At my gym, I became friends with a man named Antoine. He is classically black American. Tough guy, friendly, and charismatic, but broke because of a divorce that resulted in him losing custody of his children. His child support payments were overbearing and he had already lost his driver's license due to unpaid arrears (of which there was compounding interest on), and he had a court order to pay up on past due payments or else he would go to jail.

Like all black men I knew, he voted for Barack Obama. Like all men I knew who fell behind on child support payments, one day Antoine disappeared from the gym. I haven’t seen him since Obama got his second term.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the manosphere. I’ve learned from the manosphere, I’ve taken from the manosphere, and I’ve given back to the manosphere. It has become my internet home. Like anyone accustomed to a living situation, they can tell you what is good and what is bad about their home.

And the topic I’d like to discuss is the worst part of my home; it inheres this from American men in general.

The issue is racism. The amount of bigotry, discrimination, and downright malevolence men have towards other men of different races is staggering. At first, I couldn’t believe it. But after spending years posting on the RooshV Forums, I noticed that race topics caused a lot of anger. Real anger, resulting in bans, men quitting the forum, men putting each other on ignore lists, and hostility that would spill over from one thread into the next.

The internet, being the great place it is for anonymous discussion, allows men to reveal their true feelings on a subject, and when it comes to race it is obvious there is a deep, longstanding, and malicious grudge between men of various races in America. It is saddening to watch men hate each other over race.

But the racial infighting between American men wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the political consequences.

Women, if you haven’t noticed, do not fight with each other over racial conflicts. They might get angry over the past, but they are able to resolve all issues by agreeing on a scapegoat: the white man. Colored women will gladly forgive their white sisters, since, after all, it was the white man who oppressed women and minorities.

White men are the big, bad, evil masters, and as such, all females of different colors can agree to put aside their differences in order to bring the white man down.

When I got my first real job, it was as a therapist for one of the most left-wing state governments in the United States. The entire organization was run by women; on the first day of corporate training we had to go over why diversity was so important by reading this:

Out of the twenty new hirees in that room, I had fun as the only white man there. But I was shocked to see how deep feminism has sunk into the institutions of the United States.

When America had its Civil War, there were around 27 million whites, of which around a third lived in slavery south. Today in America there are over 200 million whites, and yet somehow these whites are to bear the blame of just 10 million racist whites in the past, but not the legacy of 17 million egalitarian whites. There are powerful interests who want to label white males as evil, so despite the absurdity of using past injustices to villainize whites the cultural brainwashing continues.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

– George Orwell, 1984

Feminists, and their left-wing ilk, are some of the most politically savvy people I know. They recognize grudges and how to leverage them for political gain. Thus it makes sense that feminists are the biggest proponents of white male privilege memes that they indoctrinate the masses with. The more men of various colors are busy fighting and fearing each other, the less they will stand in the way of feminists. Divide and conquer – the most effective military tactic ever created.

I’m sure feminists must be extremely pleased with the latest election results: 80% of non-whites voted for Obama, while 60% of whites voted for Romney. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to tell you how bad of a president Obama is or anything like that. I couldn’t care less about telling you things that you already know: choosing between Democrat or Republican is like choosing between Coke and Pepsi.


But put yourself in the feminist’s shoes. The election results show that decades of brainwashing young American boys has been an unqualified success. Rather than have boys be loyal to their gender, boys have instead been trained to be loyal to their race.

Little non-white boys at the tender age of 9 years are fed lies about how white male oppressors created their poor living conditions, while white boys are taught that they need to correct the injustices of their forefathers lest they be guilty with the indelible sin of white privilege. Female teachers use the appropriate shaming tactics on these young minds to imprint the intended desire for conflict.

All according to plan. The following image is of a poster on a New England campus:

The Jewish man and black man gang up on the big bad white male rapist oppressor.

The intended effect is to have innocent boys grow into bigoted men. They form alliances with their respective races; they become distrustful of anyone without a similar skin color, and anytime questions this status quo of absurd race relations they are ironically labeled as racists. Of course men cannot outwardly display any hostility toward one race or another – that is against the rules – but should any man cross a racial taboo they face censorship, job loss, and possibly jail time due to “hate crime.”

Thus men are forced to put on airs of being polite to every race, instead of voicing their true feelings to one another. This is important, because if men actually got around to an honest discussion of race in America it might result in less hostility between the races, which would mean a loss of power for feminists. Instead, they want men to keep their anger buried so that it will manifest itself at the voter box.

And should men start to get along too much, should men start to forget about their skin color for too long, feminists in the media will make sure to report more racial conflicts so they can maintain the political advantages that come with non-white men fighting white men. Can you imagine how easy it is for the news executives to report on race given the levels of racial indoctrination? I can hear their conversations now.

“Oh? What’s that? Some guy was fatally shot by the cops? Oscar Grant? …the fuck cares? Oh wait, Oscar was black? And the cop was white? Awesome. Put it on the front page.”


“So some black kid got shot? Huh? Trayvon Martin? Does anyone give a shit? Wait, wait, I’m sorry, did you say the shooter was white? His picture sure looks white. You mean he’s actually hispanic? Well that’s okay, because we can just call him a white hispanic.”

The elites of this country couldn’t give a damn about racial harmony. The only thing they see whenever a new race story comes to their attention: $$$$$$$$$. Men are pawns in the race game. Thus while American women feed themselves government largesse, jobs, university degrees, their husband’s money, and child support money, American men fight each other over table scraps.

So we arrive at the red pill of race, which is to understand race as trivial; keeping your family and livelihood is better than sticking it to some bloke who just happens to have a slightly different genetic composition.

But until men realize that supporting their race over their gender is a one-way ticket to feminist hell, innocent men who happened to get involved with the wrong women, like my friend Antoine, will suffer over laws he unwittingly helped to pass by electing candidates he supported for racial reasons while ignoring their feminist credentials.

Just remember when white men and black men are arguing over whether or not affirmative action can counter the effects of Jim Crow laws, feminists make sure all women of all colors are included under affirmative action favoritism.

Just remember when white men try to defend their race by talking about “Human Bio-Diversity” and how other races are deficient in terms of intelligence, feminists make sure all women are respected for their intelligence regardless of their levels of achievement.

Just remember when blacks and hispanics claim there is systematic abuse toward non-whites in the court system, feminists make sure all women are given lighter punishments for the same crimes, are given the right to accuse men without any evidence, and make sure men are assumed guilty until proven innocent with laws like VAWA.

Ultimately, feminism is a political problem between men: women can only rule if men let them. So until there is that day when men of all colors can unite around a candidate, racism will always be a feminist’s best friend.

Do feminists care about men of color?  See for yourself: How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

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