Once in a while, I enjoy reading feminist blogs. I’m sure I’m not alone in this—there’s a certain guilty pleasure in reading the histrionic ravings of women whose entire purpose in life is to pursue their vision of a wholly misandristic, leftist dystopia. There’s a healthy dose of schadenfreude to be found in watching these bitter, lonely, sexually undesirable women wallowing in miseries of their own creation.

To the feminist, there’s a rapist around every corner, the entire world is conspiring to pay her less money than men, and mean words that strangers type on the internet might irreparably damage her self-confidence. Despite the sobering reality of how feminism is contributing to the decline of civilization, I draw small comfort from the fact that at least some of these women actually believe the bullshit, and I sincerely hope that they are as miserable and fearful in real life as they appear to be online.

Recently though, I had what might be called a minor epiphany while reading a feminist’s tweets. I realized that feminists can’t get along with each other.

I actually follow a few feminists on Twitter, and they follow me—even a few radical ones. To their credit, a few of these women seem to have the same tolerance for free speech as I do—a rarity in the feminist echo chamber. I was reading a few tweets from this woman (we’ll call her ‘Maria’), and I was struck by how pathetically self-loathing she is.

To hear her tell it, Maria has been cursed by a cruel joke of genetics. As if the universe itself were plotting to create a living contradiction, or biological comic relief, Maria is a radically feminist woman… who is white.

I’d say that a good 60% of Maria’s tweets are a bizarre combination of her railing against the “discrimination” she faces as a result of a condition she didn’t choose to be born with (womanhood) while simultaneously apologizing profusely for a condition she also didn’t choose to be born with (being Caucasian). The irony is completely lost on her. Nobody is sorrier for slavery than Maria is. Anytime she makes a statement about the tribulations of plodding through life while being burdened with a uterus, she has to qualify it with “Now, of course, I’m certainly not saying that I have it as bad as a WOC” (woman of color). Maria is infatuated with her gender, but despises her race.

So as I read through Maria’s hilariously sad and apologetic musings today, I was vaguely aware of the fact that I’ve seen her brand of bullshit everywhere in the feminist community. But more importantly, I was struck by how that same bullshit is conspicuously missing from the manosphere.

For anyone who suffers from Twitter addiction as I do, the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen hashtag from last year, created by feminist Micki Kendall, was an absolute gem. Basically, all the non-white feminists got angry because feminism is way too racist; and most of the white feminists apologized because they had no idea they were being racist.

But factions within the larger umbrella of feminism don’t stop at traditional accusations of racism. Feminism still remains largely divided on whether transgendered women are actually women, or just men (rapists) pretending to be women. The debate has polarized many feminists, with popular opinion nowadays seeming to sway more in favor of inclusion.

Feminists don’t even seem to be capable of accepting the omega males who choose to become “allies.”  Of course, as is typical with weak men, these “allies” are happy to accept being spurned in the hopes of being awarded some female attention at a later date.


Across the board, feminism features deep schisms based upon perceived racial biases, distrust of transgendered people, and inclusion of male allies (white knights). You can’t go to a feminist website without seeing feminists virtually ripping each other’s throats out in competition for who is the “purest and most oppressed.” White feminists have to tiptoe around minority feminists, for fear of being perceived as “marginalizing the way WOC experience the patriarchy.” Male feminists have to tiptoe around every feminist with a vagina, for fear of being blacklisted as a “mansplainer.”

You know where they don’t do that bullshit? The manosphere.

I’ve never seen a black single father start a flame war because he feels like the men’s rights movement doesn’t talk enough about the racism he lives with (even if he actually does deal with racism in his life). I’ve never seen a divorced white guy explain that “Of course, the alimony I pay isn’t nearly as bad as what MOC have to endure.”

I know a few men who are now openly gay, but they have children, child support payments, and alimony from previous marriages. I know gay men that were always openly gay as well. All of these men are staunchly anti-feminist (yes, non leftist gay men DO exist). I don’t ever think to myself, “Fuck this guy, he doesn’t have any right to talk about things that concern hetero men!”

I also know more than a few women who have the courage to stand against feminism too. I don’t spurn them, nor do I see others in the manosphere doing that either.

Nah, fuck that. There is no tiptoeing around in the world of men. We have little tolerance for bullshit; and we don’t have the desire to get wrapped up in petty fuckery, because we only concern ourselves with real issues of relevance. Men don’t give a rat’s ass what color you are, who you like to fuck, or what you do with your free time. If you share a few core beliefs with us, or more importantly, stand against the same things we oppose, you are an ally.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

You can tell that feminism is utter bullshit because they have no solidarity. They sit around all day imagining oppression where it doesn’t exist. When the outside world stops giving them attention, and they begin to sense that they have no purpose, they do what all groups of women do when they’re bored—they start fights with each other. Feminism, the supposedly noble cause, descends into a massive cat fight with every individual dropping the charade of altruism and desperately clamoring to receive more attention than anyone else.

Feminists are not women who have different traits than traditional women do. No, feminists are simply women who have rejected all the virtuous characteristics of womanhood while retaining only the undesirable traits of femininity. They’re petty, catty, selfish, backstabbing, narcissistic, competitive, and incapable of real altruism. In perhaps the most humorous caricature of female stereotypes, these women can’t even be amicable towards men (allies) who agree with everything they say! They continue trying to fight with submissive white knights, simply because feminists enjoy fighting.

After observing feminist behavior for quite some time, I have to disagree with Ms. Kendall. Solidarity isn’t for white feminists. It isn’t for feminists at all. Solidarity is for men.

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