Since my last article on the subject, I have noticed a few things. I have noticed that Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship. I noticed some conservatives take more than a passing glance at my Return of Kings Articles. I have also noticed people do not understand the concept of breaking up a two-party system by targeting the weaker party. The two parties are quite similar in that they utilize their positions to transfer the  wealth of the people the United States from the U.S. Treasury to their selected confederates. The illusion of choice keeps this political system going while the economic one is unsustainable.

Thad Cochran’s “strategy” in the Mississippi Republican Senate primary is the most recent example of how far the current courtesans of Washington DC will go to keep their grip on power. Utilizing such divisive techniques such as a wedge issues, politicians are quite successful in keeping people voting for them even if they do not do anything on the principles they say they espouse. If people keep giving free votes merely based on party affiliation, no one will work to earn those votes. That is the truth of the matter. A good example of politicians on both sides the aisle not actually giving a shit what the people think is the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The vast majority of Americans did not want this bill passed. They even protested against it back in 2008. However, the solons in Washington decide to keep voting on it until it finally passed.


Why are Republicans the weaker party? They do not do anything to further their cause when they do have power. Recently when Democrats took power,  they were quick to pass the Affordable Care Act. They struck when the iron was hot. Republicans do not seem to take any action unless it has been hyped in conservative media first or certain CEOs of defense companies need a war to boost profits. Their lack of initiative always seems to put them on the defensive, which makes them the weaker party. Remember the Republicans had the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency from 2003 to 2007. They did not really accomplish much aside from making Halliburton quite wealthy and making John Roberts a Supreme Court justice.


The current immigration “crisis” is a good example of Republicans not doing anything with the power they have. Last time I checked the Constitution, it said that all spending bills would originate in the House of Representatives. Also last time I checked, the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives. Therefore, instead of not passing spending bills to force the president’s hand, American people are entertained with political drama on a Kafka-like scale with IRS hearings, NSA spying, and Internet fight videos.

If one party should fall, there will be a power vacuum that would actually upend the current political system. If politicians had to fight for votes, they might actually do something for their constituents aside from scraps of bread and circus.  It would force them to confront issues that are not politically popular instead of kicking the can down the street in regards to unsustainable spending.


Someone brought up in the comment section of the last article the dark possibility: the idea that the Democratic Party would destroy the nation. Well if that is their plan, it does not seem likely that the Republicans would do anything to stop it anyway. Again, this is deciding which of the two is the weaker party, not, which one is more deserving of the other being kicked into the trashcan of history. If the fall of the Republicans causes the demise of the current socioeconomic environment, so be it. A quick death is always better than a slow one. Also the faster something is destroyed, the faster it can be rebuilt.

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