Our April sponsor is Jimmy Cap It, which offers you a condom subscription service so you never have an excuse to put your naked penis inside a random vagina. Here’s a description of what they offer:

You should always be prepared and have protection on hand because you never know where life will take you. That’s why you should jimmycap.it with our convenient monthly condom deliveries. Our simple flat rate pricing, free monthly shipping and no contract approach we make it easy for you to be safe. Our personalized monthly subscription service delivers high-grade Crown Skinless condoms discreetly right to your door every month. You’ll always have protection when you need it.


It’s somewhat known that I’m not a big fan of condoms. My sexual compliance rate is a bit short of 100%, but if I was getting laid regularly and had a permanent residence, a condom subscription service would be worth looking into. Find out if it’s right for you at Jimmy Cap It.

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