We live in a society where human interaction takes a back seat to performance and results. What’s more, with globalization, competition is at an all-time high. Therefore femininity and its behaviors, like compassion and sensitivity, are less needed by our societies that are work oriented. But since we love women and care about them, we need to help them be more productive citizens and help them be as efficient and as competitive as men.

Enter mannism, the philosophy of the future. It will bring equality and fairness to an even higher level by taking away the last elements that make women different from men. Let’s take a look at this brand new ideology and its tenets.

The end of womanities

Instagram, Facebook, shopping, reality TV, women magazines, and going to the bathroom in groups would all be illegal, because they encourage gossip, and gossip leads to slender and libel.  In addition, crying, giggling, whining, being emotional and wearing the color pink are factors that lower productivity and are unsuitable for a work environment.


Peeing while standing is a lot more efficient and fast

Women would be required to take desensitivity training classes to learn how to be stoic and logical instead, attributes that have allowed men from all colors and backgrounds to perform better for millennia.

Female attraction for richer men would be punished

Why do women like to marry millionaires? It’s usually for their money. It’s dishonest, because women should work for their own, like men do. Therefore, women who are attracted to richer men would be considered deviant and be sent to rehabilitation.

If a woman slept with a man who has an annual income of 50% or more than her, she would go to jail. So suppose you’re a girl in a bar, and some charming man starts flirting with you. He takes you home on a public bus and passes himself as a regular guy, but it turns out he’s rich. Tough luck Lolita. With this new law, it would be your responsibility to check his bank account, and if he gave you false information, it would be your responsibility to ask his relatives or check public records for information.



According to recent studies, gold digging is still the #1 source of income for most women around the world

These naughty perverted ladies would end up on a sex offender’s list and be outcasts, unable to have jobs for the rest of their life. They would have to be careful for annual raises too, because their boyfriend of last year might not be legal this year. A 1% salary increase could lead to prosecution.

Note: richer men who have sex with poor women would not be prosecuted, because they are the victims.

All women would be turned into hoes

If women want to be equal to men, they have to behave like them with their sexuality. Shy and sexually reserved women would be brainwashed into thinking there is something wrong with them. Little girls, starting as young as possible when they are defenseless, would be educated through their parents, schools, TV, commercials, movies and general literature that the way to a man’s heart is through sex.

Barbies and dolls would be replaced by dildos. Books titled “the key to a successful marriage: spread your legs on the first date” would be on the curriculum in the best universities. Oprah would make educational series about how sucking dicks is better than chocolate.

Family men need not to worry however, because there would be plenty of foreign bride agencies with good wife material available to them if they feel western women are not suitable to be mothers.


Divorce: money back guarantee

In case of divorce, men could get their money back. After all, if the woman changes over time, why wouldn’t a man be allowed to have his investment returned? Women often act a certain way until they have their ring. At first, she was fit. Now, she’s fat. At first, she was nice, sweet and caring. Now, she is a harpy whose goal in life is to make you miserable. How is it not false representation, and why shouldn’t it be punishable by law?

weddingugly woman

At the wedding                                                                5 years later

There would be a 5 years warranty stipulating that if the woman doesn’t fulfill her part of the marriage (she withholds sex, she’s a disaster in the kitchen, etc.), she can be returned to her family without hassle. That way, women would learn strange masculine concepts like accountability and liability, which means being responsible for your own actions and words, and they would be better human beings in the long run.

Pregnancy: it’s our sperm

Men would have the choice to keep it, the choice to abort it, and the choice to force the mother to take care of it. Why? Because they deserve it. During conception, men do all the work inside and out, so they should also decide the outcome. It takes skills and courage for a man to sexually conquer a woman, whereas all a woman has to do is wear a “I will fuck anyone tonight” sign in a bar. In addition, spermatozoids have to race and compete against each other, while women’s eggs just lay there and wait like a starfish. Eggs have no game.

Woman doing starfish

Woman and her egg waiting to be fertilized

Child custody:  no changes needed

Mothers always win custody battles. But the secret is that men never want the kids anyways. They have to pretend they do want the kids as a ploy, because if they didn’t, the mothers would suddenly change their plea to force the fathers to have them. Don’t tell anyone.

Women would still be expected to be feminine when asked to

Masculinity in a woman is great for work, but when it comes to relationships and sex, it’s a big turn off. Men want feminine women who are sweet, kind and obedient. Women who are happy, lighthearted and compassionate. They also want women who look great and smell good at all times. Therefore, in the context of their relationships, women would need to forget everything they learned at work and be women again.

But don’t despair ladies, because for those few who get a little lost and confused, resources and help would be available to guide them in the right direction. A good start would be the book “Where did all the good women go?”


These changes would be for the better of society as a whole. Progression and high productivity must be attained for us to be victorious and crush the emerging competition from developing countries.

Sure, because life is a little rough sometimes, there might be a few women who decide to be outcasts, stay home and read horoscopes in their basements, but that would be a small price to pay for prosperity, wouldn’t it?

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