as a common enemy to opposing sides; all before any real information was known.

For days, nobody knew why the altercation even started between Mike Brown and the police. We still don’t even know all the facts surrounding the actual shooting other than initial reports that Mike Brown was inside the police car fighting with the officer in a struggle over the officer’s gun.

Then recently we learned that Mike Brown committed a strong-arm robbery at a local store before being stopped by police. An officer happened to stop Mike shortly after for walking in the middle of the street (A side note: You might consider a cop addressing jaywalking as harassment, but it is common for inner city youth to walk in the street to disrupt traffic and look for a fight with people who challenge them). It is apparent from the store footage that Mike Brown doesn’t mind a fight, and I’m sure he thought he was being stopped for robbing that store just minutes prior, and was already preparing for another fight in order to avoid going to jail.

Mike Brown thought he could just take things that were not his, and use violence against property owners that tried to stop him. When stopped by the police, he decided to attack the officer and to try to take his gun. As a result, Mike ended up dead, but thankfully the officer that was doing his job is ok, right?  Thank God we have guys like him to maintain law and order, correct? Instead, Ferguson burns while some people exclaim racism and cry that they are subject to a police state.


The fringes went into full gear to exploit the incident to further their agendas. Black supremacists marched behind the mask of justice, while the confused new right wing offered indirect social media support. Freedom loving, second amendment preservers with CCW permits who would have shot Mike Brown in the same situation might have even joined the rioters if they could—just for that chance to hurt a cop and symbolically get revenge against a system that has forsaken them.

If you are a critical thinker, consider if your contempt for the police is instrumented by leftists after all. You’re compelled to sit idly by while cops that represent law and order are run over in the streets, ultimately standing down in the end, leaving the amount of property damage and carnage up to the emotion and will of unjust rioters and racial supremacists. Ferguson will ripple from city to city, if only as a reminder to certain groups of what they can get away with. You feel some sort of victory as you mistake your friends as enemies and your enemies as friends.

In “The Death of a Nation,” a book written in 1968 by John A. Stormer about communist infiltration in America and how to fight it, a few suggestions are offered:

“Support your local police. Determine whether they have authority to put down trouble when it starts.  Have they been hamstrung by political restrictions as police in Detroit, Newark, and other cities have been?  Expose communist efforts to undermine confidence in local police forces.”

Is there even a single city left that isn’t “hamstrung by political restrictions?”

He goes on to quote J. Edgar Hoover:

“…for years it has been communist policy to charge ‘police brutality’ in a calculated campaign to discredit law enforcement and to accentuate racial issues.  The riots and disorders of the past three years clearly highlight the success of this communist smear campaign in popularizing the cry of ‘police brutality’ to a point where it has been accepted by many individuals having no affiliation with or sympathy for the communist movement.”


Inadvertently supporting radical leftists by condemning law enforcement, which is the immune system that is tasked with fighting their disease, is suicide. It is fantasy to imagine the criminal rioters in Ferguson as freedom-loving Americans that have been wronged, and supporting them is taking on the role of the left’s “useful idiot.” I know that officer did not execute Mike Brown like they contend. In the end, we may see some issues of poor tactics or bad decisions, but we all know that Mike Brown was not just walking home from school, and he was not the “gentle giant” that the media needed to convince the public he was in the beginning to get emotions flared up.

Militarized or modern?

The new right wing wrongly concludes that leftists want strong local police forces to enforce <insert leftist agenda here>, but they actually don’t. Not yet. The left probably will not support strong police agencies until they are centralized by disbanding local agencies into large metropolitan ones, which is slowly happening under the guise of budget deficits. Actually, the left often uses political correctness and activism to weaken local police departments that have decent control over their criminal elements.

I’ve been trying to convey in my previous articles that local cops are still very local. Even if they don’t live in the ghetto that they patrol, there’s a good chance they grew up there or nearby and still have roots within. There is room for improvement via self-evaluation necessary from cops as noted in my last article, but they still have their hearts in the right place; they can be swayed and won over with your support, or at least with a lack of your condemnation. Leftists and racial supremacists cannot be won over.

Does the fact that the mainstream media condemns the “militarized police” say anything? Rand Paul recently used Ferguson as an opportunity to take measures to “de-militarize the police.” What exactly is a militarized cop anyway? Weapons and tactics have always evolved. Were the police militarized when they transitioned from revolvers to semi-automatic pistols? Or when they began wearing bulletproof vests? I wonder if some old-timer once condemned those dastardly constables and their unnecessary automobiles that they were always zooming around in while fondly thinking of the simpler times when lawmen rode horses. Even before that, someone probably condemned the “military-style horses” of the deputies. The only difference is that they did not have social media and a bunch of mindless followers parroting their fear in a deafening echo-chamber.

Cops don’t offer a fair fight. We always want the advantage while learning and reacting to every mistake. Sometimes the lesson learned is that we need more firepower, as in the case of the Hollywood shootout in 1997 with armored and suicidal rifle-firing bank robbers. An armored vehicle would have also come in handy. We’re not going to apologize for wanting to be safe. Open your eyes and see how dissociated people are from each other and how the violence that occurs is more brutal than ever. Common fistfights of the past have become brutal beat-downs that often end in murder.

So why should the Federal Government and military be the only ones to have heavy fire power? How do the fantasies of state secessions, revolution, and civil war play out when local communities are reduced to small arms? If a revolution erupted, do you really think that your neighbor, blue collared Officer Smith, would zig zag his way down to the local police station to gear up and join a tyrannical government army? No, he’ll be fighting next to you because his interests are in his community and his family.


I’m not sure if the events in Ferguson will change anything in the long run, but it certainly exposed the ever-growing confusion in America. Cops in America have a watchful eye on Ferguson as black supremacists along with the local community unjustly rally against their brothers. As they watch city and police leaders cave to political pressure, while the rest of America condemns the camouflage uniforms officers wore while combating violent unrest, it should be no surprise when good cops quit. Wouldn’t you?

If things continue as they have, it won’t be the revolution you fantasize about. It won’t be freedom-loving patriots rising up against a tyrant. It will be giant, collective special interest groups rising up against you. Their armies will be massive and violent because the immune system designed to control them will have withered away after years of your deconstruction and condemnation. And you will have thought you were sticking it to the man.


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