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The effect of female narcissism and attention whoring in modern societies has been explored a lot here before. But the nadir of modern day narcissism is the rise of “sex selfies” (NSFW: 1, 2, 3, 4 to showcase just a few), which is far worse than those hideous pregnancy portraits.  Hell, you’ve now even got a full subreddit showcasing sex selfies (NSFW). Some have even called the phenomenon of sex selfies as the worst thing on the internet. Type ‘sex selfies’, ‘having sex selfies’, ‘after sex selfies’ in any web search engine and see the level of modern narcissism for yourself. See anyone who is familiar or whom you know in your social circle in the image results?

An irony is that earlier this year, we got suspended on Facebook for a supposedly ‘obscene’ image of a plastic dildo. However with the acceptance of the sex selfie culture, it seems the more hardcore you get, the lesser the chances you’ll get reprimanded on the same social network, which even has pages on it. As women become increasingly masculinized and men become feminized, it’s no surprise that softcore becomes hardcore, and hardcore becomes softcore. The hypocritical paradigm of gender role interchangeability seen in modern societies today now extends to every paradigm of modern life.  Shit is gold, and gold is shit.

As seen below, the rising trends of female sexual narcissism and attention whoring throughout the world  (the UK so far leads the world in sex selfies) are validating what we’ve been telling all along: female attention whoring is approaching a tipping point in the modern world.


52% women sharing nude pictures. Thankfully, modern female honesty at least exists when it comes to polls regarding sexual narcissism, even if not for sexual morality. It’s increasingly becoming acceptable for modern women to be seen as attention whores, but not as real whores – even though many do that as well. Not that we’re complaining, even if we know yet pretend to ignore it.

Narcissism,  sex selfies and the age of exhibitionism

We’re living in probably in an age where the modern human is the most narcissistic common man ever in human history. You see it everywhere. Selfies, to the latest craze of  bizarre modern underwear. Attention whoring at its finest.

Tribal Men, and their clothing gear….

Dani people. Every tribe has a different penis sheath. Notice the differences?!

…whereas modern men and women, and the latest underwear in 2014 : attention whoring, or a return to our primitive, tribal roots???


At the same time, sex selfies just represent the exhibitionist trends of today’s times, as well as people having sex in public – a product of the oversexualization of modern societies, which has resulted in the next level of moral degradation in the name of ‘sexual liberation’.

Not that men in general should care, because women themselves don’t care doing and allowing it in public in the first place – as women are the gatekeepers of sex. Read the female comments in the comments section in the above link about public sex. The indifference in the female commenters to sex in public makes you wonder as how many of these women would themselves love to get screwed in the open, even it might be in front of their children.

So, if you see a couple fucking their brains behind the dumpster in the airport’s parking lot, don’t care. If you see a handjob in progress in public, simply don’t care.  If you see a couple having sex next to an ATM machine, don’t care too, and just assume that the guy is swiping the nature-given, bodily tubular ATM card between his legs inside the woman’s nature-given, bodily ATM slot, till he finishes his transaction (orgasms). Shouldn’t we then legalize nudism and public sex too, considering we are living in a ‘sexually repressed’ (LOL) culture? Maybe we could compete with tribal societies who practice ritual exhibitionist sex.

The truth behind modern female exhibitionism and how you can use it

Most of these sites promoting sex selfies actually exploit the growing exhibitionist narcissism in modern women (and their obliging men who like to tag along in “the exhibitionist thrill of it” , while even calling it ‘noble’). The two most popular subjects on the internet, sex and selfies, combine to satiate the next level of modern female narcissism.  Sex selfies are actually a chance for modern narcissistic women to act out their fantasies, to star in amateur porn photo shoots with their partners. It’s similarly indicative of a rising trend that also been debated—that pretty women usually take to porn because of  the sex and ‘power’ (translate: narcissism out of low self esteem) associated with it.


However, you could still use sex selfies you’ve taken with a girl for your benefit (pun intended). Women always lose out if they agree when they agree to sex selfies, even if they agree to it out of narcissism. Here’s how:

1. Memorabilia for you and your family (only the  one you start with her)

This goes out only to our beta haters and manginas (pun intended). Take a sex selfie when you’re banging, or tonguing (NSFW) a chick to use it for your own scrapbook. Understand that you absolutely don’t have to bear any responsibility as she’s agreed to allow herself be snapped or videotaped during and after the act. If you knock her up and choose to keep her, you can tell your kids about the ‘romantic’ encounter which conceived them with photographic evidence. Even if the paternity test says otherwise. Also remember you’re fulfilling your girl’s need to be a porn star, even if your camerawork is amateurish using a smartphone. The epic-bonding and romantic ‘after sex selfie’, will however occupy an invaluable place in your future family album.


2Memorabilia for her and her family (someday) – pun intended

This goes out to all men. It doesn’t matter that you break up later with her, and she ends up marrying some beta loser to pop out kids with him. The sex selfies you’ve taken could help you. If you ever happen to see her with her kids some day, remind her of the pics you took together during your earlier romps which you still fondly remember. Or you can show her kids that their mommy’s face and ass was tighter before their birth with photographic proof – especially the hardcore sex selfie pics when you’re penetrating her. That’s enough motivation for a young girl to ape her mother skills some day, and to let them know that their Daddy crossed the finishing line later in banging their mommy, after you.

Don’t stay around for long though after stirring up the hornet’s nest. Maybe she’ll ask you to fuck her, just to keep quiet if you haven’t shown the sex selfies yet- even then don’t fall for her offer unless 100% sure that it doesn’t entail a trap. If she’s a shameless slut, she wouldn’t care if you’d show it to her family, but wouldn’t still mind to get the pictures from you for her own personal album.

3. Photographic evidence in case she accuses you of rape, and to keep her in line

Make sure to tweet pics of yourself doing the act and after the act to your friends (of course with her consent), if you know she’s a crazy temperamental slut or you’re unsure of the consequences yet you want to bang her. Snap the shutter when her poses and expressions are that of lusty pleasure, willing exhibitionism, and post sex comfort, in fact encourage her to act out the budding and latent porn actress in her. This will help to debunk any unexpected fake rape accusation later on you from her, as her willing compliance in the pictures could help you to prove that the sex was consensual.

Secondly, sex selfies taken during a night of drunken revelry with a difficult bitch can help you to tame her, especially if she’s acts like a hypocritical prudish and uptight feminist bitch in public who likes to bust men’s balls. You’ll always be one up on her, because you’ve got her dirty secrets (photographic evidence, if you haven’t tweeted them yet) in your hands which could ruin her ‘reputation’.


Scientists have linked selfies to mental illness of narcissism and low self-esteem. What would they have to say about those taking ‘sex selfies’? It just highlights the increasing retardedness of an animal-like narcissistic generation of depraved mentally ill degenerates who have lower self-esteem, plus lower mental and emotional health than their predecessors and saner contemporaries, and are increasingly being produced by a culturally and morally fast declining dysfunctional civilization. You begin to wonder how these women think, and what kind of generation they would spawn and raise. The blame lies primarily on these women, as they are the gatekeepers of sex.

The exhibitionist slut bomb has now exploded into social media. What’s next? A reality based TV sex channel showcasing live feed where amateurs can post pictures while getting fucked and get paid for it, and viewers can vote for the winner who’d get paid for the hottest sex selfie? Attention whoring would then get paid in money – not that these attention whoring modern women would object, for they’d become instantaneous celebrities on that regard.

The fact remains that the trends will continue to worsen in the future. It shouldn’t be a surprise that 20 years from now, people would be casually having sex in public, in front of children and seniors, as ‘sexual liberation’ increasingly becomes the slogan for the present and future generations of women. With narcissistic modern women taking the lead in promoting these trends as women are the gatekeepers of sex, and men following it, exhibitionism is the penultimate nail in the attention whoring coffin of a declining civilization. It’s said that you cannot turn a whore into a housewife. I’d add to that: you can’t turn even an attention whore into a housewife. Actual whoring and attention whoring are both found in whorish women.

So: “18+_Getting fucked? Fucking someone? Take a selfie — Email ***@***.*** for ad info and to send in submissions.”

Why not? Sure!!!

Even if it’s next to a rotting body.

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