It’s often said that sex lies between the ears, than between the legs. The brain controls the body, and plays an important role in sexuality. A sexual mind thus also contributes significantly to a healthy sexuality.

However, men today face higher cases of psychologically induced sexual burnout and dysfunction as compared to their forefathers, in spite of living in a time where modern health care has increased human longevity than before – a classic case of how we’ve added years to life, but not life to years.

Humanity is today living in increasingly permissive times. Though this may seem like men could enjoy and experience sex much more than their predecessors, what has to be also noted that this has also ironically contributed to the psychological sexual desensitization of modern men, in subtle ways.

These are some of the major factors which lead to modern male psychological sexual desensitization:

1. Stress and low self-esteem

The problem:  Stress is one of the top-most killers of male sexual desire. Men often eat pressure or stress on a daily basis in modern commercialized societies, leading to premature burnouts of both men and male sexual desire. It’s often said that when poverty knocks on the door, love flies out of the window. In modern commercialized times, you could add sex to that statement as well. We’ve learned how to make a living, but not how to make a life.

Throw in modern day inflated sexual ideals regarding penis size, ejaculation time, sexual skills etc. and the average modern man then has enough unrealistic pressure from society (and often from his partner) to perform as a porn star in bed, thus contributing to stress from performance anxiety. Sex then becomes a gladiatorial fight to prove a man’s virility to his over-expecting, socially brainwashed partner, often disconnecting it from the pleasure principle, eventually leading to male sexual burnout. Throw in continued usage of male aphrodisiacs to boost performance, and you’re looking at long term health problems.


Similarly, male sexual desire is linked to male self esteem. The man who’s stressed out will often experience loss of sexual desire, which could cause moments of performance failure – adding to more stress and lower self esteem – leading to a downward vicious spiral of sexual agony. Couple that with a bad woman in his life, who constantly demeans and devalues him – and his brain is then put off from sex.  A healthy male ego is as necessary as a healthy body, for a healthy state of mind which leads to an interest in sex.

The solution: Stress management. Get professional help if needed. Stop entertaining unrealistic expectations of yourself, especially in the sexual arena. In sex, it’s only pleasure which counts in the end. Eat well, exercise, take care of your body, respect and know its limits – you have only one. Focus on financial independence, which can liberate the common source of all stress in the modern world. If that job or your partner is killing your mood for the romp, then it’s time you looked elsewhere for an upgrade.



The problem: The dangers of porn rewiring the male mind to alter male sexual desire are well known. Even worse are its effects on happy, fulfilling relationships–to eventually destroy them.  The average man masturbates more with access to porn, leading to sexual depletion and a whole range of other dangerous sexual and psychological problems, which further damages his sexuality.

The solution: Quit porn now, for addiction to it is a serious issue. Concentrate on seeking sexual release within a real woman, learn game.

3. Sexual excess, sexual frustration and sexual depletion

 The problem: Familiarity breeds contempt. Just like how monogamy eventually leads to sexual boredom, so can sexual excess, as sexual thirst determines the demand and value of sex.


With the general permissiveness of modern women, sexual abundance is increasingly possible for men.  However, not all men have the same sexual desires, tastes and capacity, which vary over time.  Either way, every man’s sexual threshold limit which when exceeded leads to sexual disinterest, due to both sexual familiarity and sexual depletion caused by possible excess.


On the flip-side, the sexually frustrated man experiencing a sexual famine often seeks other alternatives for sexual release, which can put him also at risk for psychological desensitization towards females, because his brain has rewired his mind to seek alternatives.

The solution:  Self regulation, both of personal sexuality as well as of exposure to external sexual stimulus (visual or manual). What has to be realized is that sexuality, while being the most powerful need of the human body—is finite and needs to be conserved, as life itself is finite. Sexual release should neither be suppressed or over-expended, but regulated.

4. Oversexualized modern societies, feminism and male baiting

The problem: Similar to porn rewiring the male mind, so does an oversexualized society. This has not only destroyed modern men and women, but even corrupted children. A popular YouTube video below, quite shockingly highlights that.

Men are constantly barraged with sexually suggestive visuals in oversexualized societies in real life. How much could they possibly handle?

One of the functions of sex is to create bonding. With the liberal sluttiness of modern women in oversexualized societies, some men living there then choose to psychologically shut off from sex as these women represent no potential for forming relationships or having children with in a traditional family role model. Thus, modern social liberal trends could even affect birth rates.

However, the greatest danger of an oversexualized modern society is not only in over-eroticizing male psyche into sexually objectifying women, but rather more is the eventual  psychological desensitization of men to the visual sex appeal of female body. Oversexualized modern societies often produce over-stimulated, sexually frustrated men by cock teasing them relentlessly with oversexualized modern female behavior, just like hungry dogs being baited with an elusive bone.

Sexy yoga pants

With modern women behaving more provocatively than before, the average man eventually trains to numb his brain— to care less for female visual sex appeal—as if being stuck in a permanent mental sexual refractory phase, much like the psychological adaptation of men living in nudist colonies among nude women. Men are thus forced to subdue their natural sexual responses to this form of male baiting. This abnormal forced suppression of the natural male sexual response can lead to voluntary celibacy, or  problems like sexual depletion due to excess,  or in some exceptional cases neurotic homosexuality.

But modern feminist women represent a more potent agent to further complicate the problem of male baiting by coupling it with man shaming (to destroy male self esteem), thus creating a frustrating form of sexual temptation with often risks of legal entrapment.

To quote from The Anatomy of Female Power, the example of the termagant feminist:

“The termagant (the shrew, scold and harridan of old) is a misandrous sadist whose greatest pleasures come from man-baiting and man-bashing. She resents the matriarchist code which would have her pretend that she is not boss to her man. Under the banner of feminism, she can truly blossom. … The termagant claims for herself absolute freedom of conduct, and would punish any reaction, however natural, she provokes from men. She is the type of woman who would wear a miniskirt without panties, a see-through blouse without bra, and swings her legs and wiggles her arse as she parades up and down the street, and yet insist that no man should get excited by her provocative sexual display. Any man who whistles at the sight is berated for male chauvinism.”

termagant feminist

Thus, in this case, it’s familiarity, disgust and often non-accessibility that breeds contempt.

The solution: Learn game and bang sluts (the logical way to adapt to the present social decline to find sexual release). Travel throughout the world; see different cultures to interact with different people (especially if you’re presently living in an over-sexualized society). Practice meditation or spirituality to declutter and control the mind. Learn a new skill or language. Study philosophy. Focus on self-improvement.

Awareness is the key to preservation

See the world for it is, and not what it seems, and recognize the dangers of sexual desensitization of your mind – to save and conserve your sexuality well into your later years. A lot of men live their entire lives without self-discovery. Discover and nourish your talents.

Every man on this planet is a creator, for he bears the seed of life in him. Honor your masculinity and sexuality, respect it and like all good things in life, value it – just don’t dissipate it.

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