Our July sponsor is Therapy By Skype. It’s a service for men seeking clinical psychotherapy by a licensed practitioner who has a red pill outlook. In his own words:

There’s dating coaching, “feel-good” pep talks, and “red pill” ideologies, all sorts of things people sell you which may be quite useful. But the only thing that completely customized to your needs, in near-real time as you progress is psychotherapy, life coaching, counseling—whatever the term of your era. The principles are the same across time and cultures. Only the label changes.

I’m a licensed (California) and experienced clinical psychologist in my 50’s from New York now living in California and Asia who’s been to Eastern Europe, Asia, Western Europe.

I’ve had good, bad, and great experience with women in all the above places. I’ve brought a woman to the US on a fiancé visa, and watched it fall apart. I’ve made the mistakes for you, so you can understand and get what you want faster.

I’m not from an ivory tower. I’ve worked in corporate as a database programmer, as a professional musician and songwriter before I switched to psychology. I wrote databases tracking defects in pacemakers for Eli Lilly, as well as programming for Hertz and 3M. I’ve worked in the highest security prisons in California, and seen how masculinity can go horribly wrong. I’ve played with rock stars and seen how it can go transcendentally right. I’ve worked as a garbageman, janitor, and in a yogurt stand. I’ve published research on psychological testing in journals and can offer that if you wish.


I want to be of assistance to gifted men from First World nations who to some degree have had their masculine nature thwarted by the particular and peculiar emergence of radical feminism over the last fifty years.

I want to help you understand what you want in women and life and help you as you work to get it. Although I am a “legit” (doctorate in clinical psychology) psychotherapist I offer what I call life coaching over Skype, with a free 15 minute consultation to see if you feel I can help you. “Red Pill’ means just giving up some distorted beliefs—there’s a lot more that goes into building your life than bringing something bad down.

I always hate when people hide prices, so I am offering the first fifty teleconferencing hours scheduled for $50 per hour with a minimum of two hours. I reserve the right to refuse service to people with a bad attitude. Testing costs more than that but can really help pin things down faster.

Visit Therapy By Skype see how you can be helped.

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