I’ve had two bouts of genital warts during my life. Before you get judgmental and say I should have wrapped it up, one of the bouts occurred in the area outside of the condom. Each episode came with roughly 5-15 warts during a several month time span. The eruptions stopped presumably after my body got a handle on the infection.

Genital warts on your penor tend to be quite small (the pictures you see on the internet are horrific worst case scenarios). You probably won’t notice them unless you closely inspect your penis or feel a bump when masturbating. They tend to be flesh colored or darker than your skin tone and circular in shape. If you can’t scrap it off with your nail, there’s a good chance it’s a wart.

Before I tell you how I removed my warts, I strongly recommend you see a dermatologist for treatment (full disclosure: I’m not a doctor). It’s possible you may have molluscum or some type of rash. If they’re warts, the dermatologist will likely use liquid nitrogen to freeze them off, a great zap-it-and-forget-it solution that is less cumbersome than what I’m about to show you. Home treatment is more for those who are low on funds, can’t get a fast appointment to the dermatologist, or know 100% that they have a wart and don’t feel like going to the doctor.

I learned about apple cider vinegar from the Earth Clinic forum. There you can read dozens of stories of how people used ACV to remove their genital warts, which works because the acetic acid in the ACV causes a localized skin response that kills the wart. Here are the things you’ll need:

  • apple cider vinegar from the supermarket (any brand, with or without ‘the mother’)
  • toilet paper
  • bandaids
  • tweezers (optional)

Here are the steps to remove your wart:

1. Tear off a little piece of toilet paper


2. Fold the toilet paper into a small square


3. Soak the toilet paper in ACV



4. Place the toilet paper directly on the wart with tweezers and cover with a bandaid


5. In 4-6 hours, remove the toilet paper square and repeat steps 1-4

Do a fresh application before you go to sleep. Keep treatments going round-the-clock for approximately 36-60 hours until your skin starts to scab up or turn dark red. Before then you will notice the wart changing color to black then to translucent white with a black dot center, though it may be different for you. When you see scabbing, your skin is essentially saying “enough” and forming a barrier to prevent further damage by the acid. Your treatment round is over.

Once you stop the treatment, your scab will further darken and then heal within one week. The scab will shed on its own and fresh pink skin will be underneath. The wart you had will either disappear entirely or be significantly smaller. Give your skin at least a one week break before applying another round if needed. It’s important to state that ACV really works—I’ve never been unable to remove a wart using it. Most warts only take one treatment round.

Helpful notes:

—When you first start the treatment, you won’t feel any pain when applying the ACV, but after the first day or so, it will begin to burn like hell. This is good—burning is the wart leaving the body. If you’re not feeling a burn that lasts for several minutes, the wart is not being hurt. Don’t be scared that your skin is turning raw. No pain, no gain.

—You may want to tell any girl you’re raw dogging about your ongoing treatment. I have found that girls are surprisingly understanding about this. I’ve read that warts are most infectious when they are visible, so definitely use a condom until the warts are completely gone.

—It may take you some time to master the applications. I used to apply pieces of cotton from cotton balls but found them to be inferior to toilet paper, which retains the ACV moisture for much longer. I also discovered that bandaids are better than adhesive tape in staying attached to your penis without causing irritation. You may have to experiment with your materials.

Warts are annoying but thankfully they are temporary in that you get an eruption wave upon infection and then a tapering down period. With ACV, you can quickly and easily treat them at home without any major interruption to your bachelor lifestyle. It also works on warts found anywhere else on your body.

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