If you’re the type of red pill man who doesn’t abhor the idea of a steady relationship, and you haven’t spent the past few years in a coma or in prison, you’ve likely come to the realization that there are, in effect, next to zero women out there worth considering for anything more than a casual fuck-buddy arrangement at best, a one night stand on average, or a “Jesus Christ, get me away from this bitch” at worst.  This is especially true with the biggest entitlement queens of them all: American women, with an emphasis on American white women.

Return of Kings publishes a lot of great articles about getting laid and the variety of tools and techniques at your disposal to do so.  However, sometimes your own sanity takes precedence over the desire for sex.  This article will focus on some of the different types of conversations and situations that I have encountered on first dates, in social settings and in the early stages of courtship, and on the kind of mindset that is compulsory when dealing with the modern American female in 2014. I will also provide some ideas you can use to make an escape when you deem it necessary.  Because sometimes this shit just isn’t worth it.

“Oh my God, I love dogs!  I have a Pomeranian named Shasta!  I have a bunch of pictures of her on my phone—wanna see them?”

Do you want to see 148 pictures of some little faggot dog wearing a pink sweater?

Me neither.

If you entered a relationship with this woman, would you want to be seen walking down the street with little Shasta?  What about scooping up little Shasta’s turds with a plastic poop bag on your hand in front of some hot chicks? Or worse yet, what about a group of construction workers who, incontrovertibly, will be speculating amongst themselves about how often you allow random men to diddle around with your butthole?  What about driving around while little Shasta takes a piss in your car?

I sure as hell won’t allow that to be me and I’m willing to bet that you won’t allow it to be you either.  That’s the territory of a bitch-boy: a man so grateful to be getting a taste of pussy that he would gladly be seen with a leashed-up wingless fruit bat wearing a dog collar and a cardigan. Fuck that guy.  What about going for the one night stand?  You can’t take her to your place because Shasta will need to go potty and mommy can’t be gone all night.  Do you want to go back to her place and have to play with little Shasta and listen to your potential one-nighter give baby talk to a small dog like it’s a real human being?  Of course you don’t.  Masculine men don’t own, walk or even go so far as to pretend to like diminutive ankle-biting rodents masquerading as canines.

It’s time to get a move on.



Say the following: “You know, I would love to see those pics of Shasta.  But you see, I have this big crack on my ass and I don’t know what to do about it.  I’m going to head to the emergency room to get it checked out—nice meeting you.”  With a bewildered expression she will tilt her head sideways as you walk away… and I’m not talking about the dog here.

“So, Lisa was saying that you were seeing an Asian girl, you got yellow fever now? Is that, like, your thing now or something?”

No, I have ‘dealing with women that aren’t like you’ fever. This is the same type of single American white woman that will give you dirty looks if she sees you in public with a woman of another ethnicity or, as in this scenario, go so far as to make a snide comment if she learns that you date outside your race. The fact that just last year she was making regular trips to long bone Jerome’s house for some snake is of no consequence to her. That exchange program in Spain where Roberto and Javier gave her an unprotected pig roasting is also, now, somehow irrelevant. Remember that for you it’s yellow fever, or you must have a fetish, or you have a little dick or you’re an anime porn addict. For her, though, she was just getting it out of her system, experimenting, trying something new and having some fun.



Pinpoint a few of her flaws. Remember, this is an American woman—she has more problems than a skydiving emu. Figure it out and then light her up. With this particular woman I went the subtle route (it was a social engagement and I was politely asked by the host to be somewhat nice to people). Start by alternating your glances between her eyes, stomach and tits, and then say the following: “Well, for an Asian girl she had an incredible rack. You know, Asians get a bad rap for being flat-chested all the time, but this girl? God damn! Certainly, being a slender size 1 helped to make them look even bigger too.”

Want to face derision from single American white women? Date an Asian. Want to become the anti-Christ? Date a thin Asian with bigger boobs than your average American white woman (fat white titties don’t count). This particular American woman was slightly above normal height and just north of about 130 lbs. with a bust size on the smaller side of average. Needless to say she went away and, for some odd reason, felt no need to talk to me ever again.

However, this didn’t stop her from going around and telling anyone who would listen about how I’m such a huge asshole. In that case, you simply up the ante by telling everyone that she’s a racist and that you have no interest in any kind of discourse with such an individual. Be sure to drive home the point that anyone exhibiting such close-minded bigotry got exactly what they deserved. Anyone that disagrees with your position will be at risk of being labeled racist themselves, and nobody wants that.

The smell of her pussy makes your eyes water.

So, there you are. You’ve put in the effort throughout the evening and are getting to the good part with a particularly attractive American woman. Everything is progressing quite nicely, and you’re sliding her panties off… then, you catch a whiff. The famous movie quote, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” would not have been necessary if the original vessel had been coated in a thin layer of her vaginal juices—even Jaws wouldn’t fuck with that, and would have been off the coast of South Africa eating seals by daybreak.

Are you desperate to the point that you would stick your pecker in something that smells so foul? Certainly not. The possibility of an STD or some sort of other infection is very real. The majority of women out there have the presence of mind to understand their own bodies and execute the proper hygiene regimen to prevent such a situation. There’s no need to hang around with a woman that doesn’t fall within this group.


So what’s a man to do?

You know it’s time to bail out with the quickness, but how to do it?


Solution 1a:

If you don’t care about her feelings: “Well I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I’m pretty sure your pussy could be used as bait to catch Alaskan crab. I’m out of here.”

Solution 1b:

If you care slightly about her feelings: “Sorry, but I’ve got work early in the morning and this isn’t happening tonight. I need to get going.”

Solution 1c:

If you actually care about her feelings: “Listen, I was recently seeing someone that I had strong feelings for and I really don’t think I’m ready for this right now. You’re fantastic, and if I was in a better emotional state I would be really into this, but I need to lick my wounds a little longer. My apologies.”

The thought of going with 1c is vomit inducing. Of course, solution 1a is the way to go. Within five minutes of your departure she’ll be scrubbing down her cooch with a Scotch-Brite pad and a combination of isopropanol alcohol and her own tears. At a minimum the next guy will thank you for it and, seeing as this is an American woman, the next guy will probably be one of your friends.

“While I don’t agree with everything about the movement, I can say that I identify as a feminist.”

Oh, here we fucking go. This is the deal breaker of all deal breakers, gentlemen. In the real world it’s actually rare to encounter a true to-the-core feminist. You know: the obese, tatted, short-purple-haired losers with black rim glasses and IQ’s of about 105 (that think they’re in the 130’s because they went 40k into debt for a degree that qualified them to work at the mall).

However, you will regularly meet ample quantities of American women that lean towards the ideology with less conviction but are still attached to the principles enough to cause a man potential agony. These women must be avoided at all costs. False rape accusations, using the system against you and simply being an all-around insufferable bitch are just surface scratchers for what this beast is capable of. Show this one absolutely no mercy and ensure that she spends the remainder of the evening snuggled up with her precious felines.



Say the following: “Well, I can say that I identify as a man that’s getting the fuck away from you then.” Also, feel free to leave her strong independent ass with the bill. No, not half of it, all of it—drinks are on her for the night. Hearing the words “I’m a feminist” in any way, shape or form should result in you making a beeline for the door with your car keys in hand. Consider it a matter of principle.

Also, just in case she decides to make a scene in front of the other patrons as you’re making your exit, turn around and address everyone and say, “Well, how long would you stick around if your date just told you she contracted AIDS from a gangbang?” Then continue leaving. Sure, it’s a lie… but who gives a shit? The whole establishment thinks a feminist has AIDS—I see no problem with that.

In Closing

The point of all of this is to demonstrate that you don’t have to put up with anything that you feel is beneath you. If you’re like me and you don’t want to spend 10 minutes having an annoying conversation about some little shit-eater dog, then don’t. If you don’t feel like sticking around to buy a self-proclaimed feminist drinks, then leave. Women are more than happy to flake out, stop texting, make excuses and lie with no regard for anyone but themselves. Common decency is not so common in this day and age.

Gentlemen, there are no dating rules anymore. There is no etiquette and you don’t owe anyone a fucking thing. If you’re interacting with a woman and she exhibits deal breaker traits or says things that you find unacceptable then call her on her shit in devastating fashion and leave, or just leave without saying anything. It’s your call. Admittedly, my approach is not for everyone–I simply don’t give a shit. However, I understand that plenty of men do care to some degree, and that’s completely fine. Whatever your approach, this simple fact remains: there is no need to waste even one extra minute of your precious time on someone who doesn’t deserve it. There is only one person in charge of the choices you make, the actions you take, and the happiness you create. That person is you.

Furthermore, understand that your actions don’t require an explanation and that you don’t have to remain silent. You don’t have to pretend that you’re having a good time if you’re not. You don’t have to tolerate insolence just to be nice or because it’s what’s socially expected of you because, after all, what’s socially expected of American women these days? You don’t have to pretend that it’s okay when a woman says she can’t cook, doesn’t clean, spends the date paying more attention to her phone than to you, has thousands of dollars in credit card debt or won’t shut the fuck up about her ex—because none of that is okay. Time is not a renewable resource and your free time should be spent doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it and in the company of people you want to do it with. And even though your money is a renewable resource, it should never be squandered on the undeserving.

Last—but certainly not least—never, under any circumstances, sell yourself out for a piece of ass. Only the weakest of men jump through hoops, pander and move mountains just for a minuscule slice of the mediocre pussy pie. Why sell your soul if there’s so little to buy? I can guarantee you that when you deservedly embarrass, challenge or temporarily destroy a woman’s self-esteem she will never forget you. All those guys that just smiled, laughed at her bullshit and kissed her ass? They’ve all been forgotten and written off, but that asshole that didn’t hesitate to lay forth a strong dose of stone-cold reality and didn’t make any apologies for preserving his own interests? For better or worse, that’s one bastard that she will remember for a long time to come.

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