Earlier this year, “pro-sex” feminist Betty Dodson, “the godmother of masturbation,” stated that the recipe for a long life is: Masturbation, Pot and Raw Garlic.


Author of the 1973 book, Sex for One, she’s been relaunching her masturbation “masterclasses” in New York. Now 85, Dodson wants to help the post-Sex and the City, post-Girls generation of women that she believes are not nearly as liberated as they think they are. Her comeback has caused excitement among a new generation of American women, many of whom are seeking inspiration from the feminist thinkers of the 1970s in the face of supposed renewed attacks on women’s rights.

So in other words, according to her:






Where do these go?

Leads to


in the end.

Nevertheless, the response by young feminists was favorable.


Masturbation workshops were organized to educate about and promote masturbation to feminists, to which young feminists flocked in large numbers. Which led to feminists…



raw garlic

And of course…


 …which ended for some of them in….


…considering some attending didn’t even know how to masturbate and pleasure themselves, according to her.

“They’re usually too shy to attend the bodysex groups and opt for private sessions; she had a 25-year-old in yesterday for a lesson in self-love. “Poor girl had no idea. Never masturbated as a child.”

Even if some feminists didn’t end up like this at the end of the sessions.

old age

 Meanwhile, manginas—the perennial white knights of feminists—probably also didn’t lag behind, so…




Which probably led to…


And also…


for some.

In short, the future of  such feminists’ over-masturbated pussies would probably look… disfigured. Some examples of those can be found here, or more clearly in the NSFW real life versions here.

Not that we care. Jokes aside, a few points came to mind after reading the article:

“She says the “best sex of my lifetime” was in her 70s when she was “training” a twenty-something called Eric. After 10 years she decided to let him go. “You have to let the young ones go. You don’t want to be Hugh Hefner.

*Yawns.* Seriously?

First: did she let him go, or did he leave all by himself?

Second: what’s the difference between an old man fucking a 20-something woman, and an old woman “training” a 20-something man to fuck her?

Oh…we forgot. She was “training” him. That itself exonerates her having sex with a man younger than half her age, even when she’s still having sex with him in her 70’s.


Acceptable for feminists, as it constitutes training

Whereas Hugh Hefner is an example which shouldn’t be followed, because he doesn’t let young ones “go”—even if that the young ones might be with him out of their own motives and free will.


Is there an age limit for sex for men? What if an old man doesn’t want to masturbate, and instead wants to fuck to get sexual release inside a consenting young woman’s body, even if he might pay her for consent? Should he then too be ridiculed for the consent of the young woman?

This social hatred and exemplifying ridicule of senior men having sex with younger women is preposterous, and so is the absurd ridicule of consenting young women who choose to be with senior men. The fact remains: why the fuck should anyone care if a senior man wants, fucks, or even pays to fuck a young woman who’s willingly accepted to sleep with him? Feminists are hypocritical on this point: even if she’d voluntarily accept to fuck with him even if may be for cash, she’d still be a victim because she’d be doing it for the money, or he’d be dating “out of his league.”

Whereas if an old woman cavorts or fucks around with a young man, she’s “training” him instead. Riighht. Sounds like modern feminist mature women are imagining themselves to be medieval courtesans ‘training’ young men. Marijuana or pot smoking can also contribute to and worsen such delusions among feminists especially if it’s long term, and definitely not contribute at least to the ‘longevity’ of sanity.



‘Training’ in progress….

So, according to feminists: cougars are acceptable; “sugar daddies” are not. Sugar daddies need to let go and marry their hands when they’re old, to become like invisible old feminist hags. This hatred and social ridicule of old men with young women is possibly also motivated by the fact that feminists know they can’t be as fertile as men throughout their lives.


Was Eric “trained” to learn how to do this efficiently?

The modern culture of masturbation promotion

Masturbation is a common human activity, and even more in the modern world, and increasingly being promoted in modern oversexualized societies. Whether it may be through healthcare, porn, media, modern pop culture, or modern social conditioning, masturbation is gradually being increasingly accepted, with more men and women already indulging in it.

A scantily clad Miley Cyrus on stage in LA, hand on crotch

Female masturbation is increasingly promoted by modern pop music culture. Read more about it here.

Also, porn is increasingly taking over as the most common mode of sexual release in the modern world, and usually serves as the primary visual stimulus for masturbation, further complicating the situation—especially with rewiring human brains. The end result is that masturbation (worsened when coupled with porn) is gradually being preferred over actual sex in modernized societies (especially men), which could not only cause problems to the mind and body, but also to relationships and, most importantly, birth rates. Modern media also increasingly and casually promotes masturbation both for men and women. Public masturbation is also being accepted in some feminist societies.

which would give a lot of manginas and betas a lot of social condonance and relief…


The only benefits of masturbation are sexual or orgasmic release in: voluntary celibacy, absence of a partner or incelhood (involuntary celibacy), sexual reproductive problems for both genders where sex cannot be performed, and a possible protection against STDs in this age of promiscuity. Certain modern cults promote masturbation as a ritual, while other religions condemn it, or would condone it only if it serves to protect chastity and guard against sexual immorality. In these cases, where sex cannot be performed, masturbation can serve as an effective substitute solution for these individuals.

Health-wise, longevity from masturbation could result only because it may provide orgasm health benefits in case of lack of a partner, and could protect against life-threatening STDs from partners of unknown sexual health status (though mutual masturbation could still carry risks as much as sex could). But masturbation again cannot beat the health benefits of actual sex. For example, even oral sex, where ingestion of semen has been shown to have immense benefits for women. But again the benefits of sex are devalued with sex with STD stricken individuals, for both men and women.

But again sex holds more benefits than masturbation for men, especially older men when they have sex with younger women when it comes to longevity. Read more here. Similarly, polygamy has been found to have positive effects on male longevity, irrespective of age.

Thus men—and especially senior men above 50’s—need not have to let modern feminist social shaming condition them to act unnaturally by “letting go,” against what science and nature tells them to do. Sex with younger women, preferably in a polygamous model, has positive effects on male longevity as seen above. Men don’t need to be married to their hands in old age. Feminism’s promotion of  masturbation over natural sexual intercourse as the elixir of longevity seems too contrived, considering that regular sex beats masturbation in health benefits. In fact, long term masturbation without real intercourse could possibly affect both sexes negatively.

Is masturbation in fact the only “sex” feminist incels would actually get, and is thus being superficially promoted as a longevity cover?

While raw garlic may indeed have health benefits, the dangers of marijuana (and more here) are well known to affect both longevity and sanity. However, the real gist of her interview suggests that masturbation is often the only sex most feminists get—and more so after they’re in their senior years. Maybe that’s why masturbation is being possibly promoted for feminists as a recipe for longevity, while actually being a ploy to deflect social ridicule for their celibacy. Since masturbation is already being furiously shoved down the throats of people living in modern feminists societies today, the increasing acceptance of masturbation as a natural part of modern human sexuality would thus help to provide cover for aging feminists whose sexual market value has bottomed out.

While younger feminists will often waste away their eggs in their fertile years simply touching themselves or slutting around, traditional women in other parts of the world will have their eggs being fertilized by men in relationships to produce children. A generation of bisexual masturbating feminists and choosy post wall 30+ sluts looking to get wifed up are just a few examples of  the dysfunctional breed of modern women feminism is producing to further contribute to lower birth rates and an eventual cultural collapse in modern societies. So most of these feminists would then be organizing more masturbation workshops for the next generation of women, to eventually share their own fate. Anyways, with these trends, feminism would likely die away by itself due to low reproduction rates and an obsession with self-love. But again, irrational feminism (worsened by pot smoking) would never accept that.


But we’d encourage feminists to masturbate. Considering that’s the only sex they’d most likely to get.

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