In my last post, I introduced you to Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a Soviet KGB propaganda agent that defected and came to America in 1970 when he became disillusioned with the communist system and saw it for what it actually was: totalitarianism.  I broke down the first part of his 1984 interview about ideological subversion and how the Soviets used it in their attempt to destroy the “decadent Imperial West.” 

I also showed how the tactics they were using then, namely promoting the myth of equality and destroying the nuclear family, are the same ones being used now to subvert our capitalist system here in America to usher in what will eventually become a totalitarian regime.

In this post I’ll break down the middle section of the video and show the correlation between what Yuri describes and what is happening now in the West.

The Useful Idiot’s Role

We begin at 31:50.  Gentlemen, meet the Useful Idiot.  In layman’s terms, a useful idiot is a puppet.  They are true believers, thinking that they are working towards “progress” and “equality”, all the while blissfully unaware that they are demoralizing their country from within.

As Yuri explains, these are people (or their flunkies) who hold positions of influence and power across a broad spectrum of people within society.  Their purpose is to infect the rest of the civilization using said influence, destabilizing not only moral values, but also the economy, defense systems, and any other essential facet of a strong nation.

By inciting moral decay and economic catastrophe, the demoralization, destabilization, and inevitable collapse of the society is assured, creating a power vacuum and transition of authority to the new totalitarian rulers.  As I stated earlier, useful idiots can be found in almost every major aspect of society.  Let’s break them down.


These useful idiots are the so-called leaders of academia.  They are people who have spent years and what amounts to the price of a small condo in any major city to attain a worthless degree in a practically useless field. Unlike STEM fields or trade schools, these subjects have limited real world or pragmatic use, and the accolades heaped upon their practitioners are excessive for the actual good they do society.  Examples of said fields include, but are not limited to:

1. Women’s Studies


2. Gender Studies

*Rrrrawk!* Gender is a social construct!   *Rrrrawk!* Gender is a social construct!

3. Fat Studies

4. Anything That Ends In Studies, Evidently

5. Political Science

1) Be reallyreallyreally good at lying. 2) Possess no soul.  Congratulations, you just saved 200 grand.

6. Anything In The Liberal Arts

The word liberal is IN the name.

7. Psychiatry

A.k.a. Grifting 101, or how to sucker women and weak mangina males into paying you $200 an hour to tell them what they already subconsciously know but their Warp 10 rationalization hamster won’t let them accept.  Congratulate them on their “breakthrough”, but remind them they still have a long way to go and you’ll see them next week.  Rinse and repeat. This field is mostly made up of feminists and pussified BetaMax™ nerds who, in the very definition of irony, are emotionally crippled themselves and can’t deal with their own inadequacies.

The above idiots tend to be the loudest when screaming about equality.  This is because the educational system in the West is nothing more than a collection of leftist indoctrination camps that are run by radfems and betas and comprised of roughly 60% women who’ve been raised on feminist theory and believe The Patriarchy is real.  Radical feminists want equality because that’s their way of moving the goalposts closer to give the illusion that they’re men’s equals.  Betas want equality because women said so.

These people have spent the last 50 years brainwashing our youth in communist propaganda.   The principals and deans who run these camps today are the same hippies who were in college during the Woodstock era.  They’ve risen through the ranks, poisoning three generations of our young people with their asinine notions of feminism, free love and experimentation, rampant drug use, and the hippie version of “freedom”, which apparently is doing anything you want with zero accountability.

These radical notions have resulted in a plethora of man-eating harpies and emasculated men, open sexual perversion and confusion in the form of LGBTQXYZ;-)!%whatever-the-fuck, legalizing drugs (marijuana’s just the start), and millennial females.


True investigative journalists have been replaced by talking head political pundits whose sole job is to disseminate propaganda to their followers.  The problem is most of the time these people aren’t actually journalists, just useful idiots with useless degrees, who fit a certain mold that gives them some sense of credibility with their base.

Take Rachel Maddow.  She doesn’t have to know what she’s talking about because she hits every single Popular Leftist Pundit branch on the tree.  Let’s see, bull dyke lesbian with a severely short haircut, man-jaw, complete lack of femininity, and a ridiculously low voice for a woman?  Check.  Lack of factual knowledge compensated for by snark and shitty jokes?  Check.  Female?  Jury’s out.

Lesbihonest, the people who listen to her don’t care if she’s right.  All that matters is she feeds their hamsters by regurgitating the same tired feminist rhetoric in a sarcastic and condescending way that makes them feeeeel intellectually superior, while still being completely wrong.

Yuri mentions that one of his first assignments was working for the Novosti Press Agency, which was a propaganda front for the KGB tasked with disseminating Marxist/Leninist ideology.  Of course we have similar agencies, but the number of publications in Western print media being used for the purposes of subversion is far too long to list here.  However, if you really want the perfect example of such a publication, you need look no further than this rag.  This collection of glorified toilet paper was founded by this woman, who has the audacity to call herself a journalist.  She is without a doubt one of the greatest contributors to the demoralization of our great society.


An admitted asset of the CIA and self-proclaimed Marxist, she’s used Ms. Magazine as a front to spread communist ideology to Western women for decades in the form of “women’s liberation”.  Ms. Magazine was founded in 1971.  Within two years abortion was legal in the United States due to Roe v. Wade.  Slutty women were now free to kill their children simply because they got pregnant, but weren’t done riding the cock carousel and wanted to keep the party going instead of taking care of their responsibilities like an adult.

Every bitchy attitude present in American women that acts as a turn-off for any sane man with half a ballsack is a direct result of her influence.  “You go girl.  You don’t need a man girl.  You’re a strong, sexy, independent woman girl.  Your man ain’t shit girl.  It’s your body girl.”  Reality check, girl.  Unfortunately, her aging carcass probably won’t be around for the transfer of power to our new totalitarian masters, so she won’t get to experience it firsthand in all its horror.  All I can hope is that she’s allowed a brief reprieve from her torment in whatever circle of Hell she lands in to witness what her efforts have wrought.

Political Prostitutes

We’d be here all day.  These useful idiots are found here and here, among other places.  Apparently being in a firefight in 120 degree heat wearing over 100 lbs. of gear is the same thing as sitting on your fat ass in an air-conditioned room answering some questions.



Being an actor or entertainer is still on par socially with prostitution, like it was in Ancient Rome.  To re-emphasize what I stated in my earlier post, if you study history you’ll find that with each new rise and fall of an empire, there are the same patterns.

When a new empire is in its early glory phase, actors are shunned, mocked, and looked down on.  This is because the more practical and pragmatic professions are the ones looked at by society with the most respect, since they play the greatest role in accelerating the empire’s prosperity.

In keeping with Rome, these would be soldiers, doctors, stonemasons, architects, politicians, blacksmiths, farmers, even butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers.  These professions were respected because they actually provided a useful service to society.  Actors and entertainers did not, and were rightfully viewed as little more than distraction.

On the flip side, as each empire starts its inevitable decline, acting and other frivolous entertainment that started as a brief escape from the harsher realities of everyday life suddenly become the focal point of discussion and culture.  People who were once considered no better than street whores are suddenly paragons of perfection and beauty, worshipped like the Pantheon of Olympus as some coterie of divine beings whose lifestyle you should now spend all your time trying to emulate.

As it was already pointed out, 99% of these people are lucky to be hard 8’s in the real world.  I’m not saying they’re useless, but when you basically have the same job as a six-year-old child and play make-believe for a living or can’t actually play a musical instrument but can push some buttons on a beat machine that makes the sounds for you, then the amount of money, fame, attention, and praise you receive is ridiculously disproportionate to your worthwhile contributions to society.

Since we’ve already established that feminism is simply communism in drag, all you have to do is look at Hollywood and the media to see the plethora of demoralizing and subversive ideas being shoved in our faces every day.  There are now successful “men” who are no longer just letting their wife hyphenate her last name, which is bad enough, but engaging in some serious simpology by taking their wife’s last name and putting her name first.  Jay-Z’s an alpha my ass.

Soon you won’t be able to use any word that “shames” a woman or gay person, joking or not, without being brought up on charges, even if you aren’t talking to them.  Saying slut, fattie, whore, lezbo, bitch, fag, or cunt will be a punishable crime.  Douche(bag), asshole, rapist, pig, loser, pinky-dick, creep(er), motherfucker, fat-ass and their synonyms will not only be acceptable to say, but will be encouraged and cheered.

America: The New Never-Never Land

How does all this tie in with communism and ideological subversion?  Make sure to watch at 49:55, where Yuri speaks about how the KGB was very fascinated with a con artist religious leader who was charging useful idiots from America like Mia Farrow 500 bucks to come to his school and “meditate.”  In this case, meditation consisted of getting high as fuck and sitting around staring at your navel.  These idiots would take this nonsense back to America and soon everyone was doing it to emulate a celebrity.

The key point is made at 52:12, when he says that the goal is to demoralize a nation by distracting its citizens’ opinions, attention, and mental energy from problems in the real world, and to instead have them focus on non-issues and basically live in a fantasy world.

When you combine legalizing drugs, a childish you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do attitude, and zero accountability with feminism, a cult of celebrity worship, internet porn, video games, comic books, and the movies based on them, what you get is a populace that becomes stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence.

Children in adult bodies who are content to get high and then immerse themselves in a fantasy world instead of being productive all day in business or engaging in self-improvement are now celebrated.  These people are easy to manipulate and control as long as you keep the mindless entertainment flowing.

There is no other group of useful idiots in the Western world more complicit in its demoralization than those in pop culture.  They have been anointed as the sanctioning body of what’s acceptable and cool in society and what isn’t, and have made cultural Marxism in all its forms the cool and acceptable thing to do.  These poor souls believe what they’re doing is progressive and that they’re leading us toward the Great Egalitarian Socialist Utopia.  What they don’t realize is that they’re being played like a cheap guitar, and soon the song will be over.

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