Juicing has become a hot topic in the manosphere, exclusively driven by Danger & Play, who recently spun off a new blog called Juicing For Men. It’s getting popular enough that in the past month I’ve seen Twitter updates of men announcing their juicer purchases.

Why juicing?

American nutritional wisdom has made juice the enemy because of its high caloric content, but D&P shares research that suggests it reduces depression and boosts your immune system, especially when you juice vegetables. In other words, juice is the solution to a healthy body, not the problem. If you’re not convinced, check out the argument that compares juicing to game.


My take…

It’s worth a three-month test drive to see if it offers a noticeable improvement in energy levels along with a reduction in minor body ailments.  My skepticism lies in suggesting it takes a year or more of juicing to see benefits. I don’t know of any other personal program (fitness, game, diet, or so on) that takes longer than a couple months to see some results from. There remains some doubt with juicing, but as more men get on board, we’ll be able to see first-hand reports of its effects.

If you want to learn more about starting a juice program, check out this beginner guide.

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