Look around you. What do you see?

Do you see great men conquering their fears and living a life they enjoy – a life that they chose? Or are they living a life that was chosen for them?

More importantly, are you living a life that you consciously decided on – one that you hand picked based on your personal preferences and desires? Unfortunately for most men in today’s world, the answer is a loud and resounding no. The average man has been following the path of least resistance since he was born.

His childhood and adolescence were the highlights of his life. By the time he’s entered the labor market and reached 30, he’s all but given up on seeking out new life experiences. Instead of looking for continued growth or further accomplishment, he’s living in a state of contempt and resentment.

He spends the majority of his time working in a cubicle that he despises, because it was the first or only job offered to him. He dates or marries a girl that he’s barely even attracted to, because she was a friend of a friend and practically fell into his lap. Or he’s lonely and single.

Yes, there’s a small subset of men who live a life they thoroughly enjoy – one that they’ve intentionally created. They work for themselves or at a job they deliberately selected, and they date several girls at once, or just one that they’re authentically attracted to and who adds measurable value to their life. But these men are the exception. They only constitute a fraction of a percentage of the population.

The average modern man is on the decline. He’s moving farther and farther away being the independent and confident adventurer, and closer and closer to being the social recluse, content with his average life.

Welcome to the age of weakness


Gentlemen, welcome to the age of weakness, where standing out and seeking what you want is not only rare, but also looked down upon by the jealous masses.

They hate to see someone break free from the chains that have held them captive, stopping them from making positive changes or seeking a life that they truly want – especially if it’s a friend or close acquaintance. It only serves to remind them of their own fears and insecurities – the ones that they don’t have the balls to confront.


At this point, I must stop and ask you the following questions: Will you be held back? Will you let the increasingly average lifestyle of the day be forced upon you? Or will you break free and actually work towards creating a life that you want? Will you cease to be another mindless freak that simply lives and reacts?

The only way to break free from this self-devouring cycle is aggressivelyYou must consciously and forcefully dominate life until you find a way out – better yet, until you create a way out.

You can’t wait for the right moment


You can’t wait for the perfect set of circumstances. You can’t wait for someone else’s hand to pull you out, either. You’re born alone and you die alone. At the end of the day you’re the only person you can count on.

It’s up to you to become a man who dominates life. Otherwise, you’re destined for the default path: being dominated by life. And the symptoms of each of these conditions go far beyond the two examples of work and women that I mentioned above.

For example, the dominant man has a social presence about him that can’t be ignored. His aggressive approach to knowing – and getting – what he wants manifests itself in a supreme sense of confidence. He stands tall, smiles, looks you in the eye, and tells you what he must – without a second thought about it. The average Joe tends to come off as nervous or stand-offish. This is a result of the many underlying insecurities he constantly carries around with him. He’s unsure of what he wants, and this puts him in a state of constant fear.

So are you dominating life, or have you fallen a victim to simply existing and passing by the days until you die?

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