Having recently spent time in both Odessa (Ukraine) and Simferopol (Crimea), I have had the opportunity to observe first hand the situation on the ground (while enjoying the pussy parade obviously).

Welcome to Ukraine, where U can and I can!

Welcome to Ukraine, where U can and I can!

Whenever you visit the Eastern side of Ukraine vs the Western side, you are hit with slight but obvious differences in culture. Though quite red pill in nature, the western part of Ukraine is slowly being corrupted by the west and seduced by the promise of uglier dykes and pussified men in Europe.

The Path to the West - Ghey

The Path to the West! – Gay

The Differences

On the seafront, which we’ll call the East, people are more conservative and consider Western Ukrainians to be fascists, homosexuals, etc. The Eastern Ukrainian side is more alpha in their culture and treatment of girls while the Western Ukraine is becoming westernized. This major disconnect is why the two sides are currently warring. It isn’t like both sides are any less corrupt in their day-to-day practices or the way the culture is set up, but the East just realizes that the path to folly and failure is the road of the EU and the US.

The most obvious signs of these are in the behavior of the women. While most Ukrainian girls are attractive with big tits and a pert ass, always wearing high-heels and make-up, when you get down to the actual seduction process, which invariably ends up in having to go on a date or two with the bombshell of your weirdest fantasies, you tend to notice the differences.

Privet! I am Fappina Bigsexyassowski

Privet!….I am Fappina Bigassowski

As an example, the last two girls I danged (date-banged) from the Eastern and Western parts of Ukraine had some minute but significant differences. I’ll be taking Odessa as an example of the East (although it is more to the south) and Lviv as an example from the west (it used to be part of Poland).

The two girls in question were both 9s by American standards, 8s by Ukrainian (excessive makeup, 21, well dressed and heels), but the similarities end there.

Eastern Ukraine (1993 Vintage)

On a date with East U, I was relaxed, had to significantly tone down my default American-asshole game vibe, and actually enjoyed conversing with her for the duration of the date. All this without having to think about blowing my brains out due to an annoying accent (Coastal American) and annoying conversation (she was surprised that I had read entire boring tomes of Dostoevsky). She never took out her cellphone after we sat down to enjoy each other’s company.

She also expressed genuine admiration for the fact that I had graduated high school in my early teens and was traveling at such a young age. She gave me no shit about being young when I met her (I was 19 and had lived in a dozen countries with my family all my life). Our whole interaction was one where she had a vibe of “I could love this man.” The conversation flowed easily with her asking me more questions when I fell silent, always engaging me. Sexy time exploded after a similar second date and was passionate, though in hindsight I scared her with my Opa-Choke-you style. I still talk to her.

For someone who has been exposed to the girls of Scandinavia and the Anglo-world, both Ukrainians will seem equally pleasurable and bangable, but for the connoisseurs of cunt who have spent some time in the sex mine that is Eastern Europe, the differences become obvious. They aren’t as drastic as a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Avignon vs 1 buck chuck from Trader Blow-Joe’s, but they are different enough to consider one a “rare vintage” and the other a “good vintage.”

When you go on a date with the aforementioned object of your lascivious lust, you notice that East U girls tend to be much more pleasant, polite and less shit-testing than their West U brethren. They know how to apply make-up more artfully unlike the shovel sized gobs on the Western front and know how to pleasure a Man’s Mind and Penor. Not only are they more interesting to talk to (as interesting as a girl can get), but they also are absolute-orgasm-inducing raw-pulsating quivering-with-delight-sexual-fantasy-realizing sexthings.



We want You!….to taste our Sauvignon Poontang

Western Ukraine

Coming back to the comparison, the West U girl made me feel more at home (the US has been home for the past few years), so you can imagine where my cock was headed. I had to amp up my asshole game by 30% (significant difference compared to the East U girl), had to slap the cellphone out of her hand in the beginning of the date, and generally had to put up with “ooh the US is so awesome” and “ooh girls there are so free.” When I told her that the US is great for money but shit for people she started to slightly argue before I asked her how to say “Shut up” in Ukrainian to promptly use on her.

She found my background interesting but it is more in a way that says “I’d love to BANG this guy.” The conversation was pleasant but there were more awkward pauses and I had to deploy my “You’re so cute…. like a dog” line and disinterested cocky rambling game. The sex was on the first date with minor resistance. She fucked like a champ. I felt like I was fucking what a pleasant American girl would have been like in the 1940s wartime.


To put both in perspective, The EastU girls are the ones you can love and the WestU girls are the ones whose attitude and facade you can swat away with minimal dominance, kinda like teenage mid-western girls who haven’t become cunts yet. Both are better than Anglo-pussy.

The Men

Now the reason for this not-insignificant difference can be traced back to the Men of EastU vs the Men of the WestU. While both know how to put their girls in place, the men in the West display a much more beta streak once they have a girl compared to the Smackdown Alpha Love the EastU men endorse.


Ohhh….I gasmed!!!

I have yet to see a girl misbehave in public in Simferopol or Odessa while I’ve seen three smackdowns in 6 months in Lviv. Now for those of you saying “He still smacked her didn’t he?”—yes little fart-smellers, he did, but the difference between the two men are this: the EastU Men let their girls know that they are the boss and it is NEVER in question while the WestU men let their bitches freak out a little before establishing dominance.

The embrace of smartphones is significantly more in WestU while EastU girls have straight up told me they hate smartphones. Consequently, the attention whoring is slightly more in WestU than EastU (WestU girls have legions of beta complimenters on FB while EastU girls put up hot pictures on VK and get no likes). Thus, the twit-brained attention spans are different, its like being in a Back to The Future movie with prettier feminine girls and seeing their future implosion into self-centered idiotic attention whores.

Apart from the factors above, the pussy is delicious. Although if you miss home, you will see slightly homo guys in WestU (it is still not open enough but the homo-dar pings strong on some of them) while the EastU will scare the neck-beard off your pudgy SWPL ass the first time around. It is no surprise that most of Ukraine’s most powerful deals with Russia and Russian industry is focused on the East while Western Ukraine is comparatively lazier, more “artistic,” and contributes 30% less to the Ukrainian GDP. Culturally and Economically, WestU is a hugely better version of California which is the worst state in the US. So that’s saying something.

Considering the grandaddy of all alpha countries is Russia with the most delicious harlots available to man, is it any wonder the EastU wants to kick the shit out of WestU and embrace Mother Russia. Wiser Hornier minds say, obviously not.

The End


Take me away to that special place…. that (BLOWJOB) place!

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