There can be no doubt that cultural Marxism is the ideology du jour in the western world. To achieve its insidious agenda, it uses many weapons of psychological manipulation: mass media, the internet, and social engineering just to name a few. The one thing linking these weapons is language. Whether written or spoken, language is the primary delivery system for the subversive payload of this movement, and without it the agenda would obviously fail.

As the saying goes, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually come to believe it.” Over the last forty-five years, we here in the West have been told the same lies over and over until they have now become accepted truth. As masculine men in an emasculated culture, we’re constantly encountering people who will label us using these lies, trying to shame, ostracize, and silence us for what we are. I say fuck them.

“You’re Homophobic!”

Homo: Greek root meaning “same.”

Phobic: Derived from the Greek phobos, meaning “fear.”

The literal translation of homophobic is “fear of the same”.  In this case same refers to gays, so when someone labels you as homophobic, they are literally accusing you of being scared of gays. However, that’s not how it’s perceived in our society, is it?  No, in our society homophobic implies that you are hateful and even violent towards gays. You’re a bigot, and your very existence is a hate crime that should be punished.

Of course the notion of fearing the least-threatening people on the planet is laughable, but if the “you’re just a scared little boy in a macho man’s body” accusation seems familiar, that’s because it’s straight out of the radical feminist playbook. Feminist harpies love using emasculating imagery and language against masculine men, because it reinforces their delusions of power.

Always remember, misandry doesn’t exist

They constantly shriek that men are scared of female strength.  Yes, that’s why we hate feminism so much: because we fear it.


This is the key reasoning behind the use of “phobic.” It’s not enough to call you “anti-gay” or even one of their hip little Hollyweird portmanteaus like “gaycist.” They must make sure to attack your masculinity at its core: by calling you a pussy. In essence, you don’t like pillow-biters because you’re obviously scared of your own latent homosexuality, which you’re actively suppressing to fit in with your knuckle-dragging Neanderthal buddies.

This word’s purpose is to shame you into accepting and condoning behavior you don’t agree with. Call them out on their bullshit and show them you’re not scared after all.

“You’re Intolerant!”

Tolerance is defined as the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.  The very definition tells us that we don’t like what we’re putting up with, which is the core tenet of the word.

  • “Man, my new girl can cook, clean, and gives the best blowjob I’ve ever had, so I tolerate her,” said no man ever.
  • “Man my new girl is getting on my last nerve, can’t cook for shit, and won’t shut the fuck up, but she could suck-start a leaf blower (or some variation thereof), so I tolerate her,” said every man at some point in his life.

By this logic, the Museum of Tolerance should be renamed The Museum of Things We Don’t Like Yet Put Up With Anyway. Yet in America, tolerance has been twisted to become synonymous with acceptance. To tolerate someone’s lifestyle now means to accept and support it as normal, good, or natural, where before you could find it unacceptable and didn’t have to worry about being crucified in the court of public opinion for it.

The men of the manosphere are called intolerant all the time, yet we’re actually some of the most tolerant people on the planet. We put up with an entire culture that we don’t like every single day, and what’s the worst that we do? We write some articles mocking fatties and sluts.

You know who’s intolerant? Fascists. Fascists don’t tolerate things they don’t like. They forcibly remove them, eroding freedoms as they go, by changing laws and brainwashing people to accept falsehoods about the true nature of the world.  Since that’s what radfems do every day, it sounds to me like feminism should be synonymous with fascism.

If we here at ROK were truly intolerant of gays, we wouldn’t be putting up with them. We’d be out there beating them up or writing articles calling for such action, but we’re not. So the next time you’re labeled intolerant, give your accuser the true definition of the word, and remind them they should be thankful you’re such a tolerant guy.

“You’re A Misogynist!”

I saved the best for last. We men are certainly no strangers to this word. In fact, it’s likely the most popular insult hurled at us. Women in the western world are being taught that they live in a patriarchy, a system in which men have complete power and women have no rights, so I thought I’d find another place that has a patriarchy and compare it to ours.


Welcome to sunny Afghanistan, where from 1996 until 2001 a group of sadists known as the Taliban ruled with an iron fist. They operated under a strict interpretation of sharia law, which placed severe restrictions on the freedoms of women that were enforced by religious police who were permitted to beat grown women in public with rods and whips.  Let’s take a look at some of those restrictions and compare them to the atrocities being committed against our women in the West.

Afghanistan: Women should not appear in the streets without a blood relative or without wearing a ninja costume burqa.

The West:

Slut Walk Boston

This is what patriarchy looks like

Afghanistan: Women should not wear high-heeled shoes, as no man should hear a woman’s footsteps lest it excite him.

The West:


Rights = Trampled

Afghanistan: Women must not speak loudly in public as no stranger should hear a woman’s voice.

The West:

Define “loudly”

Afghanistan: Photographs or films of women are banned as is displaying pictures of women in books, newspapers, shops, or the home.

The West:


Looks like it’s time for a book burning.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because the true measure of a patriarchy is how the women who break the rules are punished.

Afghanistan: If you marry someone other than who your dad tells you to, or have premarital sex, then he can commit an honor killing, which means he can murder you for “shaming the family.”

The West: Go ahead and embrace your sexuality by riding the cock carousel (guys have casual sex all the time, why can’t you?) and when you’ve had enough of penises filling your various orifices, rest assured there will be an emasculated beta chump of your choice on deck to cater to your every whim for the rest of your life, starting with a ridiculously overpriced wedding centered around you so you can fill your quota of attention whoring for the day.

kim the ho

“O. M. G.  I cannot believe he fell for it!”

Afghanistan: Under sharia law, women over the age of 8 are no longer to receive an education. The ones who try (in secret of course) get acid thrown in their faces.

The West: 60% of college students are now female and entire “fields of study” have been created that are dedicated strictly to women. Women with useless degrees in nonsense such as women’s studies are being put into leadership positions within the workforce that they are woefully unqualified to hold, and yet there hasn’t been a single Harvey Dent incident yet.

They Don’t Know How Good They’ve Got It

All joking aside, THIS is what a real patriarchy looks like, where women truly have no rights whatsoever and are treated like absolute garbage. Women in the West have all the same rights provided by the law as men do, and more freedom of choice than anywhere else on the planet, yet they have the audacity to complain about “women’s rights.” So the next time a feminist starts bitching at you about the pay gap myth, rape culture, or misogyny, hit her with these facts and challenge her to renounce her western citizenship and protection, go live in Afghanistan under sharia law for a month, and then report back. That is, if she’s still alive and has the ability to speak.

Recognizing the way that cultural Marxists twist words to suit their purposes will give you the ammunition you need to shred their ideology to pieces. Their language relies heavily on shaming and ostracization, so stand your ground, refuse to be shamed, and accept the fact that your views are not going to be popular. Hopefully your logic will reach some of them and wake them up to the truth, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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