Don’t Shoot The Messenger

I’ll get right to the point: the Isla Vista shootings are a hoax.  Anyone who’s watched Elliot Rodger’s pathetic videos and read his manifesto can see that he’s playing a character to some extent.  I’m not saying that he doesn’t have issues, but his delusions of grandeur are so over the top that it just rings false.  It’s like watching a bad audition for a D-list movie serial killer from someone who can’t act for shit.  You get the feeling that some Hollywood scriptwriter just created a character based on the “loser” template that feminists apply to all the members of our little community.  Socially impotent, whiny loser that’s addicted to World of Warcraft and can’t get pussy blames all of his problems on women and wants to kill them all due to his own inadequacies.

There’s multiple YouTube videos out there using the media’s own footage showing ridiculous inconsistencies and logical fallacies about this “massacre”, but I thought I’d condense and collect them here to illustrate that this hoax was perpetrated with only two goals in mind:

1. To once again try and add even more worthless and unconstitutional gun control measures, eventually leading to a government gun grab which will leave us with no way to defend ourselves against tyranny, and

2. To create in the minds of society-at-large a permanent, subconscious link between members of our community and psychopaths like Elliot Rodger, cementing into the collective consciousness that from now on any time someone is identified as a “PUA”, “MRA”, etc., they will immediately be lumped into the same crazy, pathetic pile as that fucking Martian.

The Art Of Crying Without Crying

Our first batter up is Richard Martinez, supposed father of supposed victim Christopher Michaels-Martinez.  Note the hyphenated last name.  Just like that giant walking vagina Jonathan Martin, here we have another feminist lawyer mother (Karen Michaels) involved in a major event who couldn’t stand to bend the knee and take her husband’s last name because patriarchy, misogyny, strong, indeblah, blah, blah.  Coincidence?  Methinks not.  Richie is a lawyer as well, and a proud alumnus of the Will Ferrell School of Acting, specializing in the “Burgundy Method.”

In the words of the illustrious James Lipton, “You are a DELIGHT.”

Who’s On Third?  Definitely Not A Man

Next, watch Abbott & Costello here seamlessly transition back and forth while reciting obviously pre-written statements.  Clearly the architects of this thing neglected to do any research, because if they had they would know that nobody that goes to UCSB is that eloquent.  You’ll notice that Costello keeps looking off-camera towards someone who’s clearly coaching her on what to say, and she even receives a nudge from Abbott when she fucks up her lines (e.g., 2:13).  I’m sure law school graduates such as our very own Lawdogger will recognize the anchor’s blatantly leading “questions”.  She’s not really asking them anything, she’s feeding them what they need to regurgitate back to her.

Clue #22 that these girls’ vaginas aren’t the only things fishy here is that UCSB was ranked the #1 party school in the western world by this very website, and I doubt they got that reputation with women like these.  Two of these things are not like the others.

Elliot Rodger, Living God?

Apparently Santa Barbara County, which is one of the wealthiest counties in America, uses a couple of Mexicans to clean up their crime scenes, as opposed to the legally required CTS Decon Teams they use everywhere else.  If you look closely in the video you can even see the 9mm bullet that their forensics team just left in the middle of a blood puddle instead of bagging and tagging it as evidence in a homicide.

Now, call me crazy, but I’m beginning to suspect that Elliot Rodger may indeed possess the divinity that he laid claim to in his laughable videos, because any other time a bullet flies through a human head, it usually keeps going until it impacts something solid enough to stop it, like a wall, or gravity drags it to the ground.  Elliot’s bullet, however, did not keep going.  It appears to have miraculously just dropped straight to the floor after exiting Christopher’s head.  Also, Elliot seems to have pulled off the world’s first Immaculate Murder/Suicide by blowing both his and someone else’s head off without leaving any blood, brains, or itty-bitty pieces of skull everywhere.

While whining like a little bitch about why his $300 sunglasses and a car that’s an average starter car for any teenage Southern Californian girl isn’t getting him Grade-A poonani, he demonstrates his divinity by once again buttfucking the laws of physics in the “hills of Montecito.”  His only mistake was getting a first-year USC Film School student to do that sloppy green screen work. (Ignore the shitty soundtrack.)

We all remember when green screen first came out in films and how horrible and fake it looked.  You could tell it just didn’t look quite right.  Your local weather girl gets better results than this.  Evidently, the people who orchestrated this farce clearly believe that most Americans are either too stupid or too lazy to catch the plethora of fuckups in this little production, because they really phoned this one in.  Unfortunately, they’re correct.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they have Elliot “resurrect” himself from the dead in a few weeks just to see who would actually believe he’s the Antichrist.

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You

This is what they call an orgy of evidence.  It just fits together too nicely; perfectly supporting radical feminists’ public assertions that we’re all like this.  We here know better.  Our group is predominantly men who have crossed over and are learning self-improvement and discovering masculinity in order to GET women, not murder them indiscriminately.  Elliot Rodger and bullshit like is the world we’ve left behind.


Now I’m sure there are some of you even within our little brotherhood here who will look at what I’ve posted above and say that I’m paranoid or delusional, and that this is a site to learn game, not entertain conspiracy theories.  That’s fine.  To each his own and you don’t have to believe what I do; however, there is more to red-pill truth and masculinity than just learning game.  Much more.  Keep in mind, the namesake from which we draw the term “red-pill” was not a story about a man being pulled out of a dystopian fantasy world just to learn how to get some strange.  As with its inspiration, the classic Nineteen Eighty-Four, it was about opening your eyes and piercing the veil of lies and propaganda that keep you under control.

In truth, the previous videos relate more to the gun control issue that I stated earlier, but this is nothing new to anyone with their eyes open.  The primary issue we should focus on here is summed up in this conversation between Chris Hayes and someone who appears to be Glenn Quagmire in a wig.

You can see how they attempt to mock or trivialize what we stand for.  They put quotes around “Men’s Rights Movement”, inferring that it’s not to be taken seriously or even a real thing.  They refer to us as a “crazy subculture” and “macho dudes”, their voices dripping with snark.  They say the phrase Alpha Male and immediately laugh condescendingly.   You can tell by the fact that he won’t shut the fuck up and settle down that he fervently believes what he’s saying from the crown of his head down to his smooth Ken Doll nether-regions.  All of this tells the public that we’re basically a male cult, a bunch of loonies that should be at best ignored and at worst demonized.

Rest assured, the more they emphasize that our supposed misogynistic attitudes are fueling these women-hating losers’ desire to kill, the closer we will become to being considered a hate group.  As Roosh mentioned, we managed to make them run away; but make no mistake, they merely retreated to lick their wounds and formulate a new strategy with which to combat us.

You Gotta Fight!  For Your Right!  To Be A Man???

Personally, I don’t believe in the phrase Men’s Rights Movement, simply because it implies that our rights as masculine men are things we’ve never had and have to fight for or earn.  Wrong.  Our rights as men are INHERENT.  The moment you were born, you inherited dominion over this planet as a member of its dominant species.  Our forefathers tamed the beasts of the field, sea, and sky.  They developed technology which helped us evolve from Neanderthals that communicated with grunts and gestures to the advanced civilization we are today.  They unlocked the mysteries of the physical world with science and mathematics.  They built anything that was worth building or taking note of.

Our rights as men need not be fought for because they were already ours to begin with.  The only thing standing in our way is having the testicular fortitude to stand up and TAKE BACK that which is ours by birthright.

It won’t be easy, but what worth having is?  You must resign yourself to the fact that you will be hated.  You will be called homophobic, racist, misogynistic, intolerant, and hateful.  You will lose “friends”.  Your own family may turn against you.  Mine has.  Hell, you may even earn the honor of being named the “most-hated man on the Internet” and “The Web’s most infamous misogynist”, like our founder.  Should your nom-de-guerre be exposed and your true identity comes to light, you run the risk of losing your job or, if they get their way, even your freedom.

It is in these moments, when I feel the cognitive dissonance of rebelling against my programming combined with the fear of going against social norms and risking ostracization, mockery, ridicule, and persecution that I remember two simple truths.  The first comes from that patron saint of red-pill knowledge, George Orwell:

The further a society drifts from Truth the more it will have those that speak it


The more they hate and try to condemn us, the more secure I am in my conviction that we’re right.

The second truth comes from this alpha motherfucker right here:

lion sheep quote

*I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that all the alphas on that show are portrayed as evil bastards, while all the “heroes” are Fag-O-Trons, white knight manginas, or women; just another purple-pill show with blue-pill bullshit masquerading as red-pill truth.  Then again, what do you expect from an admitted feminist?

So drop your cocks and grab your socks boys, because we’ve been brought out into the light for the rest of the world to see, to be put on trial in the court of public opinion for what I’m sure will, if Godwin’s Law holds true, eventually amount to crimes against humanity!  Make sure to poke, prod, shame, and infuriate (whether online or in public) every fattie, commie, feminist, faggot, and incel (WTF?) hater you can; and when the white knights step up, put ‘em on their back pockets and move on.

Let’s get those feminist hamsters up to Warp 10 and run those little bastards until their furry little hearts burst.  Until next time, stay true to what you believe in and don’t concern yourself with the opinions of the sheep.  I’ll leave you with this quote from Bernard M. Baruch: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.”  Be well, men.

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