“Creepy”. It has to be one of the most despised words among the manosphere, as it is used primarily by females to denigrate and humiliate the males who are on the receiving end of this overused adjective. I say enough is enough, and it’s time for men to take back this poisonous word and hurl it back at the general direction of women whenever feasibly possible. It’s easier than you may think, because women are out there doing creepy things all the time.

The Basics

Buzzfeed actually did a (rare) clever video in 2013 which showcased the hypocrisy of what would be considered creepy between the sexes. You see, all sorts of things are OK to do if your a woman, but the instant you attach a penis to a human being those very same actions will become “creepy”, and women think they have full permission to denigrate you and attack your self-esteem in it’s wake.

Additionally, this recent segment of ‘Today Tonight‘ which is broadcast in Australia, ran a story on the discriminatory policies and attitudes against men in the country. It highlights a growing trend in these “feminist” countries, where all males are considered potential predators and fathers showing their children affection in public can be misconstrued as “dirty old men”. Women were given a free pass when put in the exact same scenario.

So in quick review, if your girlfriend, female friends, acquaintances, or random females on the street ever do any of the following things…

  • Call you or someone else “daddy” (other than her actual daddy)
  • Make any sort of verbal expression of sexual interest (and not just discreetly)
  • Do surprise piggybacks or jump on you in any sort of amorous display of affection
  • Hang out at the park without any friends or offspring
  • Compliment the appearance of babies (take it a step further and include Facebook baby pics)
  • Prance around the house in your over-sized T-shirts as casual wear or sleep wear
  • Takes pictures anywhere near the vicinity of children

It’s creepy, creepy, creepy! Women should be called out on their behavior and reminded that if men did anything similar, they would be “creeped out” or “weirded out” by what we were doing. Do anything in your power to make women feel self-conscious about this. It will help to minimize the chance that females will ever throw this toxic word at you themselves, in order to damage your pride and self-esteem. Also it’s a good idea to keep tabs on whatever creepy behavior she displays. This way you will always have a laundry list of things to retort with, should she ever dare to call you the dreaded “C” word.

(Note: If a hot friend or acquaintance is hitting on you for the first time then maybe it’s not a good idea to call out on “creepiness” at that moment. Save it for a later date after the conquest has already been completed through sexual congress.)

Other Creepy Things She Does

If she ever starts a conversation with “I saw on your Facebook that…”

Women, the laughably hypocritical creatures they are, think it’s completely fine to initiate banter with whatever she recently saw on your Facebook account, but are given the full green light to label you as “creepy” if men ever did the same thing towards women. Tell them something like this. That’s really creepy. Why would you do such a creepy thing like that? Don’t you realize what your doing is really creepy? I would never want to date such a creepy person.”

However you choose to retort, always put the word ‘creepy’ into every sentence.



Everybody stares at something once in a while. Women in particular love to brand men “creepy” if they get temporary lost in a mental vortex which results in a brief staring spell at a person or object. So is your woman pissed or irritated at something? Is she dead-focused on her cell phone or just temporarily spaced out and a little bug-eyed? You guessed it, she’s a creeper. Let her know.


Meeting you at work unannounced

Women do this far more often than men and it’s admittedly a bit unsettling, not to mention the purpose of the visit is generally over mundane and trivial concerns. Unless it’s an emergency, can’t they just conjure up the willpower to leave men alone for just eight hours?

Taking pictures or filming you in your sleep

Women have a soft spot for this one, and the smartphone generation has made it easier than ever for women to take a quick snapshot or video of their comatose lover or “friend”. Just ask Justin Bieber, who became one of the most famous victims of this creepy corner of the female mindset while touring in Brazil.

Anything you don’t like about them

Here is where things get really strange in the whole concept of “creepiness”, according to the warped thinking of the female brain. A key thing to remember about women is that if they’re comfortable around you, nothing you do is creepy (even if it kind of is). However, if she doesn’t feel comfortable around you, everything you do is creepy. Just saying “hi” to a woman is creepy if she doesn’t like you. So is there anything in particular you don’t like about a woman or group of women? Are the beluga whale “Woo Girls” at the club annoying you? Let their creepiness be known!

Final Statements

Persistence isn’t always a virtue, but women have overused the word “creepy” to denigrate potential suitors for far too long. Remember: If she feels comfortable, nothing you do is creepy. If she doesn’t, everything you do is. So treat women the exact same way they interact with men when everything is less than celestial in your relationship. Like bipolar hypocrites.

Ram the word “creepy” down their throats so much until they choke on it, and hopefully exorcise that word from their vocabulary permanently. 99% of men who are ever labeled “creepy” are not actually creepy at all, just misunderstood and somewhat awkward individuals who need to learn a little game theory and put it into practice. That’s all.

However, lots of women out there are creepy, and unfortunately their creepiness will be overlooked as long as they’re hot. Hell, women like Laila (Overly Attached Girlfriend) can even make a comfortable living by impersonating a stage five clinging, social media stalking, staring, obsessing, female creeper on Youtube. It’s highly doubtful a man could.

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