One of the biggest pieces of narcissism that plague our corner of the web is that we think we are among the first to unravel the true nature of women. That we men today, through whatever means we used to discover it, are among the first to know what women think and the fundamental aspects of their nature. Well, sorry to deflate your ego but men throughout all of history have known exactly what women are. What they want, how they act, and all their shortcomings.

My first encounter with an ‘ancient’ mind who knew the truths I was just beginning to guess at as a moody high schooler came from Friedrich Nietzsche and his book Beyond Good And Evil. Amongst the many examinations of human nature in the book, Nietzsche finds time to describe women as they are; flightly, duplicitous, incapable of any great thought outside those concerned with gossip and sex. Yet he did not write these truths from an angry perspective. Nietzsche described the numerous shortcomings of women simply as a fact of their nature. When I first read his book, I thought Nietzsche some truly radical, forward thinker—here was a man from the 19th century perfectly describing the women of my generation! As I later discovered, he was just one of thousands of writers throughout the whole of human history who knew just what women are, and how they’ve always been the same since time immemorial.

The current generations have been brainwashed into thinking that women are by default some sort of angelic being, which can do no wrong, which is perfectly chaste and loving and monogamous; so it’s not surprising that many of us hold a certain pretentious pride in our belief that we have unravelled the mystery all by ourselves. The fact is that the true ancients already knew what we think we have recently uncovered.

Juvenal was a Roman poet born sometime in the 1st century. Amongst his works are the Satires , a collection of poems centring around social issues from Juvenal’s day (which, depressingly, are the same ones we face today). To show you that we are far from the first men to know women, I offer to you some brief excerpts from Juvenal’s VI Satire: Don’t Marry. I suggest reading the Satire in full when you have the chance.

From: SatVI:25-59 You’re Mad To Marry!

Go prostrate yourself in worship at the Tarpeian shrine, go sacrifice a gilded heifer to Juno, if you should happen to find a woman whose life is chaste. There are so few of them fit to touch Ceres’ sacred ribbons, whose kisses wouldn’t appal their fathers. Fasten a garland to your doorpost if you do, deck the lintel with marriage ivy. Is one man enough for Hiberina, then? She’d sooner confess under torture to being happy with only one of her eyes. ‘There’s a girl on her father’s estate in the country whose reputation is good.’ Try her at Gabii, not in the country, try her at Fidenae, then I’ll grant you the father’s farm. Who says she’s not been carrying on in the caves or on the hills?

Even in an era when the goddamned patriarchy supposedly ruled with an iron fist, an age that knew no concept of effective birth control, a time when being a single mother would assuredly leave an ordinary woman destitute and forever burdened; women were still sluts. Some people blame things like the female favouring marriage laws, the birth control pill, or feminism for making today’s women into rampaging whores, but they’ve always been so. Even when there was no societal safety net or byzantine system of white knightery to save women from their own short sighted and often selfish decisions, they still chose to act in vile ways.


It does not matter where she comes from either. Oh, she’s a sweet little country girl from the corn fields of Nebraska? She grew up on a Dairy farm in rural Southwest England where there were no temptations? Surely she must be as pure as the first winter’s snow. Move her into Omaha city without daddy around and see how traditional she is then. Take her to a club in Bristol, and see how pure her country ways are. Odds are the traditional country gal that is oft touted as being the last bastion of the good girl in today’s society was getting railed in a Ford 4×4 when she was 14 on some back country road.

Women are sluts. It’s in their nature. They were sluts when the walls of Jericho were being built, and they’ll remain sluts until the moment Earth begins growing mushroom clouds.

From: SatVI:60-81 Look At Them In The Theatre

Can you find any woman that’s worthy of you, under our porticoes? Does any seat at the theatre hold one you could take from there, and love with confidence? When sinuous Bathyllus dances his pantomime Leda, Tucia loses control of her bladder, and Apula yelps, as if she were making love, with sharp tedious cries.


You’re marrying a woman who’ll make Echion a father, Glaphyrus, the lyre-players, or Ambrosius with his pipe. Let’s set up platforms stretching along the narrow streets, and decorate the doorposts and lintels with laurel boughs, so your noble child, dear Lentulus, there in his tortoiseshell cradle, shall remind us of Euryalus, perhaps, the gladiator!

How many husbands, fiancés and boyfriends in the 20th century alone have been cuckolded by artists and athletes? There was never an age in human history where a woman with sexual options valued a noble husband more than some grungy loser sitting in a dank building strumming his strings. Hell, I bet even back in the Stone Age the cave women were creaming themselves more over Oog, who discovered blowing into a hollow wooden tube would create high pitched sounds, than Uk, who spent all day going out and getting mauled by predators in order to bring meat home to the tribe.

From: SatVI:82-113 What About Eppia?


Eppia, wife of a senator, ran off with the gladiators… She forgot her home, her husband, deserted her sister, shamelessly, left her country, her wailing children… Though, as a child of a wealthy family, she once slept in a richly decorated cradle on soft, downy pillows, that sea voyage concerned her little; nor her reputation… Though the reason be just and virtuous, for taking risks, women are still afraid, their hearts frozen with terror, trembling in every limb: yet they’re courageous when daring shameful things. If a husband demands it; then, boarding ship’s a pain, the bilge is sickening, sky spinning round and round. But with a lover, her stomach’s fine. A wife will vomit over her husband, a mistress eat with the sailors, stride the deck, and delight in handling the stubborn rigging.

Remember the story about this woman, who ran away from her marriage and four kids in Florida, to go all the way to New York to live in a tent during Occupy Wall Street while spending the whole time getting banged by a bunch of losers? As Rollo Tomassi so succinctly puts it:

A woman who wants to fuck you will find a way to fuck you. She will fly across the country, crawl under barbwire, climb in through your second story bedroom window, fuck the shit out of you and wait patiently inside your closet if your wife comes home early from work – women who want to fuck will find a way to fuck. The girl who tells you she needs to be comfortable and wants a relationship first is the same girl who fucked the hot guy in the foam cannon party in Cancun on spring break just half an hour after meeting him.

It has never mattered to women in the whole of history that she has responsibilities or a family to look after; if she falls in lust (which most of her gender do) while supposedly betrothed to another man, she’ll abandon her entire life, her entire future, to go get railed by the object of her cardinal desires. Thus, it ever was. Thus, it will always be.


Bye hun! Bye kids! I’m abandoning you to go bang an Aerosmith cover band!

I have one more excerpt from the satires dear reader, before I let you get on with the rest of your day. I think it is one that is most relevant to our modern society.

From: SatVI:286-313 What Brought All This About?

What brought this monstrous behaviour about, what’s its source you ask? Their lowly status used to keep Latin women chaste, hard work kept the corruption of vice from their humble roofs, and lack of rest, and their hands, then, were chafed and hardened from handling Tuscan fleeces, when Hannibal neared Rome, when their husbands manned the towers at the Colline Gate. Now we suffer the ills of a long peace. Worse for us than war this luxury’s stifling us, taking its revenge for an empire won. No single kind of crime or act of lust has been lacking, from the moment we were no longer poor… It was filthy lucre at first that brought these alien morals here, effete wealth that’s corrupted the present age with revolting decadence. Does Venus care about anything when she’s drunk? …Go on, ask yourself, why Tullia scornfully sniffs the air, what that infamous Maura’s foster-sister says as Maura passes by the ancient temple of Chastity in the Forum, here’s where they halt their litters at night, to make water, and drench the goddess’s statue with flowing streams, and take it in turns to ride and squirm under the moon. Then it’s off home they go: and when the daylight returns you’ll wade through your wife’s urine to call on mighty friends.


In the Anglo countries, America especially, many of the youth in the 1920s and 30s and 40s suffered hardship. As a result of their massive victory at the end of the Second World War, these countries experienced an overnight explosion in peace and prosperity. It didn’t take even take two generations for the children of these countries to become corrupt. They were born corrupted. In the 1950s, under the watchful eye of her veteran father and homemaking mother, little Suzie all-American played with her expensive toys and wore her clean new dresses and grew up with everything her parents never had. By the time she was 20, Suzie was getting high and screwing strangers in the mud like a pig at music festivals.


Women in prosperous societies will always fall into irresponsibility and lustful decadence, regardless of men’s stance on the matter. The only reason Afghani women stay at home and wear burkas in public is because they live in a culture which would literally kill them if they did not. If the harshness of Afghani culture lessened, or became truly prosperous in almost a heartbeat like America experienced in the late 40s, it would take only ten years before the Afifa’s and Ehteram’s were regularly booze cruising to Afghanistan’s long beach, flashing their boobs at Muhammad for a free Buttery Nipple from the Tiki bar and going to the men’s room in the club to do a line off his meat before sucking it off.

There is much wisdom about human nature that has been written in the millennia’s of history. It behooves anyone seeking knowledge of why the world is as it is to seek out the great writers of the past and read their works. There’s more there waiting for you there than some good old fashioned, unchained misogyny.

I’d also like to thank the folks over at the Red Pill Reddit for providing the link to the VI Satire even though I’m pretty sure you guys hate me.

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