Reflecting on the situation

I was talking with a gentleman in the recent past about the political prospects for the 2016 presidential election. The usual blue pill topics of abortion, gun-control, immigration, and gay marriage came up. This gentleman informed me that he was voting Republican no matter what merely because he would not vote Democrat. This made me think of the duality of the two-party system and the role the Republicans play in it. It appears today that the Republican Party exists to provide a common enemy for the vast left-wing coalition that makes up the Democrat Party. Without this common enemy, there would be no unifying factor within the Democratic Party.


I find this strange that fundamentalist Muslim immigrants vote for the same party as LGBTQXYZ social justice warriors. Why is this? It is clever identity politics at work. Why do these two disparate groups vote for the same party? They do simply because they cannot vote for the other one. If the other one did not exist, they would actually have to make a choice against each other. This would shake up politics for the better.

I could go on and on forever on the cognitive dissonance of Republican policies as compared to their party platforms. Even though they state they are of a different ideological grouping, the shot callers of the Republican Party are quite similar to the shot callers of the Democrat Party. For the sake of brevity, I will use a lone Republican politician as the example here for both of these concepts. This example is Rafael Edward Cruz. In case you didn’t know, he is the junior Republican Senator from the state of Texas. It would appear he forsaken the name his parents gave him to appear more American to voters. He is known as “Ted” Cruz.

It seems this Senator Cruz might actually make a run for the 2016 presidential election. This could be a problem, since the United States Constitution says only natural born citizens who have reached the age of 35 may run for president. You see, Senator Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. While legal theorists have argued that natural citizen means someone who would be one at birth due to his mother’s or father’s citizenship, the issue is the fact that some elements of the Tea Party have made the natural born citizen case against President Obama. If the Tea Party would support Cruz for President, it would highlight their hypocrisy because President Obama’s mother was also a United States citizen.


His political grandstanding and theatrics in the Senate have made him an effective symbol to the opposition. They use him as a symbol to unite very many disparate groups. While he has become a star to the Tea Party over such issues as gun control, the affordable care act, and NSA surveillance, he has not actually done anything to further Republican policies in an affirmative way. It almost appears to be controlled opposition to me. When one looks at his education, he comes from the same place of many of the liberals he opposes came from. He did his undergraduate studies at Princeton University and he went to law school at Harvard. Those places are not known for their indoctrination in “prying it from my cold dead hands”.  Another interesting facet of his life is that his wife works for Goldman Sachs.  Apparently, she is some sort of VP. This is a very big red flag because American politics is known for nepotism.

What would happen if the Republican Party ceased to be a mainline political institution in America? The first major occurrence would be the breakup of the Democrat Party. Without such a unifying enemy for everyone to oppose, the Democrats would implode due to ideological differences under their own tent. This would shake up politics and make people more honest to their constituents. As I said earlier, abortion, gun-control, immigration, and gay marriage are merely distractions. Important issues such as deficit spending, infrastructure development, and building the industrial base are far more important. Both parties appear to be on the same page on these issues, judging from their actions not their words.

A new idea to shake up politics

Why work to destroy Republican influence? They are the weaker of the parties in a two-party system. In order to break the left-right paradigm found in American politics today you have to get rid of one of them. The Republican Party is the easier target. While I may agree with some of the policies on the platform, they seem merely to exist for their own power on the “not democrat” vote.

How does one work to lessen the influence of the Republican Party? Simple, do not vote for them and do not donate any money to them. What happens when the Democrats get total control? I can read demographical statistics—the Democrats will get total control in the future anyway. It is better to bring that day of reckoning forward instead of kicking the can down the street and giving federal retirements to ungrateful politicians on both sides of the aisle with that extra time. If you cannot bring yourself to vote Democrat, just write your own name in the ballot. Do not give away your vote by default.

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