I was blasting some paper at the range one day, to practice to keep my pimp hand strong, when a man struck up a conversation with me. Usually the discussions at the pistol range coalesce around politics and what weapons to buy. Well into this gentleman’s rant about the Second Amendment, current denizens of Washington DC and policies of ”blue” states, I noticed something. He was shooting a Kimber 45 caliber pistol. I interrupted his tirade and asked him that if he does not support the various policies of the states of New Jersey and New York, why did he purchase a product from those states. He stood there for a minute and contemplated the realization that his beliefs were inconsistent with his actions.

Economic warfare is a powerful tool. Depriving your opponents of the economic activity and money hurts them a whole lot more than strong words and stern looks. History is full of successful boycotts and informal cartels.

Some could say conducting economic warfare at the individual level is pointless. I know I get a grin every time I get the postcard in the mail from Valvoline Instant Oil change to come back to them. If exercising power through monetary means can be used at the world level to divide the globe on a regional conflict in the Ukraine, it can be definitely used at the neighborhood level. The scope and manner that these are conducted needs to be sophisticated though.

One has to research to make sure he stays within the law when conducting economic warfare. Certain election rules and organized labor laws can hinder you depending on your place and position in society. In addition, the United States federal government has made certain boycotts illegal in and of themselves. Therefore, if you are not smart enough to be able to read statutes, ordinances, and laws, you should get an attorney. It is always a good idea to stay legal.

How can you, as an individual, conduct economic warfare?

  1. Don’t shop at places where you don’t like the people that run it
  2. Don’t buy products from companies that advertise with organizations that you don’t like
  3. Don’t let anyone guilt you into buying anything
  4. Spend that extra dollar that competing businesses against the opponent
  5. Get your circle to do the same as you

It seems simple but many people do not put any thought into where their money goes. Then again, I have seen people keep 20 grand in a bank account and still pay off an eight percent car loan in monthly installments. Do not be one of those people. I have seen people that always complain about McDonald’s screwing up their drive through order.Every time I see them, they have another story about it. The thought of going somewhere else was never crossed their mind. I assume people like these are just prey for those who are economic predators. Sometimes when I see people like this, I almost want to prey upon them myself.

There are many ways to go about the openness of economic warfare. Sometimes discretion is ideal. I noticed that when the LGBTXYZ community targeting the Chick-fil-A chain for political protest, it actually helps that chain’s bottom line when the counter protests filled their restaurants with customers.

I am not advocating for it, but you could also go full Bavarian in your economic warfare. Got a real problem with the local business? You could start posting poor reviews on Google and Yelp. You could tell the health department you got sick from eating there. With the rise of YouTube, the individual has an actual forum to strike back against poor customer service.  You can utilize that as well.

In conclusion, most powerful thing you have to influence people is money for the most part. You can either give it a way freely, or with proper planning make sure it has expenditure is in your best interest.

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