Urban Dictionary: “Prenup

A legal document signed before marriage to level the playing so that the dominant bread winner (preferably the male) will not have to worry about his wife strangling him by the balls during a messy divorce.

It assures that at the most, she’ll retain the kids, but will not gain any financial liability in the assets of the man that was made either before or during the marriage.

Since 50% of all women have a hidden agenda of gaining financial stability and a sexual dynamo in a spouse…it regulates that YOU DON’T GET SHIT if we split!!!!!!

As an enlightened and intelligent red pill man, you accept the fact that relationships fall apart all the time in the 21st century. People just can’t seem to make marriages last much longer than half a decade, if even for that long. Our “forever girl” loves us one week, and suddenly decides she doesn’t the next. She then takes half of everything you’ve worked so hard for along with her. Such is the selfish and hypergamic cruelty of women.

This article will address why you should always be prepared for the worst, and never contemplate marriage without a prenuptial agreement. It will also address why you should consider some alternatives to marriage in general, so just keep on reading.

Mastering Your Prenup Ordeal

Take the “Help!” prenup guidelines for females and flip them in your favor

The following video is almost unbearable to sit through from beginning to end, even though it can be inadvertently hilarious at times. It’s a promo video for an actual book which was first published in 2007, by Dr. Lona Smith.

Nearly universally despised on Youtube (check the like-dislike ratio!), the airhead psychologist is trying to help women gain the upper hand in prenuptial agreements. You know it’s funny, she likes to talk about the “relationship” side of things, but all we’re hearing is “me me me.”

So take this male-shanking advice and do a full 180!

1.Fight Fair: Make sure your spouse gets as little of your family inheritance and personal wealth as possible in the event of a no-fault divorce. Preferably none. Give yourself a high five if she signs away the fact she won’t get a dime.

2. Negotiate Terms That Make Sense For You: EVERYTHING. You’re the man. You’re in charge. You know what you want, and you should make damn sure you can get it.

3. “Deal With All Your Emotions While Completing Your Prenup”: Hahahahaha! C’mon, you’re men. This shouldn’t be a problem for you in the slightest.

4. Develop a deeper, stronger, and more secure relationship: Yeah, more secure for yourself.

Before long, she will be exchanging those two magical words with you. “I DO” (realize that if I divorce this man for petty and selfish reasons like “we’re growing apart” or because I’m “unhaaaapy,” I’m either getting nothing or I’m totally screwed. I must actually try and abide by the sacred vows of loving and caring for my husband, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. If the vast majority of women over the course of history have been able to accept this fact, before this “feminism” scourge came along 50 years ago and started destroying families all over the western world, then maybe I can too).

Her Inevitable Shit Test Questions – Recognize And Neutralize


Your bride-to-be will try to guilt trip you into calling off the prenuptial agreement by using one of these tried-and-true emotional blackmail tactics. Pull up your big boy pants and ignore, ignore, ignore. She’s gonna sign it, or you’re gonna dump her. That’s all there is to it.

  • If I divorce you? But honey, why would I ever do such a thing?
  • Oh honey you know I love you. Why would I do that?
  • That’s preposterous honey! You know we agree “til death do us part”?

My Two Cents

Most of us, at one time or another, have contemplated getting married. The wisest amongst us have declined to do so for good reason. That’s the topic of this video. Why marriage is bad for men.

First let’s get down to basics. Why does marriage even exist? It exists as a social convention to take advantage of an important biological quirk of manhood. That biological quirk is deep sexual attraction or infatuation with a particular female.

It goes like this. When men are deeply attracted to a woman, our primal instincts prompt us to want to possess this object of our affections. The trouble arises when this attraction, which is nothing more than a biochemical reaction in our brains, clouds our better judgment and moves us to make a lifelong, or long-term decision, based on this short-term attraction.”

– Contrarian Expatriate

That is absolutely timeless wisdom which came from the preceding video. Quite frankly my manosphere amigos, the best piece of advice I can give you is to simply not get married at all. Marriage in this day and age is a completely raw deal for men.

We benefit in absolutely no way, shape, or form from this institution. All of the benefits that marriage has been said to provide a man, have been found out to be obtainable without formal recognition from the state, the courts, or any other societal ritual which is supposed to make your relationship “legitimized” in the eyes of others.

Just living together with your partner, in an honest and fully-committed relationship, is damn near the same thing as marriage. It’s all the sex-on-tap (in theory), emotional support, companionship, and (hopefully) equal splitting of household expenditures that a formalized marriage provides.

Most importantly, if your partner wants to call it quits, she doesn’t get the pleasure of squandering half of your hard-earned financial assets through the female-friendly divorce court system. You know, just because she decided that “things aren’t working out” or that she’s suddenly become “unhaaaappy” over the past few months. Oh, and you don’t have to go through the stigma and embarrassment of being a divorcee, and all the gut-wrenching paperwork that has to go with it.

The only major exception I can think of where marriage does have a distinct advantage over a de-facto relationship is for a spousal visa. I don’t blame you for a second if you prefer having an attractive and feminine Brazilian, Colombian, Russian, or Ukrainian wife over a feminist landwhale from the core English-speaking countries. Still, make sure she signs those papers!!


At the end of the day, it’s your life and I’m not your papa. Marriage may or may not be right for you depending on your cultural upbringing, personal preferences, or the nationality of your significant other. But please, whatever relationship path you choose to follow, I beseech that you don’t allow your women any viable option to walk out on you like bandits. That means not ever …ever… allowing them to have a conversation like this one after the relationship has been terminated.

Prenups. They are not just a good idea, they should be part of red pill law.

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