Ever since having an online presence outside of Facebook, I have not come across others in a similar position. During my month-long absence from Return of Kings, I paid a visit to the mystical land of Atropia. I seen and did many things in this place, including come across the proprietor of redonkulas.com. His name is Terrance Popp. He did not know I wrote for Return of Kings at the beginning of the exercise.  I checked out his website and I decided it would not hurt to tell him.


Terrence Popp is an old Green Beret. He is so old that he was getting his combat jump wings when I was learning that red and blue make purple and painting my Skywarp doll to look like Starscream. This is significant because most of the cats I work with when doing deeds for Uncle Sugar tended to have email in high school. It is relatively rare to run across a Desert Storm veteran still in the military. It is even rarer to come across a Panama one. His experience and longevity is demonstrated in his videos

While he is of an older generation than I am, we came to common agreement on quite a few issues. Being a cog in the United States military machine is not as glorious as one would believe. Another concept is that the legal environment is not actually conducive to equality, especially to men. A person’s competence gets more respect in their rank. All of these concepts we are complete agreement on. This along with reviewing his site made me decide to post it here.


You may be wondering what we did not see eye to eye on. Quite a few things actually, but surprisingly in an ostentatious environment such as the military, we tolerated each these differences of opinion. We both played that sandbox called Iraq so these opinions did not come from such experience. He truly has more empathy for those that would do him wrong than I do. He found my abstinence to alcohol consumption interesting,

I find the redonkulas.com quite interesting actually. The first thing that stands out to me is the owner uses his real name while putting the red pill to the Internet on verboten topics. He asked me why I don’t use my real name on ROK. I told him nobody else did so I went along with that.

What do I think about the videos on the redonkulas.com? It does a good job presenting esoteric knowledge from the perspective of an old dude from the northern states. I personally would take the days to invest in dating a girl before moving furniture with her that he suggested and dividing it by 10. I also noticed some of his knowledge converges with returnofkings.com independently. He has also noticed that woman with horses are a bad idea. His particular brand of humor is somewhat unfamiliar to me because it seems region specific in its mannerisms but is quite interesting to watch. It also has many life lessons in these videos. So do yourself a favor and learn the hard way vicariously through Popp at redonkulas.com

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