It is a guarantee that you, me, and anybody who subscribes to truth/red pill and insists on speaking to it, standing by it, and advocating it will receive all sorts of flak, criticism, and hatred.  This is the result of having such a successful culture that we’ve been able to work up the wealth and borrowing capacity to effectively pay for the lives of three generations.  Unfortunately, this has spoiled those same generations resulting a population that is delusional about how the real world works, is weak and entitled, but above all else is egotistical as they have done nothing noteworthy with their lives, but still think quite highly of themselves.

However, in you come like a bull in a China shop, bottle of whiskey in hoof, yelling harsh truths such as…

“Sociology isn’t a real degree!”

“Men like skinny girls!”

“Stop having illegitimate kids!”


“People who don’t accomplish anything in life are the ones most prone to invoke the word ‘privilege’!”

…you not only hurt their fragile feelings, but force them to look in the mirror and realize what truly sad and pathetic people they are.

Naturally, since they have nothing else in life and you committed the cardinal sin of exposing them, they don’t stop and take your constructive criticism seriously, pondering the valid point you made about them wasting their one finite and precious life on this planet.  No, instead, their lizard brain kicks into high gear and goes into full defensive mode and identifies you as a threat.  Therefore, while you’re trying to make the point that a 37 year old single mom getting her Masters in Creative Writing who will only find employment because of an unneeded government make-work job really isn’t anything to be proud of, said person will become emotionally enraged and attack you.

Now, since you are being factual and not emotional, while your assailant is doing the opposite, you can expect whatever criticisms you’re about to receive to be personal in nature.  And we’ve all heard them before to the point they’re predictable:

You live in your mother’s basement.
You can’t get any.
You have a small penis.
You’re gay.
You’re ugly/fat yourself.
etc. etc. etc.

None of which have to do with the points you made.
None of which advances or builds off of the previous conversation.
None of which actually brings about a genuine and productive solution.

However, to the rookie you’ll take personal umbrage to these assaults and abandon the argument to defend your honor.  To the novice you’ll become frustrated that these people lack the capacity for logical, reasoned, intellectually honest, and unemotional thought.  But to the experienced, seasoned veteran you will realize that you really aren’t dealing with an equal, but rather an adult-child that is throwing a tamper tantrum because you refuse to lie to them to keep their fragile world facade up.


But there is one other thing the “seasoned truth dispensing veteran” must do beyond handing out mirrors and forcing people’s faces into it.  And that is ensure that everything your critics and haters say about you is a lie.

For example on my youtube channel, it is now damn well near a DAILY occurrence I get accused of living in my mother’s basement.  I also receive flak from various “Monday Morning Work Out Quarter Backer Theoreticians” that I don’t lift.  And as always there is the never ending chorus that I can’t get laid and am “alone.”  (I’ve even had people question my motorcycle riding abilities).

But no matter how distasteful I find these lies, no matter how viscerally angry I used to get at such accusations, I no longer do for one simple reason:

They’re not true.

I do not in fact live in my mother’s basement.
I do indeed lift three times a week, running three times in addition.
I have more miles motorcycling than most Sturgis fanatics and,

hard as it is to believe,

I do have a girlfriend (sometimes we even have sex)

The larger point is that you can give no quarter to your critics, adversaries and enemies.  The reason why is that if you live up to your word, and practice what you preach, then you are not a hypocrite and therefore not assailable.  Worst still for your critics, they not only have to wrestle with the truthfully-stinging facts and observations you’ve made of them, but they now have to live with the fact even their personal attacks on you are wrong, and therefore whatever tacit, subliminal theory they had behind it (e.g., you just hate women because you can’t get laid, that’s why you hate single moms who get Masters in Creative Writing) is also wrong, ergo THEY are wrong and (GASP) you’re observations about them might be right!

But the biggest purpose in ensuring that whatever your critics say about you is a lie is that it ultimately calls into question their authority and accuracy.  No matter how emotional, no matter how enraged, when they are lying about you it calls into question everything else they’ve said about you and gives you cache and credibility over them.

Ergo, about the only thing you and other truth-insisters may be legitimately accused of is being rude or impolite, perhaps even of being mean.  But even there that is more of a function of the thin-skinned, cry-baby, woeisme, checkyourprivilege, victim-whoring weakling population we have today than any malice on your part.

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