Meditation is quite possibly the biggest quick fix for your life that you’re neglecting. The actual time and self discipline required to mediate is miniscule in comparison to other important activities like working, exercising, approaching women, sleeping, or simply reading a book. However, it offers just as many, if not more benefits than any of them. You’re effectively shooting yourself in the foot if you skip out on meditation.

My experience with meditation is admittedly limited. I’ve been meditating pretty consistently for two years, and the mediation that I practice is very basic. All I do is lay on my back, with my arms and legs spread out slightly to my sides, and focus on my breathing for about ten minutes. I inhale through my nose and breathe in deep into my belly, and then I breathe out fully, again exhaling through my nose. Here are the six top benefits I’ve experienced from doing this almost every day:

1. It allows you to better analyze situations you’ve gotten too close to

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We all let bullshit get to our head. Whether it’s the raise you’re about to ask for, the girlfriend who’s trying to pick a fight with you, the roommate who’s not paying his dues, or something else. There tends to be one or two unsettling things on our minds at any point in time. And it’s common for small things to grow into a big deal in our minds when our lives are relatively tranquil.

When this happens, we start to let the situation cloud our mental clarity. It gradually takes over our conscious mind until we’re having compulsive thoughts about it every few minutes. And these thoughts tend to repetitive – they aren’t solving anything or making it any better. Furthermore, they ruin our mood and whatever else we happen to be doing.

Meditation serves to distance you from these issues. By taking a break from thinking about them for a few minutes, you’ll return with a grounded perspective. It’s common for me to forget about these things completely or immediately think of a quick course of action to address them upon finishing a meditation.

2. It resets you to a calm, collected demeanor


When we allow the compulsive thoughts mentioned above to crowd our mind, it makes us agitated and angry. Or sad and lethargic. Meditation allows you to take a step back and view your life for what it really is. And that fresh perspective not only allows you to better address the problems at hand, but it also serves to put your body and mind at ease. Once you’ve gained a clearer insight, you can proceed with the weight of the bullshit lifted off your shoulders.


3. It prepares you to move forward with renewed energy and creativity


By clearing your mind of the problems and the fog, meditation gives you a blank slate. I commonly experience my most productive period of the day just after meditating. I believe this is because I’m able to remove the thoughts of girls, desires, worries, and irrelevant goals from my mind for a brief time. During this time I’m able to fully engage my mind in the task at hand, and I crush it as a result.

4. It physiologically improves the state of your body


This means that meditating literally changes how your body is functioning. Among the many positive changes it’s been show to lower oxygen consumption, decrease respiratory rate, increase blood flow, and slow the heart rate. Like the other benefits, these changes are acute and immediate.

5. It improves your regular breathing


When performing the mediation I recommend above, you’re consciously focusing on breathing fully and deeply the entire time. In the moment this serves to grant you all of the above benefits. What it also does is translate to your breathing when not meditating. By breathing like this while going about your day to day activities it will keep you “out of your head”, and instead focused and in touch with your body. Whenever I catch myself getting worked up or anxious about something, a little focused breathing usually offers immediate relief.

All of these benefits combine to enhance the life of any man. Take ten minutes out of your day and meditate. It will pay you back tenfold. Whether it’s by decreasing your stress level, increasing your focus and energy, or simply requiring you to be disciplined and sit there for ten minutes, it will change you for the better.

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