The Daily Beast published a surprisingly red pill article titled “Watch What You Say, The New Liberal Power Elite Won’t Tolerate Dissent.” I highly recommend you read the whole thing but here are a couple highlights:

As the modern clerisy has seen its own power grow, even while the middle class shrinks, it has used its influence to enforce a prescribed set of acceptable ideas. On everything from gender and sexual preference to climate change, those who dissent from the official pieties risk punishment.


The rise of today’s Clerisy stems from the growing power and influence of its three main constituent parts: the creative elite of media and entertainment, the academic community, and the high-level government bureaucracy.

The Clerisy operates on very different principles than its rival power brokers, the oligarchs of finance, technology or energy. The power of the knowledge elite does not stem primarily from money, but in persuading, instructing and regulating the rest of society. Like the British Clerisy or the old church-centered French First Estate, the contemporary Clerisy increasingly promotes a single increasingly parochial ideology and, when necessary, has the power to marginalize, or excommunicate, miscreants from the public sphere.


Today’s Clerisy attempts to distill today’s distinctly secular “truths”—on issues ranging from the nature of justice, race and gender to the environment—and decide what is acceptable and that which is not. Those who dissent from the accepted point of view can expect their work to be simply ignored, or in some cases vilified. In the Clerical bastion of San Francisco, an actress with heretical views, in this case supporting a Tea Party candidate, who was pilloried, and lost work for her offense.

The above should contain no new information for you. The continuous witch-hunts and deceit by progressives have been long known in these parts.

The article clearly highlights not only the power of the cultural elite, which I described recently on my blog, but it’s growing power. I won’t deny that more people are taking the red pill every day, but for every one man who does, we lose thousands more to blue pilldom, with no hope of their eventual enlightenment because of the extensive brainwashing they face from all corners of their existence. There are currently 22 million Americans enrolled in university, and millions more join the ranks every fall. I ask you: which ideology will quickly become their default? Not ours, for sure. Judging by the size of the manosphere, we are but a drop in the bucket, a drop that remains the same size even as the bucket increases in height every year.

It is now clear to me that squaring off with the enemy is futile. For proof take a look at what’s happening to the Men’s Issues conference. Since announcing the conference, free-speech hating feminists are doing their best to cancel the event, enlisting their usual media allies for help, which has required the organizers to raise $25,000 for insurance and security. The conference will probably go on, but for what concrete benefit? How many men will their message reach?


That money could be better spent. With $25k you could create viral videos for Youtube that have the potential to reach millions instead of a thousand or two. We can’t organize conferences like them. We can’t expect fair or positive attention in the press like them. We can’t expect support from anywhere, and while I respect the MRA attempt, I can’t help but think of it as trying to organize a Jewish Issues conference in Hitler’s Germany. Let’s not mark ourselves with an easy bulls-eye for them to shoot at.

This is what I recommend:

1. Burrow within society, Fight Club style.

This is not the time to make a stand. Conditions are not ripe for an open-air battle. Instead we must continue finding men who already lean red pill instead of trying to convert blue pillers. There are many men in gaming and bodybuilding spheres that would be open to our message. We should find them with masculinity-themed articles before we publish one similar to “The 9 Ugliest Feminists,” which surely pisses off the enemy (and makes me laugh), but only sends us garbage traffic and few conversions. All feminists know of ROK, but not every masculine man does. We must find them first.

2. Attack only when we have a clear advantage.

The recent Elliot Rodgers massacre showed that we don’t have numbers to drive the conversation or have a substantial impact altering the mainstream narrative. We can properly defend ourselves, but no matter how correct we are, the cultural elite will only broadcast ideas or quotes that are taken out-of-context and make us appear to be cannibals. We must only attack when victory is assured—when we can isolate a liberal blogger or reporter and hurt their credibility in the eyes of Google. We must pay them no mind unless we can cause definite pain, because their megaphone is more than 10,000 times larger than ours. We can not win using their tactics.

3. Align ourselves more closely with traditional conservatives.

A lot of you may find this to be unsavory, but we must find natural allies to defeat the enemy. A positive and somewhat recent development is the American Enterprise Institute, a possibly neo-conservative organization, tearing down feminism with precision. They have published many clips that overlap with our beliefs. Two examples:

While they probably won’t rush into our arms, it would be stupid to blacklist their productions when their success can only aid our cause. If we can help their videos get a larger audience, we should.

ROK took quite a beating in the wake of Elliot Rodger. We sustained heavy fire from Think Progress, The Young Turks, Raw Story, and a dozen other blogs, not to mention a constant barrage on Twitter. But we did not stand down. We did not have to change one word of an article we published. It’s this type of success that could lead to false confidence, foolishness, and overreach in attacking an enemy that is still much stronger than ourselves. We must instead be patient and bide our time to continue honing our message, searching for minor advantages here or there that provide us with openings that we can exploit. As long as we realize that we are not truly strong, and victory is not possible in the short-term, I believe we’ll be able to survive. My utmost concern is not winning, in fact, but self-preservation. We’re still not even assured of that.

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