Though the internet has allowed artists to connect directly to their audience in ways never before seen, its freedom is under attack. Censorship is common, and the media routinely blacks out important stories or blatantly lies about others. Men’s sites in particular are the target of defamation, and are routinely harassed under accusations of misogyny and hate speech. Since financial independence is one of the greatest enablers for dissenting voices, and many men make their living online, it’s worth asking—is our money safe?

Social justice warriors routinely harass men’s writers by having their Facebook pages pulled, reporting their Twitter accounts, getting their books pulled from amazon, getting their kickstarters removed, threatening to take down their patron pages, doxxing male writers, threatening to take down their WordPress sites, branding men’s sites as hate groups, and threatening physical and sexual violence.

Paypal, the most common payment system used online, has refused to take donations for Wikileaks, an independent journalist organization that has published more government documents than the New York Times has in the last fifty years. How long will it be before social justice warriors and other online bullies infiltrate financial institutions and threaten to freeze men’s bank accounts through false accusations? What can men do to ensure their livelihoods are not threatened?

Enter bitcoin

A Bitcoin

You’ve probably read a great deal about Bitcoin as an investment, and while Bitcoin has been massively profitable over the past couple years as a financial investment, that isn’t going to be the focus of my article. Rather, I’m looking at bitcoin as a payment mechanism, that allows content creators to receive money from their audience directly, and safeguard that money without intermediaries or banks.

Here are a 11 reasons for men to start using Bitcoin:

1. No middle man. Bitcoin removes the middle men of banks and Paypal. The same way the internet has allowed artists to connect with their audience directly, Bitcoin allows artists to get paid by their audience directly. It is the last step in liberating media from mainstream powerholders.

2. No transaction fees. With no middle man comes no bank fees, no cut for Amazon or iTunes, and no 3rd parties taking your profits and hard-earned money.

3. Micro-payments are easy. Want to charge 23 cents for a blog post? With Bitcoin you can. Since there are no transaction fees, Bitcoins make micro-payments easy, allowing you to monetize content you’d previously have to give away for free, overcharge for, or wait till you had more to sell. Now that short film, 20-page ebook, or short comic you’ve put together can be sold at a price that makes economic sense.


4. No bank corruption. The financial crash has shown that the American financial system is not worthy of men’s trust. Using Bitcoin allows you to opt out of that corrupt system and “go your own way,” the same way men have opted out of other corrupt institutions. Vote with your wallet. Using Bitcoin doesn’t just withdraw your support from the banks, but from the federal reserve and the entire corrupt American financial enterprise.

5. It’s antifragile. If your assets are entirely in USD or American banks, you run the risk that American politics or currency devaluation will destroy your portfolio. Bitcoin allows you to diversify your currency and ensure that even if the American government destroys its economy, you still have another account of value.

6. It’s easy to use. Bitcoin is incredibly easy to use. I’ve put together a short guide to the basics on my site, and there are tons of other good resources across the web. If you’ve got an online store, services like bitpay will allow your customers to pay Bitcoin very easily.

7. It’s international. Bitcoin has no currency or border restrictions. You can send and receive payments from anywhere in the world, and access your wallet from any country you travel to.

8. You can buy anything. Bitcoin has made the news for services using it to sell illegal drugs. It’s no secret that there are online Bitcoin sellers distributing products that would normally require a prescription, like modafinil and TRT. While Bitcoin is not an excuse to break the law, and I would caution all readers not to do anything illegal, it does allow you to send payments to merchants who might not have a regular storefront that takes Mastercard and Visa.

9. It’s growing. Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a mainstream payment method. Already, major companies like Amazon, Target, WordPress, CVS, Victoria’s Secret, and OKCupid  accept Bitcoin as payment. It is possible that in several years that Bitcoin will be so common that not accepting Bitcoin as payment will be like only offering a print version of your book.

10. It’s close to anonymous. While not entirely anonymous, Bitcoin allows sellers to accept payments under a pseudonym or wallet address, without using their real name. For writers who wish to preserve their anonymity, or maintain a private life, Bitcoin is a godsend.

11. It’s yours. Your Facebook, your Twitter, your Paypal, your Amazon account, and most of the online services we use can be shut down if the company hosting them decides that your content is objectionable or undesirable for their users. Bitcoin is yours. Even the fed is still trying to figure out how to handle or regulate bitcoin, and advocates for online freedom are constantly devising new ways to preserve the independence of the currency.


Here are three actions steps you can take if you’d like to get started with Bitcoin.

1. Set up a wallet. Here’s how.

2. If you take donations, post your wallet address on your site so your readers can donate Bitcoins. Mine is here.

3. If you sell books or other content online, consider offering Bitcoin as a payment option.

I hope to see all my favorite writers continuing to publish for a long time, and that will require adopting new technologies and ways to make money as they become available. As Roosh said, nerds will rule the world.

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