Division of labor according to sex has been a feature of human societies since the beginning. There are even theories by some anthropologists that this division was what allowed Homo Sapiens to decisively pull ahead of their competitors. World War II and the ensuing scourge of feminism changed all of that in America and Europe. In part, this was a reflection of how industries were changing. Where farms and factories once employed most of the population, the country workforce shifted towards clerical and service work. Fortunately, there are still plenty of occupations that are dominated by men where you can escape the tyranny that is the modern feminist dominated work place. Given that so many jobs including women are legal minefields, as well as unpleasant and inhospitable to the masculine man, there are many reasons you should consider a change to a job where you can work in an all male environment.

Escape The Tyranny Of Political Correctness

In the unisex working environment of hypersensitive America, a man must constantly watch what he says for fear of blaspheming against the pantheon of political correctness. Even the most innocuous statement can be twisted to make your work life a hell. An honest critique of a female’s performance can damage your career permanently. Contrast this with the all-men work place, where honest criticism is given without any sugar coating, where jokes can be told without a glance over the shoulder, and where bonding by constantly giving each other shit in good fun is the norm. I don’t think it is hyperbole to conclude that American work culture is taking on shades of the Soviet Union, where one verbal misstep could get you up Shit Creek without a paddle. The things men do and say to each other can be silly, juvenile, or even downright cruel, but this behavior is absolutely necessary for men to become men, and there is no doubt we are atrophying as a society as it is suppressed.

Learn The True Meaning Of Teamwork

Are men or women better at working in teams? Although men are more individualistic, assertive, and aggressive, it is these very qualities that make them better at working in groups. Of course, it is a tired feminist talking point that “women value cooperation more than men do.” The truth is that women avoid overt conflict, but they love to keep drama bubbling under the surface. This translates to an atmosphere of mistrust in many teams that include women, even if females are experts at maintaining saccharine appearances.

Working with men only, one will find that conflicts are taken care of on the spot, preventing interpersonal problems from compounding; the assertiveness and aggression of men strengthens the group rather than weakens it. Working without the tensions that women cultivate, men are able to coalesce into ruthlessly efficient teams accomplishing feats from the heroic to the mundane that we take for granted (here, here, and here). Cooperative behavior releases dopamine to the brain in humans, which explains the immense pride that comes when you’re part of a group of men able to fight and work almost as one man, sometimes without even speaking. Camaraderie has been the drug of choice for men for time immemorial, and women’s preference for conflict destroys this.


Rediscover A Healthy Sense Of Mystery Around The Opposite Sex

In the past, men and women led lives that were parallel and interdependent but usually very separate. Men and women mingled together only at certain times of the day, or sometimes only certain times of the week or even year in the case of people who lived in rural areas. Every man enjoys the company of women, but most men become fatigued with too much. When men and women work separately, it cultivates a natural mystery and respect, so that time that men and women spend together is more appreciated. Presently, the sexes know each other too intimately, and familiarity leads to contempt. As any man who knows the ins and outs of the female mind will attest, the better you get to know women, the more you dislike them. Working a long day in the world of the masculine workplace, with its attendant cursing, laughing, and rough masculinity, one appreciates the contrasting feminine much more when he goes back to his woman (or women). Compare this with the modern workplace, where many men are so tired of feminine pettiness and drama by the end of the day that the prospect of being around women in the evening is exhausting.

Enjoy A New Pride Doing A Man’s Work

Men take immense pride in doing “a man’s work.” Men always have and always will dominate the occupations that involve risk taking, danger, quick thinking under pressure, strength, and small margins for error. Firefighters, pilots, trial lawyers, elite military forces, oilfield workers, and engineers are still mostly “boys only clubs” and for good reason. In fact, you can tell a lot about how important a particular job is by the degree to which it excludes women. A formerly masculine profession is surely stagnating when it starts to include women, as is the case with Silicon Valley. Men who work in these “boys only clubs” are always more full of life and pride because they sense, either consciously or unconsciously, that they are doing something important. The mixed sex work place goes a long ways towards explaining the nihilism and listlessness of the modern man; doing busy work that can be done just as easily by an empowered woman, he instinctively knows that his masculine identity is null.

Ditch The Corrosiveness That Women Bring To All Male Groups

In naval tradition, it was considered bad luck to have a woman on a ship, and this was more than a mere superstion ion. The introduction of a woman to an all male environment changes an atmosphere instantly. Obviously, there is the distraction, as focus that should be used to get work done is funneled into thoughts of fucking. But the really corrosive effect of women in all male workplaces is how it affects the way men treat each other. No longer are other men comrades and friends; they are competitors. This happens subconsciously, as men start to be suspicious of others and subtle posturing and power plays start. Once again, we see that the wisdom of our forefathers is usually superior to modern philosophies.


If you don’t already work in an all male occupation, you should explore ways to move into one. There are many fewer female free jobs than formerly, but they can be found with a little bit of digging. Perhaps I will write a post soon exploring the options available to young men starting their lives and older men looking to restart their lives (as an aside, one direction that I will specifically recommend against is the military; it has been thoroughly corrupted by feminism). If you’re ready to do embark on a path that will give you new respect for yourself and other men, start moving towards an all male job immediately. Your soul and your sanity will thank you for it.

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