One of America’s most popular sitcoms of the last decade, How I Met Your Mother, concluded on March 31st of this year.  For those who are not familiar with the show, How I Met Your Mother takes place in New York City (seemingly like every other sitcom), and follows the lives of the lead character, Ted Mosby, and his four friends – Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky.  The show was at its best in it’s earlier seasons (1-4), but predictably became a money-milking part of CBS’ weekly lineup in its later seasons.  Despite this, I continued watching the series until it’s conclusion of this year.

Warning: spoilers below.

When the final episode aired, I was filled with disgust.  Not because I was particularly upset with the way the plot of the show ended, but because the show blatantly shoved the typical bullshit young men and women are fed every day directly in the audience’s face.  The show was never a “red pill friendly” show, but the last episode reinforced every blue pill lie society feeds to people.  So, how did each particular character play a role in this?

Marshall Eriksen And Lily Aldrin


These two were the “dream couple” – they met in their first semester at college and have been madly in love since.  By the end of the show, they have two children and are expecting a third.  Everything seems good on paper, which is exactly what is so wrong with the relationship story they tell.

For example, in earlier seasons, Marshall left his high-paying corporate lawyer job to volunteer his time as an environmentalist.  Now, we at ROK know that your status, and therefore, your job, are directly tied to a woman’s attraction to you.  Is money everything?  Absolutely not, but it is foolish to think that a move like that would increase a woman’s attraction.  Overall, throughout the series, Lily gives off the typical entitled, selfish attitude of your average American woman – and of course, Marshall puts up with it and only falls deeper in love with her every single day.

I would never want a relationship like that.

Barney Stinson


When the show first began airing, Barney was a prolific womanizer and New York City playboy.  He was so good, Law Dogger even dedicated an entire article to lessons that could be learned from Barney’s ways.  He was the prime red pill example of the show – so of course, they cast his character with a gay man in Neil Patrick Harris.  But, I regress.

As the show progresses, Barney begins to mature.  He used to declare things along the lines of, “The point is, marriage is stupid. Every day new 22-year olds go into bars…” and “Oh…you’re thirty?  Bye.”

However, everything changes.  Instead of banging his way through the tri-state area of New York eternally,  he ends up in dysfunctional relationships that make him fat, has multiple engagements with sluts (stripper included!), and ultimately ends up marrying one of the other main characters, Robin.  Ultimately, Barney becomes blue pill to the core, as he hangs up what he enjoys so much for the “everlasting” company with one special, which rarely works out.

Robin Scherbatsky



Speaking of Robin, by the end of the show, she is a career-obsessing, carousel-riding, post-wall woman waiting for a beta to come in and save the day.  Throughout the series, she consistently turns down the affections of nice guys (save for a few exceptions), instead she revels in dating men based off of the firmness of their abdominal muscles.

More on Robin in a minute.

Ted Mosby


Ted is the ultimate blue pill dork.  In the show’s pilot episode, Ted meets Robin in a bar and goes on a date with her.  At the end of the night, he professes that he loves her – and really means it.  He also steals a blue french horn from a restaurant as a gift to give her – on their first date.  While it doesn’t work out with Robin in that specific circumstance, he eventually does date her on and off throughout the show.  Throughout the show, Ted does date a plethora of beautiful women by being a nice guy – which we all know doesn’t really work.

Due to his neediness and overall attitude, Ted dates women who are simply out of his league (see below) because that’s politically correct.  Every man wants to think that they can obtain this kind of talent while being a supplicating wuss.  While Ted in the show as portrayed as a beta male who succeeds (good job, good apartment, nice to girls), in real life he is simply the chubby man hanging on to his girlfriend at the party, wearing an over sized polo tucked into his khakis and rocking a pair of white New Balance tennis shoes to top it off.


 HIMYM Conclusion And Final Lie

How I Met Your Mother tops off their politically correct show in spectacular fashion, in an attempt to shatter every red pill theory.  As I mentioned earlier, Barney gets married to Robin, the washed up slut.  In the meantime, Ted finally meets the girl of his dreams (the majority of the show revolved around his search for love) and ends up having two children with her.  She is cute, but not extremely hot – in real life, she’d be happy to settle down with a guy like Ted, who has excellent status – good-looking, sociable, and holds the honor of being the youngest architect ever to design a New York City skyscraper.

However, three years later, Robin and Barney get divorced.  Barney goes back to being a player, and Robin throws herself into her career, forsaking her friends because she doesn’t want to hang out with her ex-husband all of the time.  A few years after that, Ted’s wife, Tracy, passes away due to illness.  So what does he do?

Of course, he runs (literally) back to Robin a few years later when his kids give him the approval to date again.  In the final scene of the show, Ted shows up at her apartment and rings the doorbell – holding the same blue french horn from their first date many years ago.  So here we are – Robin is (by the show’s timeline) about fifty years old, and she still has beta men pining after her.

This is a terrible message the show sends to young men.  This show is enforcing the idea that it is good to pursue washed-up, over the hill sluts who, frankly have already had their chance in life.  By all accounts, Robin was a hot girl in her 20s living in New York City – she had every opportunity to make better choices, find a good life partner (rather than a former player), but she wasted the majority of her prime being your typical entitled and selfish American girl.

It’s too bad that she got rewarded for that with another blue french horn from Ted the beta.

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