In December I stated the following:

This prediction wasn’t exactly a leap of faith, for anyone who follows the manosphere could feel the wind filling our sails, but I didn’t expect for it to start the very next month. Consider these recent events:

1. Taki Mag article: A Sex Tourist Swallows The Red Pill.

2. First appearance of the word “manosphere” on Wikipedia (see Norway section).

3. Viral explosion of Top 9 Ugliest Feminists with rage unlike anything I’ve seen, which culminated in an article in Australian media.

4. Article in The Independent suggesting that game is borderline rape.

Next up is a hit piece in the Daily Kos titled The New Misogyny.

The community that characterize this misogyny call themselves the Manosphere, an interlocking network of blogs for “men’s rights” activists (MRAs), pickup artists (PUA) and some online gamers. Unlike the mainstream conservative conceptions of women, the views espoused by the manosphere harkens back to what can only be described as a proto-fascist, and surprisingly, is becoming more popular on the internet.


What’s odd isn’t just the intensity of the regression but also the completely apolitical nature of it. Unlike conservatives who view women’s roles in a context of a broader political project, MRAs only interest is in women themselves, with little regard to politics insofar as it doesn’t affect men’s power over men. Indeed some of the hot button issues regarding women in American politics, from abortion to birth control are generally superfluous if not outright ignored by the community.


What strikes me in manosphere criticisms is the shock that our ideas are actually being accepted by men. I see many comments that go along the lines of “I don’t believe this part of the web exists!” and “Why are people following this?!”

It’s very simple: we provide answers for men. We help them get laid. We help them make money. We help them with travel. We help them enter relationships with feminine women. We help them lift heavy weight, become healthier, and improve their appearance. We help them navigate a rapidly changing world where men are being pushed aside.

I don’t understand why our critics are surprised that men gravitate to a community that gives them advice that works. In the end it simply comes down to value—the manosphere provides value for Western men who are increasingly being portrayed as privileged brutes that must be controlled like zoo animals. Astute men realize that complaints about the “gender wage gap” or “street harassment” are used as pretexts to assert female superiority through policies that only benefit women. If critics want to destroy the manosphere, all they have to do is provide the average men with value (they can start by having great sex with all the betas and white knights). But of course they won’t do that. They refuse to yield in any fashion.

Soon a tipping point will be reached, where the beliefs that are already shared here and on hundreds of small manosphere sites and forums will boil over the pot and reach other people who don’t even know that we exist. And when that happens, there will be no stopping progress for men. We’ll see a return—if not an outright celebration—of masculinity. They can attempt to shut down individual sites, or make a law against “female hate speech,” but they can’t destroy the ideas that help men lead better lives. I hope you now understand why I chose the name for this site.

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