The British media has this week been buzzing with speculation over the recent and unexpected wedding in Mustique between pop star and X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole and French playboy Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

In case you don’t know, Cheryl was the hot(est) member of Girls Aloud, who first came to prominence in 2002. Here’s a picture of the band—Cheryl is in the center at the front.


Cheryl has been a major sex symbol in the UK since she first rose to fame. Here’s another shot of her from back in the day:


Cheryl’s personal life has not been without its traumas. In 2006 she married England footballer Ashley Cole (changing her name to his from Tweedy), but they divorced four years later amid allegations of his infidelity. Her solo career, never reaching the stellar heights of Girls Aloud, has faltered. She was also unceremoniously dropped from the judging panel of US  X-Factor by Simon Cowell in 2011 after having been a judge on the UK version for several years. She then got this somewhat flamboyant tattoo on her ass:


And now her wedding to Fernandez-Versini after a mere six months of dating. Here’s a picture of Cole with her new husband:


Who is Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini?

The information available online on Fernandez-Versini is relatively sparse. He doesn’t even have a Twitter account, but reports on his are consistent in their use of the word ‘playboy’. Certainly, he is not thought to be rich. The Daily Record says:

He previously preferred a “playboy, jet-set lifestyle”, living in New York one month, then Los Angeles and Cannes the next.

One waitress [he worked with at the pop-up Cosy Bar in Cannes] says: “He loves acting the millionaire playboy. But he’s not a millionaire. He just loves the lifestyle, hanging out with actors and ­beautiful people, drinking ­champagne and good wine.

“He’s constantly on holiday and goes quite a lot to St Barts in the ­Caribbean. I’ve heard he has some relatives on the island.”

Speaking of his friend’s ­back­­ground, Franck explains: “His family home is in the countryside, in Aix-en-Provence. His family are not super-rich but they have some money. I wouldn’t say they’re multi-millionaires like Cheryl. Nothing like that.

“His father works in the construction industry.”

And unlike his father, who did not attend the wedding, it appears that socialite Jean-Bernard has never held down a steady job.

Franck says: “In all the time I’ve known him, the only job I’ve ever known him having is at Cosy Box for two weeks a year. He is now going to live with Cheryl in London for a while. I’ve spoken to him in the past about expanding the bar to London and New York, into a chain.”


The on-off state of Jean-Bernard’s employment raises questions over who paid for Cheryl’s £300,000 ­engagement ring and wedding band.

Elsewhere the report mentions Fernandez-Versini hanging out with the likes of  the Rolling Stones, Ryan Gosling and Benicio Del Toro. It would appear that he is a man with significant social cachet (translation: game), then, perhaps only lacking the cash to back it up.

But money will no longer be a problem for him. Reports suggest that Cheryl doesn’t want him to work and that her £16m fortune will ensure that he doesn’t have to. Furthermore, so besotted is she with him that she has apparently agreed to forego signing a pre-nup (although she didn’t sign one with Ashley Cole either).

Provisioning Game Is Dead 

I believe that Cheryl’s marriage proves something that the manosphere has been saying for a while: that provisioning game is now dead, or at least in its death throes.

It would be churlish to suggest that Cheryl is coming close to the wall: clearly she is still an extremely attractive woman:


Nevertheless, at 31 years old, she is aware that her days are becoming numbered as far as settling down are concerned. With her beauty and her wealth she could no doubt obtain the affections of pretty much any man she wanted—a billionaire mogul or international financier for example. Instead, she has chosen to tether herself to a man who appears, outwardly at least, to be a rather feckless dilettante.

So is it Fernandez-Versini’s looks?

CHERYL Husbnad

No doubt he cuts an elegant enough figure on the French Riviera, and he is certainly tall, but I’m not sure it would be accurate to describe Fernandez-Versini as conventionally handsome—certainly not in a Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt way, anyway.

So what is it about him that has enabled him to hit the jackpot: winning not only the love of a beautiful woman coveted by millions, but also a share in her considerable fortune? And what relevance does that have for the rest of us?

Simply this: Fernandez-Versini is a man with game. Sufficient game to befriend A-list stars and spend most of his time partying and not bothering with boring beta-tudes like a sensible job with a pension plan. Cheryl’s marriage demonstrates that, given total free will, this—above all else—is what women want from men in 2014. 

Granted, most women are not in the fortunate position in which Cheryl finds herself. But increasingly, through their remuneration in the corporate world, cash-and-prizes divorce, alimony payments and other advantages, they are not reliant on men for their livelihoods. Strip away this reliance, and their desire for a man able to support them financially diminishes considerably.

Looks too, would appear to be secondary—after all, it wouldn’t have been hard for Cheryl to have snared a male-model type had she so desired.

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