I have an intolerable grievance with communists. In truth, my situation has passed far beyond any form of gentleman’s disagreement or matter of diverging political opinion. I no longer debate communism as if it held any merit whatsoever, and not even as a frivolous, impersonal abstraction, or a joke. Instead, I see it for the insidious, consequential, and very personal attack on my freedom that it is, and I will not humor its supporters any longer—for parasites deserve no standing.

One of the fundamental evils of communism is that its organizers don’t allow people to opt-out. Instead, they force a person to either submit or fight; there is no neutral ground where a pacifist can escape from their sickly and destructive creed of corruption. This leaves a proud man only one course.

In short, I am now in open warfare with anyone who would support limiting my freedoms or stealing my wealth, and my current weapon of choice, though primitive, is powerful: my ability to craft thoughts and sentences. Let it be known, though, that when at war, I do not play nicely, nor do I adhere to the ineffectual principle of proportional force. Therefore, if a proud Obama-lover finds me at a cocktail party, she can expect to receive only shame added to mockery multiplied by contempt to the power of disgust. Our dictators are protected and untouchable, but their supporters are not, and it’s high time that these worthless rats suffer for the mess they have made (and, in fact, always wanted).

Defining “communism”

It’s a foolish waste of calories to discuss insignificant distinctions between many flavors of the same evil, and I’d prefer to not even know about terms such as socialism, Marxism, leftism, liberalism, progressivism, and the Democratic and Republican parties. Therefore, I lump these, and any ideology that sanctions theft for the purpose of allowing (or encouraging) its demanding supplicants to consume more than they produce, into the most derisive and convenient of similar terms: communism.

Let it be noted, however, that there is a huge divide between a citizenry collaborating on common infrastructure (and its natural safety nets in the forms of the family unit and voluntary [faith] groups) and having its wealth forcibly redistributed. The former is a fair, healthy, and productive pursuit, while the later is a wretched thing that kills incentive, steals men’s pride, and forces an “all against all” mindset before collapsing any hope for greatness toward the humiliating standards set by the weakest and most botched members of society.

True Motives

So why does this plague upon mankind even exist? Why should one man break his back every day on this harsh rock, only to have a gun be stuck in his face and an ever-increasing portion of his work-product seized to pay for another man, who, cannot (or will not) fend for himself? Does every loser on the planet have a right to the working man’s yield? As more and more parasites become reliant upon his output, what becomes of his “fair share”? Is taxing him at 50% about right? Or in times of national crisis (perhaps when a country’s treasury has been purposely bankrupt by engaging in endless military exercise, or when a tidal wave of third-world immigrants are, for nefarious reasons, welcomed in), could this be raised to 70% or 80%? Where does it end? Why should a capable man get to keep anything at all?

The slick hucksters of communism will claim that it’s a system designed to maximize the common good; that it’s a safety net for society’s unfortunate or infirmed, and that it provides the most equitable comfort to the most people—but they are lying. They advertise purely noble intent, and, without spending the energy to mentally play out the chess game, their false promises easily appeal to billions of tired and frightened zombies.

In truth, the communist’s motivation has very little to do with altruism. Instead, it stems from intense jealousy, self-loathing, and a lust for revenge against nature. In short, they hate themselves for being irredeemably unfit and impotent, and thus, they want to see all reflectors of their failures burn. They want to destroy any standard of measurement and make winning impossible, because, if there are no winners, then there are no losers, and maybe then, they won’t feel quite as bad about themselves. A large fraction of the world hates success in any form, and it was these suicidal miscreants who chose to raise arms first, but they don’t get to have their way, not without receiving, at least, some harsh derision for it.

The Birth Of A Communist

Communists are born, not made. In any population, math demands that some members will rank above the mean, and some below. This happens—it is a part of nature. But normally, nature has a way of maintaining a healthy equilibrium by not letting the diseased infect the herd. Abandoning natural law has led our society to fall out of balance and be overrun by parasites.


The future communist is the timid, sickly kid who stumbled to a last-place finish during his kindergarten class’ field day; this was his first taste of failure, and he didn’t like how it felt. But be it an early disappointment in sports, academics, employment, relationship or any other constructive human endeavor, the communist-to-be is hard-wired to disengage from competition, fold under the natural pressure to produce, and sulk. As his pattern of laziness, fear, and jealousy is repeated through to adulthood, he forms his politics and seeks a utopia where everyone is exactly equal, and nobody loses—and he votes for that.

He should consider himself fortunate, though, that our society grants him the unearned luxury of consuming more than he produces (a temporary condition, given the inescapable Laws of Thermodynamics), yet he still remains restless and bitter. This gnawing unease initially perplexes him, until he realizes that it’s not protection or security that he actually seeks—instead, the deepest part of his soul craves only the destruction of his betters. So long as the accomplished exist, and he has to approach them (not even so humbly) for handouts, he will be tormented by his shameful inadequacy (as he should be).

And so, only when he eliminates the positive half of the bell curve will he find peace. The irony of that pursuit, however, is that it’ll ensure his own physical destruction; society will crumble, and he’ll starve, but he won’t care, for he’ll now be as accomplished as anyone.

The Evidence

Some may argue that the goal of communists (discounting their obvious lie about helping the downtrodden) is to have power over their betters, but, though necessary to their plot, that is not the full extent of their hunger. Instead, the defective person’s greatest secret desire is for everyone to be as ugly and dependent as he is, and so, with millions of like-minded impotent losers, he votes to impose handicaps and penalties as a means to destroy the healthy.

If the communists’ end goal was simply power, well, they have that already. They could run a fairly prosperous and powerful country from the safety of their elected offices, and smirk as they collect tax revenue and distribute it to their chosen supporters.

But this is not enough, and they continue their craven pursuit of all-encompassing destruction. Why continue to bankrupt the country when you already control it? Why flood it with third-worlders when you know that it’ll create a lower standard of living for even your own children? Why destroy our educational system when it will only crush our power and standing in the world? Why increase the hamstringing of productive industries when you already seize a large fraction of their output? The answer is that it’s all about revenge, and burning it all down.

Reinforcing Their Shame

Communists outnumber legitimate, freedom-loving producers, maybe a thousand to one, so any direct battle against them is futile, if not dangerous. In the U.S., recent numbers show something like 90 million people of working age do not work. This is 28% of the country’s 320 million persons. Add in children, retirees, and the vast number of people who work for the government itself, or work “non-jobs” where there is no actual production, and the thousand-to-one ratio might be pretty accurate. In short, there are a lot of desperate, dependent losers who don’t take kindly to anyone asking them to pull their own weight. Nevertheless, why should parasites keep feeding without penalty? What do they bring to the table? Why shouldn’t they at least have to beg for their handouts?

Producers have almost no way to escape this sinking ship, but so long as our diminishing freedom of speech still exists, I’m not going down without heaping a shit-load of shame onto a few communists along the way.

One night while drinking at a bar, one of my smug, self-righteous communist “buddies” stepped forward and boldly explained to me why it was a good thing that my health insurance premiums doubled under Obamacare, and that I was too stupid to know what’s best for me or the nation. In a nutshell, I let him have it with both barrels:

“What kind of man accepts a bailout, much less demands one? This sort of parasite should scurry day and night without imagining that he has a shred of dignity or pride, because he deserves none. Do you have any pride, knowing that your whole existence was made possible by others? I know what you desperate thieves are, and that it’s self-hatred and jealousy that drives you. I know, that you know, that deep down you are a defective, frightened, evil little bitch who’s incapable of surviving on this planet without aid from your betters. I know that you yearn to see those more capable and successful than you fail; I know that is the root motivation for your every vote, policy, and action. But just so you know, I am onto your pathetic scam, and I take it personally. I think those who support stealing my wealth and limiting my freedoms are the lowest scum imaginable, and better off dead… just so you know.”

Obviously, he was not pleased, but he had no right to be in the first place. Communists will have their cake, but we should not allow them to eat it too.

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