Admittedly the YouTube spoofs of the 2004 movie “Der Untergang” have become all too annoyingly frequent. Nonetheless the above clip is short, funny, yet sadly enough echoes the same dialog happening behind closed doors of the powers that be. For the German speakers viewing the clip I advise to turn down the volume to maximize the viewing experience (Für alle Deutschsprechenden, ich glaube ist besser drehen Sie die Lautstärke zuruck).

Make no mistake about it: the issues being addressed in this parody that you read in the subtitles is what is going through the minds of the government with regards to the increasing rise of single mothers combined with an increasing rise of men opting out of marriage tyranny.

In addition to the system using feminism to keep an iron fist on men, it also has to deal with single welfare mothers. Genuine deadbeat dads evading their responsibility is one thing, but aside from that issue, we are seeing a lot of irresponsibility on the part of women, as well as a draconian effort on the part of government to destroy men’s lives.

Today’s modern woman is not held accountable for her actions, so she essentially has carte blanche to live her life recklessly, get knocked up like a farm animal, and pop out an illegitimate kid. So what does The Matrix do? The answer is quite simple: For every welfare mother out there, the system finds some unsuspecting schmuck to stick the dinner check onto. This is a practice done by all States in America and it continues to get worse.


DNA tests that prove the accused is not the father are dismissed by judges being the gavel wielding fascists pigs that they are. In many cases the judges will not even allow a DNA test to be done. It has gotten to the point where any woman can point a finger at a man whom she has never met and simply lie to the State that he is the father of her child. The State happily goes along with this because they know damn well they can extort a certain amount of short term money from the falsely accused before he eventually takes his case to a higher court and gets the judgement overturned. And bear in mind any money he loses cannot be reclaimed.

These case scenarios are just a couple of examples that have become common place today:

Although the worst of paternity fraud plays out in countries like the USA and UK, suffice it to say that involving one’s self with a female in the Western World is extremely high risk. Maybe in the future things will change for the betterment of men, but I do not see anything on the horizon at this point in time that would suggest any rationality or sanity being brought to the system.

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