I’ve noticed a disturbing trend here at ROK.  A collection of individuals have emerged who enjoy espousing commonly known alpha concepts, yet simultaneously exhibit remarkably beta tendencies.  I refer to them as purple pill.  Not fully blue, but certainly not fully red either.

I try to take their nonsense with a grain of salt, mainly because most of them are obvious trolls. For the ones who are sincere, they are trying to undo a minimum of 20+ years of feminist brainwashing, which does not happen overnight. Once we’ve had our eyes opened to the truth of masculinity, we crap out all that blue beta poison. Unfortunately, as with most excretions of this size, some remnants remain.


This transition process is critical because it is when a newly made man is most likely to fall back into old habits. Like any addiction, relapses are common, and beta traits that are not befitting a man still rear their ugly heads from time to time. I feel it’s important to recognize these bad habits to prevent them from hindering our self-improvement and growth as men. Here are three bad habits we need to lose:

1. Arguing

Arguing is a waste of time. A man does not argue with anyone. Using good old-fashioned plain speaking, he succinctly makes his point and doesn’t belabor it. If you agree with him, great; if not, he doesn’t really give a shit. If you’re obviously on opposite sides of the fence, his time is too valuable to waste trying to get you to see his point, and he has no interest in seeing yours.

Don’t be fooled by people who say they just want to engage in “debate”. Debate is just a fancy word for an argument and should be left to politicians, talking heads, and insecure people in love with the sound of their own voice (typically intellectuals), who all have a pathetic need to convince themselves and others that they’re as smart as they like to think they are.

As arguing is an inherently feminine trait, it usually devolves into childish ad hominem attacks, loss of composure, and irrational hysterics over trivial matters, none of which any man should partake in. It’s also why most of the kids on your high school debate team were girls, their beta orbiters, or closeted homos.

I’ve seen people on this site go back and forth over the course of an hour, and I can’t help but think two things:

1. How much self-improvement could you have engaged in during this time?


2. What are you doing with your life that you have this much free time to argue with a stranger on the internet?

Men who are seizing life by the balls don’t have excess time to argue with strangers on the internet because they are too busy being winners by building a business, improving their minds and bodies, and approaching women. Minimize your time on the computer and join the club.

In a perfect world, people who like to engage in pointless arguments would get Conneried with extreme prejudice.

2. Ad Hominem Attacks

An argument should not be confused with a discussion, where two men engage in a sharing of ideas or opinions in a mature and civilized manner, and can respectfully disagree without engaging in ad hominem attacks, which is the last resort of a person who either likes to argue but has no argument, or who lacks the discipline to control their emotions. Women are not the only ones with rationalization hamsters, and attacking someone with juvenile name-calling allows a weak-minded beta male to feel strong and rationalize his lack of a counterpoint by “telling someone off”.

The weakness of the person is especially telling if they resort to this tactic right out of the gate with absolutely no provocation. I can only assume that most of ROK’s readers are millennials who grew up engaging in this form of communication, whereby your ability to “diss” someone is more impressive than presenting cogent points. Typically the more excessive the name-calling, the weaker the argument is.


This is also a great indicator of troll methodology, using personal attacks to incite an emotional response to divert attention from the rational discussion at hand, eventually devolving it into Yo’ Mama jokes (I’ve actually seen this happen). Since ROK is a website devoted to masculinity, our trolls are feminists, manginas, and white knights. All three groups share the same basic feminist mindset and we know that feminists like cursing excessively to feel manlier, so when you see this tactic, recognize that you’re dealing with either a feminist troll or a weak-minded beta and ignore them as they’re not worth your time.

3. Seeking Approval

A very common phrase I’ve seen passed around recently is “this is going to ruin our credibility”.


We are a traditional masculinity website in 2014 America. We live in a society completely dominated by radical feminist ideology that has been conditioned for the last 45 years to consider our brand of masculinity toxic and hateful. We publish articles stating that women who cut off their hair are damaged, when every female celebrity idolized by women is doing just that. We reserve entire weeks to shame sluts and fatties, while the society you’re worried about appeasing believes garbage like this. News flash, gentlemen: we have no credibility to ruin.

Approval is for betas, women, children, and dogs.  Men neither seek nor need it.  What we do need is to stop whining and crying about how we’re going to be perceived by society.  Unless all of our articles from now on are titled “I’ve Seen the Light: The Patriarchy is Real” or “How I Learned To Stop Being A Misogynist and Acknowledge Women As Men’s Equals”, the feminist-dominated mainstream media in the West will never give us any credibility. To society, we are the outcasts. The creeps. The assholes. The losers.

If you truly believe that the feminist horde will just wake up one day and say they were wrong, ROK is right, and they’re ready to be chaste girls then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Evidence, facts, and reality cannot penetrate the shield of cognitive dissonance they’ve erected in their minds. This site is not about convincing women to see our point of view, but rather helping males become men. Where strong men lead, women follow, regardless of how feminist they are.

At the time of this article, Jizzabel’s Fakebook page has 488,316 likes. Femifisting has 124,976. ROK has 9,111. That should put into perspective where we stand. I check out these sites periodically because I like to know my enemy, and the one thing that stands out in stark contrast to our site is this: unity. Their comments section is virtually devoid of the petty squabbling that you see here. While their thought processes are clearly out of touch with reality, at least they are in agreement within their delusion.

Meanwhile, we’re busy calling someone a faggot because they had the audacity to learn a system of martial arts we don’t approve of, instead of applauding the fact they’re learning to defend themselves instead of sitting at home playing Warcraft or masturbating to anime porn.

We need to grow up and recognize that we’re vastly outnumbered and falling victim to feminist trolling and infighting is only going to further fracture and divide what is already a small collective. This site is meant to be a safe haven where men can be men, a place where we don’t engage in the same crap as the society we left behind. Let’s not turn ROK into the Fakebook of the manosphere.

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