Arguably the most despicable and disgusting transgression against the youth of America is the purposeful and intentional brainwashing of said youth by the education industry.  From kindergarten on you are indoctrinated to believe education is the key to success and conditioned to spend anything it takes to get a degree in whatever your heart desires.  Teachers, counselors, administrators, deans, and professors perpetuate this scam by telling you what you want to hear, ensuring that when the time comes you are more than willing to take on a 6 figure debt load, the proceeds of which you mindlessly hand over to your indoctrinators posing as professors.  In exchange you get to enjoy the “college experience,” become a “well-rounded person,” and after forfeiting 4-8 years of your youth you get a piece of paper that says you are indeed an educated person.

Then the real world hits.

Unbeknownst to you, once you graduate from college you are of no use to the education industry.  They’ve already sucked $150,000 in property taxes out of your parents, and an additional $150,000 out of you for a college education.  You no longer have any financial blood these education vampires can suck out.  Ergo, you are dropped like a used hooker and for the first time in your life you do not have the social, financial, mental, emotional, or institutional support of a school or college.  Your full time job since you were 5 is gone, and with it your social structures and the regimen that provide you some (albeit ultimately fabricated) purpose in life.

Making matters worse is your degree is likely worthless.  You did precisely what your educational indoctrinators told you and majored in what your heart wanted.  Unfortunately, this means degrees like English, Philosophy, Art, Sociology and other humanities degrees that may have cost your $150,000 to obtain, but do nothing to boost your salary above $8/hour.  You do some quick math and start to realize the severity and the financial impossibility of your situation.  You don’t even make enough money to pay interest on your debts and if you look far enough into the future, you realize at least the next two decades of your life will be ruined as you desperately try to pay back your loans.

But the worst part is the dread that slowly metastasizes as it becomes progressively and increasingly clear that not only are you never going to achieve your dreams, but that life is going to be much harder, harsher, and painful than you thought it would be.  Everything you dreamed of is not only no longer, but has been replaced with a life that is infinitely worse.  It can be crippling, devastating, and depressing.  It is without a doubt the worst time in your life.

But fear not, for there is hope.  Because you aren’t the only person this is happening to.  Matter of fact, you’re just one of tens of millions of young people who got scammed by your professors and the higher education system.  The question is how you’re going to react to this, which will ultimately determine the quality of the remainder of your life.

Forgive Yourself

The first thing to do is to realize your situation really isn’t your fault.  I say this not out of a namby pamby touchy feely leftist way that dismisses people’s outlandishly stupid decisions in the hopes said outlandishly stupid people vote for me, but rather because it’s true.  It isn’t your fault.  You’ve been sitting in an indoctrination facility for 13 years.  Teachers purposely lying to you so their industry may profit off of you.  Your parents, equally unaware merely echoed the advice your schools were telling you, and besides, it all started when you were…


If this doesn’t enrage you, I don’t know what will.  But you should at least grant yourself a reprieve for doing what your politically-motivated elders told you.  This not only will allow you to see who the true enemy is, but will alleviate you of a life-time of emotional and psychological pain falsely blaming yourself for your situation.

Realize There Wasn’t Much Opportunity To Begin With

Forgiving yourself is one thing, but also realize all the poppycock your elders were telling you about “oh the places you will go” and how “the world is your oyster” is precisely that—poppycock.  With economic growth at 1/2 of what it used to be in the 50’s, there just plain isn’t the economic, and therefore, career opportunities that once were.  Therefore, whatever you thought you were going to achieve at the idealistic age of 21 was very statistically likely NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN ANYWAY.  Combine this with the glut of baby boomer workers who need to work past retirement, making career advancement an impossibility, and there is a reason I recommend not trying until you’re 35.

Replace Your Impossible Dreams With Attainable Ones

Since you were fed pie in the sky bullshit since you were 5, your dreams are equally pie in the sky bullshit.  They’re not attainable.  However, a man cannot live life without having dreams.  The key to a successful life, however, is to have dreams that are real and attainable.

This usually means dialing back your dreams a bit.  At the age of 10 I desperately wanted to be a Veritech fighter pilot.  At the age of 20 I wanted to be an investment banker.  Both were equally outlandish because both were not based in reality.  You need to sit down, do some serious thinking, take inventory of your desires, take inventory of your surrounding environment, and come up with dreams that are within your ability to achieve.


Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad

Your passion may be what you studied in college.  You truly wanted to become a poet.  You truly wanted to become a lawyer.  But like the show “Shark Tank” people’s passions do not trump reality.  The reality is that there are too many liberal arts majors, too many lawyers, and too many business majors.  Because of this, the biggest risk posed to you in your moment of post-graduation weakness is to double down on your path and either get a masters in your field or pursue an MBA or law degree.

Don’t do it.

If a 4 year degree and nearly a quarter century of your life didn’t land you a job, an additional 2 years and $170,000 in debt will only make a bad situation worse.  There is no shortage of middle aged women, recently divorced who thought “I’m going to get my masters” as some kind of empowerment or career move, who only end up LITERALLY RUINING THE REMAINDER OF THEIR ONE AND FINITE LIFE ON THIS PLANET.  They have damned themselves to a life of financial servitude and instead of a life of leisure and enjoyment, they now have one of fear, fret, stress and misery.  Do not become the “highly educated” 60 year old woman who can’t retire until she’s 83.

Skills And Trades

Adjusting your mentality and ensuring you don’t fall into the graduate school trap, does nothing to ensure food is on the table.  Your quickest and most direct way to solve this problem is to (ironically) head back to school.  But this time, not for more worthless leftist propaganda, but instead a skill or a trade.

Plumbing, electrical work, auto mechanics, computer networking, welding, you name it.  Something that takes a short time to learn and people are willing to pay for.

Thankfully if you already have a degree a 2-year certification is actually just 1 because you have completed all those unnecessary pre-requisites.  However, unlike your “Bachelors in Environmental Science,” interrupted with weekly benders, now is the time to take your education seriously, put your nose to the grind, and bang out your associates or trade certification as quick as possible.

This does not mean that your life, your purpose, your meaning on this planet will be defined by your trade.  But having a trade will be the tool by which you support yourself, claw yourself out of debt, and permit you to pursue your newly-established and realistic dreams.

Cut Your Spending To Minimalist Levels

With your student loans you are now no doubt acutely aware that debt is slavery.  However, you are already born with an often unspoken debt—the amount of money you must raise to keep yourself alive.  This “life debt” is just as real as a car loan or your student loans, but unlike your student loans or car loan, you need to pay this debt to live.  Food, clothing, and shelter are the debts no person can avoid.

However, this does not change the fact that debt (in all forms) is slavery.  And your “life debt” is a slavery to something just as despicable as the holder of your student loans—an employer.

Men have a natural aversion to bosses, authority, and employers.  The reason is simple: when you are working for them you are not doing what you want.  You are not free.

The solution is to minimize your spending.

In my book Bachelor Pad Economics, I explain that you really only need $15,000 a year to live.  This will provide you with more than enough money to pay for food, clothing, and shelter, but also provide you the maximum amount of freedom in life.  You only need to work part time to raise this amount of money, or if you want to bang out 2 months in the Bakken oil field, you can free up the remaining 83% of the year for your own pursuits.

Regardless of how extreme you take minimalism, do not be an idiot and buy new cars, fancy clothes, $14 martini’s and all the other bullshit media and marketers try to force down your throat.  They are merely selling you chains.

Self Employment

Though beaten to death on ROK, the importance of self-employment cannot be emphasized enough.  The reason is that it really is the only true source of freedom and happiness.  Agreed, some rare vintage of men can and do succeed as employees, but for most men being an employee is antithetical to happiness.  Upon graduating with a trade certification, establishing a new career in said trade, and paying down your student loans, your next step should be to start a business on the side that will invariably grow to be your main source of income and grant you freedom from your employer.  What this is depends on you, your dreams, your preferences, and perhaps even your trade.  But in the end it is your business, not your degree, where you “follow your heart and the money will follow.”

In the end, recovering from a worthless degree is without a doubt going to be the most difficult challenge you face in your life.  It will cost you at least a decade of your life and cannot help but to lessen your overall quality in life.  The issue is whether you mope, cry, whine, and bitch like OWS protestors, women demanding make work government jobs, or cry babies demanding a bailout no different than the banksters, or become the epitome of a man and do the best you can with the life you have.  Because the truth is the latter will enjoy his life, the rest will just merely waste it.

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