Next Wednesday I will officially launch this site via my blog. So far I think you have an idea of where it’s heading: short content full of links, videos, and images. ROK will be like grabbing a bite at Five Guys while will remain a family Italian restaurant that takes several hours to complete a meal. I’d like to publish 7-10 blog posts a week here while RV will have 3 a week. The only significant change is that I’m moving all my book reviews to ROK. They will published one at a time instead of in massive 3,000-word compilations.


My question to you: based on what you’ve seen so far, what are some ways to improve this site? What kind of content should I focus on?

Finally, I wanted to thank Danger & Play, Nexxt Level Up, Rational Male, The Private Man, and Matt Forney for supporting this venture so far.

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