Recently our article Top 9 Ugliest Feminists In America went viral within the bloated feminist sphere. They lit up Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit, saying I was horrible and mean and so on. What they didn’t realize is that the article was a honeypot operation for a research project to find out where feminists reside. Here was my methodology:

  • Using Google Analytics, I compiled a list of the top 20 metropolitan cities for hits to our article.
  • For each city I divided raw visits by total population to get a feminists per capita score (FPC).
  • I averaged that score and calculated the standard deviation.

There were only three cities with a FPC above the standard deviation…

Most Feminist American Cities

1. Seattle – Tacoma

Even though it’s only the 15th most populated center in America, it had the highest FPC, scoring 2.77 standard deviations above the mean. For those of you who don’t know math, let me tell you that that’s insane. I’ve never been there before so can someone tell me is it just a city of ugly feminists walking around with Skrillex haircuts and stupid tattoos?

2. San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose

This should be no surprise to anyone. San Francisco is gay hipster central, Oakland is hippie Occupy central, and San Jose is Man Jose, though I hear the latter does have some beach babes. This metropolitan area scored 1.23 standard deviations above the mean.


3. Washington DC

My hometown, whoooooo! I’ve written extensively about how DC is a horrible place for men so I’m almost proud that it made the list. DC scored 1.07 standard deviations above the mean.

Other cities that scored high: Austin (0.75), Boston (0.62), Portland (0.56)

No heterosexual man who cares about his mental health and penile well-being should live in the above cities. Now let’s go the other way and list the three cities that have the least feminists per capita…

Least Feminist American Cities

1. Houston

I know nothing about Houston except that they have oil. Its standard deviation was -1.19.

2. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale

Sexy Latina women have absolutely no use for a feminist ideology that makes it harder for them to find a provider husband. It had a score of -1.10.

3. Dallas

It can’t be an accident that conservative Texan cities are also least feminist, while keepin-it-weird-and-gay Austin went the other way. Dallas had a score of -1.07.

Other cities that scored low: Phoenix (-0.93), Atlanta (-0.82), Baltimore (-0.57).

So there you have it—mathematical data on where feminists choose to nest. If you live in the top 3 feminist hellholes, you might want to think about getting out. I know I’m glad I did.

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