A long time ago, I had a major problem.

Every time I stepped foot out of the house, if it was hotter than 65 degrees, my armpits would become as wet as Niagra Falls, spewing salty contents out, staining my shirts, and making me feel generally embarrassed about myself.

I had to figure out how to stop armpit sweating.

I Tried To Solve The Problem

I wore tank tops as often as I could. Grey shirts were completely out of the question, as were any shirts of a light shade that would soak through. White shirts became pit-stained monstrosities within a couple uses. I ordered extra-thick “anti-sweat” undershirts. My wardrobe was composed probably 75% of black shirts because I could not figure out how to stop armpit sweating.

I tried nearly every anti-perspirant on the market. I tried different soaps. I tried wearing different materials. Nothing worked.

How To Stop Armpit Sweating

Eventually, though, I figured it out. These days, I am happy to report that I am generally sweat-free unless it’s an extremely hot or humid day. Even on those days, it’s at least under control. Granted, I do not live in a very humid area and I am not entirely sure how my pits would react to that, but I’ve found that by taking a few steps, I’ve been able to stop armpit sweating.

I’ve saved a lot of money on white t-shirts, that’s for sure.

Step 1 – Get Rid Of Soap

Stop washing your armpits with soap. If you think about it, soap is a chemical. A man-made and developed chemical. That means they (the developers) need to make a profit – even if that means manufacturing their business by selling the illusion of a problem, much like how doctors do too.

In this case, the problem is that you smell and you need soap. Except that water is a perfectly acceptable substitute, in most cases. I still use soap for the rest of my body, but I’ve done experiments when I’ve just used water to wash, and guess what – I didn’t smell at all.

You must stop washing your armpits with soap.

Step 2 – Get Rid Of Anything That Says Antiperspirent

Once again, it’s a scam. An industry created out of a fake problem, in many cases. They will continue to laugh their way to the bank for many years to come.

Now that we’ve cleaned house, here’s how to stop armpit sweating.

Step 3 – In The Shower

In the shower, as stated, do not use soap. Instead, you should scrub your armpits out with a natural loofah. I used these loofahs for many years.


how to stop armpit sweating

Will any old loofah work? Probably, but it depends. At first, they didn’t work at all for me, nowadays it doesn’t seem to matter. But they’re only $7 for a pack of 3 off Amazon, so you really can’t go wrong.

You must scrub the shit out of your armpits in the shower with the loofah – we’re talking 30 seconds at least. Yes, it will burn like a bitch. To mitigate the burn, you can hold your armpit under the shower head and scrub at the same time.

Scrub each armpit for 30 seconds, and then scrub lightly with your hand and water to rinse it out.

Just in case you missed it, DO NOT USE SOAP.

Step 4 – Dry Your Pits Out 

I’d recommend waiting at least five to ten minutes post-shower before you put deodorant or a shirt on. You must give yourself time to drive off, so scrub yourself good with a towel to dry off.

Step 5 – Go Natural

You already threw out anything that said antiperspirant, right? Good. The next step is to get a natural deodorant – Amazon or natural food stores are both excellent.

The most important things about the deodorant you pick:

  • Generally the less ingredients, the better
  • You want something natural – if a hippy would dig it, it’s good.
  • Unscented, or minimal scent – a lot of scented deodorants have unnecessary shit that makes you sweat.

I have personally gone to baking soda over the years, straight out of the box. My $2.50 carton from Walmart has lasted me an entire year. You can also buy Arm & Hammer deodorant stickers with baking soda as the primary ingredient. Your mileage may vary.

Ultimately the deodorant is the wild card, and you might have to experiment a bit to find out. I personally found that some of the natural sticks did not do a great job with keeping the odor away, which was a problem I had never had previously. Eventually I found one I liked, but then moved away from it in favor of baking soda.

Be willing to experiment, give each deodorant stick a trial run of a week and see if it improves.

The Psychological Part

I also think a large part of armpit sweat is psychological. If you generally have self esteem issues, stress, or other psychological drawbacks – sweat pouring from your pits is just the icing on top of it all. While I firmly believe the steps I’ve outlined above can stop, or at least, greatly reduce, armpit sweat, there is truthfully nothing better than being in a great position and having control of your life.

Even if that control just means wearing a grey shirt.

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