In 1454 Johann Gutenberg printed his Gutenberg Bible, using his recently invented printing press.

In 1501 Michelangelo began sculpting his statue David.

In 1513 Niccolo Machiavelli published The Prince.

What an amazing period of time the Renaissance was. The Renaissance, translated as ‘rebirth’, saw a blossoming of art, literature, philosophy, politics, science, and invention unlike anything the world had ever seen. This period influenced the Reformation and Enlightenment, all of which have shaped the modern Western world.

What makes the Renaissance even more incredible is that just over a century prior to the aforementioned events an unimaginable terror ravaged Europe: The Black Death. Estimates say that one-quarter to upwards of one-half of Europe’s population was killed.

To make matters even more horrifying, Dante Alighieri wrote his Divine Comedy a few decades earlier, in which he paints a terrifying depiction of hell. The masses were fearful and helpless. They were staring death in the eyes every day. Many felt that they were in the midst of the apocalypse.

Yet, despite all of that European civilization flourished after that. Some say that the Black Death helped to facilitate the Renaissance period through a number of socioeconomic changes such as creating a labor shortage which in turn increased wages allowing for a better standard of living.

An interesting topic for historical debate yes, but I think what is more important is seeing that humanity was able to not only survive, but grow. Many had apocalyptic fervor, but more than a century later the continent had reached a level of unimaginable success.

History, what is it good for?

The most important thing about learning history is taking lessons from the past and applying them to the present. So how can these events of the past be applied today, specifically towards men and masculinity? Think. Is there a force in today’s Western world that is wreaking havoc on men and their masculinity? You guessed it: feminism. Feminism is the Bubonic Plague of the Western world. It is a force that cripples men leaving them feeble and weak.

So how can we stop this plague? Is there some sort of socioeconomic vaccine men can take? As a matter of fact there is. This vaccine doesn’t have a name, but it comes in a red pill.

This red pill isn’t easy to swallow though. In fact, it is not like any pill you are familiar with. You don’t swallow it with a glass of water; it is absorbed in the mind. Unfortunately, not all men will be able to take this red pill. Some minds simply cannot tolerate this pill and although their bodies will remain intact, their masculinity will perish. A sad fortune yes, but it is what the future holds in store for most men.

As with ‘The Great Pestilence of Europe’, an incredible number of men will suffer, but perhaps this is the way it was meant to be. Essentially, feminism will ‘thin the herd’, by wiping out all men who didn’t take the red pill. These men won’t just disappear though. In fact, they will likely prove a road block to the well being of men who took the red pill, but these men can be bypassed. For you see, these men are weak from not taking the vaccine. They’re bereft of masculinity, and without that they are no match for the man who has.

There is, however, one glitch with the red pill. In order for this pill to work, one can’t just swallow it and be done with it. One will need to constantly nourish one’s mind and masculinity, or else their fate will be just as bad as the man who didn’t take the red pill at all.

So where to start?

Study The Classics

An important reason that the Renaissance came about was that scholars in the 14th-16th centuries had rediscovered texts from ancient Greece and Rome. These texts opened up a whole new world for them. Great thinkers such as Plato and Ptolemy allowed these scholars to think in a new perspective and add it to their existing worldview creating a new paradigm that lead to the Renaissance.


The fact that Return of Kings has numerous articles highlighting the wisdom of classical works is a fantastic start to bringing about the Renaissance of modern man. By studying the classics one will not only have a profound understanding of the world around them, but how to prosper in it.

The following are several examples of classic works that will provide one with invaluable insight:

In fact, Return of Kings is an example of what this article is about. It is about a resurgence of masculinity and wisdom for modern men. Men in the western world lack these things and it is the goal of this site to restore them. Studying the classics are a suitable defense against the plague as a standalone; a homeopathic and ancient treatment, if you will. If one takes the red pill and studies the classics, one will be impervious to the plague.

Develop Yourself

After that man must go on a journey of self-development. He must continue to learn all he can and absorb as much wisdom as possible. He must make a concerted effort to better himself each and every day, improving both his mind and body.

You may be thinking, well improving my mind and body is admirable and I will indeed do it, but what about sex? Ah yes, sex, our carnal instinct. It is something that can’t be ignored and must be fulfilled.

One must tread carefully when mating though, because if one has sex with a female who has been subjected to the plague, than he himself becomes susceptible. One must only fornicate with an infected female for a limited number of times or else one’s chances of catching this plague increases dramatically. The solution to this is to find a plague-free female, and mate with her. Those women are scarce in the Western world, but if one goes abroad they’re plentiful, although sadly the plague is beginning to spread quickly.

Strength In Numbers

One of the reasons feminism is so powerful is because they are united, men are not. Man has always been a selfish creature and we have yet to change our actions and thoughts accordingly to adapt to this modern world. Strength in numbers is key; help yourself, then your fellow-man.

If you read this site regularly, or other manosphere blogs, this is essentially what is going on. A man has achieved success in either one or several fields and then has started a website or written a book passing this information on to others; this is how change happens.

Like Johann Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, the development of the internet (Thanks to the almighty Al Gore) allows for a dissemination of ideas. While the internet has a mind-boggling amount of information, if we

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically [our] own. [Bruce Lee]”

then united we can bring about this Renaissance.

It will be a lengthy journey. The Renaissance didn’t reach most of Europe until the early 16th century, about a century and a half after the plague. It will take some time yes, but it is well worth the wait.

I also believe that all men have some sort of innate talent. This goes along with developing yourself. Once you have uncovered your talent, skill, gift, etc. continue to hone your craft and then share it with the world. Record your thoughts and actions for the sake of posterity. The works of Renaissance-era men sit in museums and have inspired people for centuries; your work can do the same. We must not think only for the benefit of ourselves. Remember, men must be united and lift up his fellow man. Then, and only then, can we see a Renaissance of modern man.

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