While watching the blow up of the #endfathersday hash tag on twitter, I noticed one twitter user referenced on the news was one I was familiar with.


“Naynay” is a sock puppet used by “Bavarian” in his various black propaganda campaigns against online feminists. I have written about some of them previously here and here. After reading other articles about him and his operation, I decided to go straight to the source. I interviewed him on Skype. Here it is:

Douglas: What are the motivations and goals of your group?

Bavarian: (1) We wanted the world to wake up to what deception is and how it’s used to control us; and (2) we wanted to humiliate the most bigoted, hateful, sexist, racists on the planet.My personal motivation is the forced resignation of Lawrence Summers. Are you familiar with that?

Douglas: Not quite

Bavarian: I should clarify: I was upset about his forced resignation.

Douglas: Lawrence Summers, the former president of Harvard University?

Bavarian: Yes.He was forced to resign for proposing a theory about why women weren’t represented in certain fields. I saw this as an attack on free speech, and at Harvard of all places.

Douglas: Why did you choose to utilize such a subversive method?

Bavarian: Because it works.

Douglas: How effective was it with #endfathersday?

Bavarian: Everything happened according to plan. We agitated them until they finally caught on, then our deep sleepers led the purge.

Douglas: Led the purge?

Bavarian: Our deep sleepers were waiting for us to get caught to start accusing real accounts of being Lollipop Operatives.

Douglas: So you are literally involved with ferreting out feminist sock puppets?

Bavarian: Not me, specifically. Our operatives are though.

Douglas: I noticed in some of the articles about “Operation Lollipop” that you are identified as an MRA (men’s rights activist) or PUA (pick up artist), are you either of those?

Bavarian: Absolutely not.

Douglas: Why would people try to label you as either then?

Bavarian: I don’t know. I want to save free speech, especially at institutions of higher learning. They can call me whatever they want. I learned in grade school to just ignore name calling.

Douglas: You seem like a very interesting man. Care to tell me anything about yourself?

Bavarian: What would you like to know?


Douglas: Who you are, your history and what you are about if you don’t mind.

Bavarian: Okay. I grew up in West Germany during the Cold War. From there I moved from place-to-place. I was always the new kid. I graduated college, then served 14 months in Iraq as a convoy escort. I saw children living in mud houses who were actually happy with their lot in life. Then I came back to America where I saw fat spoiled adults complaining about the slightest inconvenience. I desperately wanted to make a change. That’s all I’m comfortable giving out.

Douglas: Have you learned anything new or interesting from your various twitter operations?

Bavarian: I honestly believe that historians will look at what we did and conclude that we lived in an Orwellian society.

Douglas: Was the response from feminists and various media outlets expected or was there anything unexpected?

Bavarian: The worst they can do is name calling. We expected that. Kids used to say I had cooties back when I was in grade school. It really got to me back then. Now I just laugh at it.

Douglas: Do you plan on conducting similar operations in the future?

Bavarian: Several operations are ongoing. But I want people to wake up and realize that this sort of thing happens to them all the time.

Douglas: Do you think your opponents will be able to effectively counter your methods?

Bavarian: I’m not sure. The only reason this operation was so successful is because white women who claim to be feminists are legitimately racist. They only care about advancing their own careers. They couldn’t care less about women in other countries.

Douglas: Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out or thanks to?

Bavarian: History is full of men and women who were tortured and killed for merely proposing a scientific theory that turned out to be true. I’d like to thank them. And like I said, what happened to Lawrence Sumers gave me the motivation to strike back. I love Harvard and I would like to see it return to the bastion of free speech that it once was.

Douglas: Any final thoughts?

Bavarian: George Orwell and Aldous Huxley warned us of what would happen to society. We’ve come to the point where we are attacked for our gender by being called sexist, and we are attacked for our race by being called racist. The irony is too much. I encourage everyone to speak the truth, especially tenured academics.

Douglas: Thank You for your time Bavarian, I look forward to your future projects.

Bavarian: Sure thing.

This concept of subversion done outside of a state actor is quite interesting. I look forward to seeing where it pops up next.

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