I was on a date with a South American au pair today and I had a thought when she — without an ounce of worry — started talking about gay guys. Far from a groundbreaking discovery, yet it was still something that never connected in my mind before. Could it be our less than fond desire of the Western culture stems from the fact that it is simply unpure?

Let’s think about what people always say when they travel:

  • People are so care-free
  • People are rude
  • People are direct
  • People enjoy life
  • People are not politically correct
  • Girls are feminine
  • Girls are passionate
  • Girls are homemakers
  • Men are masculine
  • Men are the older ones in relationships

And so on. If we compare to the West:

  • People are in a constant state of stress
  • People are “so nice!”
  • People get offended by almost anything
  • Girls are like men
  • Men are like girls
  • Cougar societies
  • Sex is at best a poor attempt of a c-class porno or at worst some obligatory relationship side effect

Obviously not all foreign cultures are the same but the general idea is that people outside the West tend to enjoy their lives more by adhering to their actual desires, as instead opposed to taught behavior or preconceived societal ideals.


So when we refer to feminism or Western society as a virus, it is exactly that. Think about how a virus works. You take an already infected host, who sneezes or coughs or otherwise spreads the virus somehow. An unsuspecting host gets infected, the virus replicates and takes over. Now that person can spread the virus. In other words, it is a manufactured state of being.

I wrote a similar article here, but focused more on the male/female dynamic in courting and relationships. This is more general and broad in nature, and meant as more of a question posed than an idea analyzed.

Humans are meant to function a certain way and we have substantially deviated from that here. So perhaps it is the purity of foreign travels that excites us and makes us happy. That instead of having a redbull at 3pm to get through the workday, you have a mid-afternoon siesta in Spain. That instead of standing in line at Starbucks, you sit in a cafe in Italy sipping espresso watching the locals. That instead of being labeled a creep, the 19 year old is equally turned on by your age as you are by hers.

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