Back in the late ’90’s, a local man in my town had garnered some attention for what happened to his daughter. His daughter had fallen off her rope swing in her backyard and shattered her arm. Instead of rushing her to the local emergency room, he had decided he and his family would turn to prayer and beseech the Lord to heal their daughther.

He and his family were Christian Scientists. Christian Scientists believe that illness and disease are fictions and can be cured by divine intervention summoned by prayer. Pursuant to these beliefs, the family prayed for weeks to heal her arm. After many weeks, the man proclaimed his daughter’s arm to fully healed. He, his wife and the members of his church vigorously agreed.

It had not been healed. In the picture taken on the steps of the local denomination—with his family beaming at the flashing cameras—his daughter looked incredibly uncomfortable. She held her right arm with her left hand, partially masking the lies of her father. Her right arm was bent downward about 30 or so degrees, the skin was a garish pink-red and clearly left her in pain. It looked like she broke one of her fingers, as ring finger bent sharply to the left towards her pinky finger, leaving her right hand in some sort of twisted V shape.

While I felt a great deal of sympathy towards the poor young girl, what was most surprising—and unsettling—was the fact these people have completely convinced themselves they healed their daughter. She standing right in front of them, her face slightly contorted from the pain emanating from her distorted arm, and they were completely oblivious.They wanted to believe so badly that God himself swept into their house, set their daughter’s arm and nursed it to health.  They were being lied to, by themselves.

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Running from reality and seeking refuge in ideas that lead to from the disquieting reality of life  is quite common. This man and his family’s preposterous belief system that rendered their daughter’s arm lame simply doubled down on the beliefs that lead to the harm in the first instance. This man and his family subconsciously decided that it would be best to ignore all the signs that their prayerful intervention did not work. To admit reality is to admit their beliefs resulted in the permanent crippling of a family member. This doubling down is common and is what fuels such anger towards “gender equality.”

Feminists—and progressives—love to hold up and publically cherish the growing “equality” between men and women in America. They babble incessantly about all the progress being made towards the day when men and women are perfectly equal. They talk about all the invidious evils that gender inequality creates (ever notice it seems to be everything they perceive as hurting women?), and that we just need more feminism and more equality so that all inequity in the world will dissipate in puff of post-patriarchal smoke.

Yet, that isn’t the reality of the situation. Men and women are more miserable than they have ever been in American history. Divorce rates still hover at absurdly high levels, boys and girls have to play the role of parent to their own parents more than ever and social media reflects this sex-based resentment that men and women feel towards one another. Progressive feminists who believed they would be leading men and women to the shining city on the hill of gender equality should find themselves lost and bewildered in the dark woods of gender-based recrimination between men and women.

Instead of realizing that it was the substance of their social policies that has lead to so much degradation, sloth and resentment, they pretend it is an issue of image for “gender equality.” No, it’s not that the heart of feminism isn’t rotten and laden with foul maggots and worms, it’s that people don’t perceive feminism in ways that they should. If only people would listen to how feminists see themselves, then people would understand that they are the gender revolutionaries, star-crossed warriors whose sole purpose to save the world from itself. The anxious fretting over people needing to accept feminism and the cathartic effects of hate-reading sites like ROK all signal that the doubling down on feminism and feminist theory is a defense against realizing the ugly, disgusting  truth about “gender equality:” it has done nothing but torment the souls of men and women.


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While equality between men and women may be nothing more than a social justice smokescreen so that government and corporations can grind us down into cheaper, replaceable worker cogs, it has serious implications outside the workplace. The hyper-focus on capitalism and consumerism has let the family fester and waste away in the wake of producing the perfect producer and consumer—which is a single mother, by the way. Don’t be fooled; discussions of gender roles in the home aren’t about family life, but about increasing women’s productive capacity at work so she can, in turn, use that money to buy more products branded by capitalism. Society is obsessed with women and their career decisions precisely because they are the perfect consumers. Being a wife and a mother gets in the way of their ability to exist to be a pure capitalist as a consumer.

In their push for “equality,” feminists fought tooth and nail for what has lead directly to the restless depression that clouds heterosexuality in America. The family, which once existed as a haven in a heartless world, now exists as a distraction, a meddling group of individuals we work at loving. Instead of being able to turn to each other as spouses, siblings and parents and children, we all have to spend so much of our time lying to ourselves about reality just to exist. Life has not become a pleasure to enjoy, but an incessant  battle to hold the fraying strings together. We haven’t been lead into a shining city on a hill, but in to a cruel social dungeon of desperate anxiety and self-doubt.

Just like the Christian Scientist man who lied to himself about the reality of his daughter’s injury, feminists have lied to themselves about the “equality” they have wrought. In both instances, to admit reality is to admit the decisions they have made in life have lead directly to pain and anguish.

Unable to admit this to themselves, they furiously double-down on the beliefs that lead to the problematic actions. The aforementioned man said his daughter’s healing lead him to a “renewed commitment to God and his faith;” when faced with the consequences of a sexual revolution and “independent women,” feminists double down on feminism to heal the harm. You don’t cure an alcoholic with a case of Schlitz beer. You don’t set a broken arm by faith, nor do you preserve the balance between men and women by saying “women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.”

“Gender equality” is so bothersome precisely because it is so plainly hypocritical. It causes so much rage because those who have anointed themselves saviors of relations between men and women are the same people who have presided over the devolution of said relations. Who else has had serious pull in the gender arena since JFK was President? Feminists have been presiding over a multi-generational erosion of male/female goodwill and they wonder why they catch so much hate? You don’t get decades of social influence and get to walk away when your approaches and theories have proven to be detrimental and have led to anguish and unhappiness.

But, just like that girl with a lame arm, the wages of “gender equality” will not be addressed by those who invested in the false consciousness. Instead of understanding how they failed men and women, feminists just double down on the failed approaches to life that lead to such pervasive sexual discontent.

Unable to admit the role they have played in the harm dealt to heterosexual relations, they pretend its all the fault of other people (Republicans, the patriarchy, and white men in general) instead of looking in the mirror and beginning the long and painful process of admitting their role in the psychological regression of American men and women.

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